Record of Committee Proceedings

Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry

Senate Bill 152

Relating to: prohibiting certain mining and drilling activities that cause the destruction or filling in of a lake bed, reservoir, or flowage or that cause the withdrawal of water from a reservoir or flowage.

By Senators Vinehout, Carpenter, Larson, Miller, Risser and Wirch; cosponsored by Representatives Wachs, Anderson, Berceau, Billings, Bowen, Brostoff, Considine, Crowley, Genrich, Goyke, Hebl, Hesselbein, Kessler, Kolste, Mason, Ohnstad, Pope, Riemer, Sargent, Shankland, Sinicki, Spreitzer, Subeck, C. Taylor, Vruwink and Zamarripa.

March 29, 2017           Referred to Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry

March 22, 2018           Failed to pass pursuant to Senate Joint Resolution 1


Mitchel Ohly

Committee Clerk