Period ending January 7, 2019
NOTE: The numbers in the right-hand margin indicate page numbers in the daily journals.
S — Senate Journal
A — Assembly Journal
Addresses to the Legislature

Acevedo, Officer Jose (Hometown Hero Award)
A 92

Albiero, Dr. Tom (Hometown Hero Award)
A 217

Ali, Zeynab (Hometown Hero Award)
A 309

Arndt, Patricia (Hometown Hero Award to Arndt Family Scholarship Foundation)
A 80

Ayala, Detective Alexander (Hometown Hero Award)
A 92

Bartosz, Annie (Hometown Hero Award)
A 409

Bittorf, Milton Police Officer Lindsey (Hometown Hero Award)
A 833

Boyles, Kent (owner of Rumor, 2017 Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show and recipient of Hometown Hero Award)
A 132

Brancel, Ben
A 524

Conforti, Tammy (Hometown Hero Award)
A 751

Crivello, Anthony (sang the national anthem)
A 281

Decker, Brianna (2018 Winter Olympics Gold Medalist)
A 896

Dustman, Christopher (Hometown Hero Award)
A 833

Fedrigon, Robyn and Dan (Hometown Hero Award)
A 751

Fitzgerald, Sen. Scott (remarks of the Majority Leader)
S 7

Haile, Lia (Hometown Hero Award)
A 189

Haunty, Alex (Hometown Hero Award)
A 408

Hernandez, Racine County Deputy Karen (Hometown Hero Award)
A 833

Hutchinson, Nancy (Hometown Hero Award)
A 535

Kimball, Bob and Nancy (in recognition of donation to Janesville School District)
A 519

Lamping, Frank (Hometown Hero Award)
A 80

O’Leary, Ann (69th Alice in Dairyland)
A 217

Murphy, Katie (Hometown Hero Award)
A 535

Papalia, Jean (Hometown Hero Award)
A 499

Rigsby, Alex (2018 Winter Olympics Gold Medalist)
A 894

Roth, Sen. Roger (remarks of the President)
S 6

Schmidt, Jodi (Hometown Hero Award)
A 132

Schroepfer, Kevin (accepted the posthumous Hometown Hero Award on behalf of his son, Justin Schroepfer)
A 281

Schuh, Tasha (Hometown Hero Award)
A 281

Senate: party leaders introduced their respective members as they came before the bar to be sworn in
S 2

Shilling, Sen. Jennifer (introducing Sen. Frostman)
S 978

Shilling, Sen. Jennifer (introducing Sen. Schachtner)
S 755

Shilling, Sen. Jennifer (remarks of the Minority Leader)
S 8

Shilts, Daina (Hometown Hero Award)
A 519

Thoma, Tiffany (Hometown Hero Award)
A 499

Tomlin, Beth (Hometown Hero Award)
A 535

Twedell, Pete and Terry (Hometown Hero Award)
A 658

Weiss, Shelley (on behalf of her farther, Willard Weiss, Hometown Hero Award)
A 217

Vos, Rep. Robin (remarks by the Speaker)
A 6

Wojcik, Rusk County Sheriff Deputy Matthew (Hometown Hero Award)
A 634

Zerkle, Chad (Hometown Hero Award)
A 309

Adjournment — Assembly

Extraordinary session (3/22/18) adjourned pursuant to SJR1
A 919

Extraordinary session (4/4/18) adjourned pursuant to SJR1
A 929

Extraordinary session (11/12/18) adjourned pursuant to SJR1
A 990

Extraordinary session (12/3/18) adjourned pursuant to SJR1
A 975

Final adjournment of January 2017 special session (Jr7)
A 299