2017 - 2018 LEGISLATURE
October 9, 2017 - Introduced by Senators Lasee and Hansen, cosponsored by
Representatives Jacque, Quinn, Kremer, Kuglitsch, Genrich, Goyke and
Tittl. Referred to Committee on Education.
SB427,1,2 1An Act to amend 119.04 (1); and to create 120.12 (6m) of the statutes; relating
notification of certain construction activities in school buildings.
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
This bill requires the school board of a school district to notify certain interested
parties, including members of the community, prior to commencing a construction
project. The notice requirement applies to a construction project with an estimated
cost of $10,000 or greater that will occur in a school building in which pupils,
teachers, and administrators will be present. With certain exceptions, the school
board must provide notice at least two months prior to the start date. Notice may
be provided by mail, by publication in a newspaper likely to give notice to interested
persons, or at a public hearing. Notice to parents and guardians of pupils and others
who are assigned to the school building may be provided by e-mail or through a letter
sent home with the interested party.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
SB427,1 3Section 1. 119.04 (1) of the statutes is amended to read:
SB427,2,114 119.04 (1) Subchapters IV, V and VII of ch. 115, ch. 121 and ss. 66.0235 (3) (c),
566.0603 (1m) to (3), 115.01 (1) and (2), 115.28, 115.31, 115.33, 115.34, 115.343,

1115.345, 115.363, 115.365 (3), 115.38 (2), 115.415, 115.445, 118.001 to 118.04,
2118.045, 118.06, 118.07, 118.075, 118.076, 118.10, 118.12, 118.125 to 118.14, 118.145
3(4), 118.15, 118.153, 118.16, 118.162, 118.163, 118.164, 118.18, 118.19, 118.20,
4118.223, 118.225, 118.24 (1), (2) (c) to (f), (6), (8), and (10), 118.245, 118.255, 118.258,
5118.291, 118.292, 118.293, 118.30 to 118.43, 118.46, 118.50, 118.51, 118.52, 118.53,
6118.55, 118.56, 120.12 (2m), (4m), (5), (6m), and (15) to (27), 120.125, 120.13 (1), (2)
7(b) to (g), (3), (14), (17) to (19), (26), (34), (35), (37), (37m), and (38), 120.137, 120.14,
8120.20, 120.21 (3), and 120.25 are applicable to a 1st class city school district and
9board but not, unless explicitly provided in this chapter or in the terms of a contract,
10to the commissioner or to any school transferred to an opportunity schools and
11partnership program.
SB427,2 12Section 2. 120.12 (6m) of the statutes is created to read:
SB427,2,2013 120.12 (6m) Notification of construction activities. (a) Establish
14procedures, consistent with the requirements under par. (b), for notifying parents
15and guardians of pupils enrolled in a school of the school district, teachers,
16administrators, and other employees of the school district who are assigned to the
17school, and members of the community about a construction project in a school
18building, other than a construction project undertaken in response to an emergency
19in the school building involving the health, safety, or welfare of the public, that
20satisfies the following conditions before commencing the construction project:
SB427,2,2221 1. The construction project will occur during the school term or during the
22summer session while pupils are enrolled in classes in the school building.
SB427,2,2323 2. The estimated cost of the construction project exceeds $10,000.
SB427,2,2524 (b) Ensure that for each construction project described under par. (a), the notice
25complies with the following:
11. a. Except as provided in subd. 1. b., the notice is provided at least 2 months
2prior to the date on which the construction project is scheduled to begin.
SB427,3,53 b. For an emergency in a school building involving the health, safety, or welfare
4of the public, the notice is provided as far in advance of the construction project as
SB427,3,116 2. The notice includes information about the school board's obligation under
7sub. (5) to keep the school buildings and grounds in good repair, suitably equipped,
8and in safe and sanitary condition at all times. The school board shall include under
9this subdivision information about the measures the school board will take to
10mitigate any health risks to individuals present in the school building during the
11construction project.
SB427,3,1712 3. The notice is posted on the school district's Internet site, mailed directly to
13the interested parties described under par. (a), provided at a public hearing, or
14published as a class 1 notice under ch. 985. Notice to the parents or guardians of
15pupils enrolled in the school and to those individuals who are assigned to the school
16building may be provided by electronic mail or through a note sent home with the
17pupil or individual.
SB427,3,1818 (End)