2017 - 2018 LEGISLATURE
November 29, 2017 - Introduced by Representatives Sargent, Krug, Zamarripa,
Anderson, C. Taylor, Berceau, Pope, Crowley, Genrich, Fields, Neylon,
Spreitzer, Bowen, Sinicki, Considine, Stuck and Subeck, cosponsored by
Senators Carpenter, Johnson, Risser and Larson. Referred to Committee on
Ways and Means. Referred to Joint Survey Committee on Tax Exemptions.
AB683,1,2 1An Act to create 77.54 (67) of the statutes; relating to: a sales and use tax
2exemption for feminine hygiene products.
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
This bill creates a sales and use tax exemption for feminine hygiene products.
Because this bill relates to an exemption from state or local taxes, it may be
referred to the Joint Survey Committee on Tax Exemptions for a report to be printed
as an appendix to the bill.
For further information see the state and local fiscal estimate, which will be
printed as an appendix to this bill.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
AB683,1 3Section 1. 77.54 (67) of the statutes is created to read:
AB683,1,54 77.54 (67) The sales of and the storage, use, or other consumption of feminine
5hygiene products.
AB683,2 6Section 2. Effective date.
1(1) This act takes effect on the first day of the 3rd month beginning after
AB683,2,33 (End)