2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
August 8, 2019 - Introduced by Senators Wanggaard and Wirch, cosponsored by
Representatives Ohnstad, Kerkman, McGuire and Neubauer. Referred to
Committee on Senate Organization.
SJR58,1,3 1Relating to: honoring the lives of the individuals involved in the May 3rd explosion
2and fire at AB Specialty Silicones, as well as their heroic efforts to look out for
3one another during this devastating event.
SJR58,1,64 Whereas, AB Specialty Silicones is an industrial silicone manufacturing
5company located in Waukegan, Illinois, with employees from the surrounding area
6of both northeastern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin; and
SJR58,1,107 Whereas, on the evening of Friday, May 3, 2019, there was a massive,
8catastrophic explosion and fire at the facility that resulted in the loss of four lives of
9those who were working at the plant and caused injuries to both other employees and
10first responders; and
SJR58,1,1211 Whereas, Jeff Cummings, 57, of Kenosha, Wisconsin, was killed in the
12explosion; and
SJR58,2,213 Whereas, Mr. Cummings is survived by his wife, Denise; son, Dustin; and his
14granddaughter, Arya, as well as other family members and friends. He was a
15production supervisor with seven years of experience at the facility, and, according

1to several accounts, he heroically returned into the plant in the midst of the blasts
2to attempt to rescue his colleagues who remained inside; and
SJR58,2,43 Whereas, Byron Biehn, 53, of Brighton Township, Wisconsin, passed away in
4the explosion; and
SJR58,2,95 Whereas, Mr. Biehn is survived by his wife, Dian, and their children Helena,
6Byron Carl, and Mathias, as well as other family members and friends. He was a
7production supervisor with nine years of experience with the company, including
8serving as one of the company's first employees, and he was instrumental to the
9company's growth; and
SJR58,2,1110 Whereas, Allen Stevens, 29, of Salem, Wisconsin, did not survive injuries due
11to the explosion; and
SJR58,2,1412 Whereas, Mr. Stevens is survived by his wife, Jennifer, as well as other family
13members and friends. He was a chemical operator who had been with the company
14for the past two years and known for his good humor, intellect, and smile; and
SJR58,2,1615 Whereas, Daniel Nicklas, 24, of Beach Park, Illinois, died as a result of the
16explosion; and
SJR58,2,1917 Whereas, Mr. Nicklas is survived by his fiancé, Kyrstan Bower, as well as other
18family members and friends. He was a quality control chemist and had made a true
19impact on those around him in his eight months with the company; and
SJR58,2,2120 Whereas, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those involved in
21this tragedy; now, therefore, be it
SJR58,2,24 22Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the members of the
23Wisconsin Legislature honor the lives of these individuals, as well as their heroic
24efforts to look out for one another during this devastating event.
SJR58,2,2525 (End)