Powers, concerning, 187.01 (3)
Removing or damaging property, criminal, 943.26
Rental property, see Landlord and Tenant
Riparian rights, see Waterways—3. Riparian Rights
Secured transactions:
Default involving security interest covering real and personal property, 409.604
Priority of security interests in fixtures, 409.334
Sky, owner's rights in, 114.03
Slander of title, 706.13
Criminal, 943.60
Solar access and energy systems, see Energy Conservation
Special inspection warrants, 66.0119
State land, see State—21. Public Lands
Tenancies in common, see Tenants in Common
Territorial, title in state, IX, 2
Time-share ownership, see Time-Share Ownership
Trespassers, duty of care, owed to, 895.529
Unlawful entry, response to:
Civil immunity, 895.62
Criminal defense, 939.48 (1m)
U.S. flag, right to display, 710.17
U.S. owned, certain property taxed, 70.177
U.S. survey, entry upon for, damages, 1.06
Utilities, real estate activities regulated, 196.795
Waterfront property, see Waterways—3. Riparian Rights
Zoning, see Zoning
Adverse possession:
Affidavit of interruption, 893.305
Claims, possession required, time:
No written instrument, 893.25
Recorded instrument, 893.26
State or political subdivisions, claims against, 893.29
Taxes paid on recorded instrument, 893.27
Interruption of adverse possession, 893.32
Prescriptive rights by adverse use, 893.28
Presumption of possession from legal title, 893.30
Conveyance not voided by adverse claim, 706.10 (2)
Section lines, judgment does not affect, 893.24
Tax deed, title subject to adverse claims, 75.144
Tenant's possession that of landlord, 893.31
Civil procedure rules, applicability, 840.02
Claims barred, when based on interest outside chain of title, 706.09
Condemnation, see Condemnation
Criminal actions:
Proving title to realty, 891.36
Damages to, action for injury to, limitation, 893.52
Declaration of interest in real property:
Answer, 841.04
Complaint, 841.02
Costs, 841.06
Defendants, 841.03
Judgment, 841.10
Plaintiffs, 841.01
State as party defendant, 775.10
Default judgments, generally, 840.07
Ejectment, see Possession, action for, under this subhead
Eviction, see Landlord and Tenant
Execution against, see Executions
Fraud and misrepresentation, residential real estate transactions, tort action, 895.10
In rem and in personam actions, may be joined, 840.05
Injury to and interference with property:
Abatement, 844.21
Complaint, 844.16
Damages, 844.19
Defendants, 844.17
Defined, 844.01, 844.10
Intervenors, 844.18
Judgment, 844.20
Plaintiffs, 844.15
Waste, 844.05, 844.06
Interest in property, defined, 840.01
Judicial sales:
Generally, 840.16
Incapacity and death of sheriff, 840.17, 840.18
Land contract foreclosure, redemption period, 846.30
Lis pendens:
Generally, 840.10
Condemnation proceedings, 32.05 (4), 32.06 (3), (7)
Highways, parks, etc., citizen application for action, 840.11
Mortgage foreclosure judgment, condition precedent, 846.01
Nuisances, actions to abate, 823.14
Register of deeds keeps record, 59.43 (11)