2017 - 2018 LEGISLATURE
June 15, 2017 - Introduced by Senators Carpenter, L. Taylor, Johnson, Hansen,
Wirch, Vinehout and Larson, cosponsored by Representatives Riemer,
Zamarripa, Ballweg, Zepnick, Kerkman, Goyke, Kessler, Genrich,
Anderson, Spreitzer, Berceau and Crowley. Referred to Committee on
Senate Organization.
SJR60,1,1 1Relating to: the life and public service of Sister Joel Read.
SJR60,1,32 Whereas, Sister Joel Read was a nationally known figure in education
3innovation; and
SJR60,1,54 Whereas, she was born Janice Anne Read on December 30, 1925, to Joseph and
5Ellen, later taking her religious name, Joel, in honor of them; and
SJR60,1,76 Whereas, Read became a member of the School Sisters of St. Francis in 1945,
7and graduated with a bachelor's degree from Alverno College in 1948; and
SJR60,1,98 Whereas, after earning a master's degree in history at Fordham University, she
9returned to Alverno in 1955 to become chair of the history department; and
SJR60,1,1010 Whereas, Read was appointed president of Alverno College in 1968; and
SJR60,1,1311 Whereas, during her 35 years of leadership at Alverno, she developed the
12“assessment-as-learning” curriculum, which emphasized developing skills and
13abilities over grades; and
1Whereas, Read's approach to education received both national and
2international attention, and she was appointed by President Jimmy Carter to the
3National Council on the Humanities; and
SJR60,2,54 Whereas, Read was a lifelong advocate for women's rights and helped to found
5the National Organization for Women in 1966; and
SJR60,2,86 Whereas, Read retired as president of Alverno in 2003, but continued to work
7with the college and the city, developing a strategic plan for the Milwaukee Public
8Schools with the Greater Milwaukee Committee; and
SJR60,2,119 Whereas, Read received awards from Harvard University, the Association of
10Catholic Colleges and Universities, and Wisconsin Women in Higher Education
11Leadership; and
SJR60,2,1312 Whereas, Read was invited to the White House to discuss education policy by
13three U.S. presidents; and
SJR60,2,1414 Whereas, Read died on May 25, 2017, at the age of 91; and
SJR60,2,1715 Whereas, she leaves a legacy at Alverno of creating a place for first generation
16college students, women from the city of Milwaukee, and women of color to succeed;
17now, therefore, be it
SJR60,2,20 18Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the legislature
19salutes Sister Joel Read's public service and honors her achievements; and, be it
SJR60,2,22 21Resolved, That the senate chief clerk shall provide a copy of this joint
22resolution to Alverno College.
SJR60,2,2323 (End)