Record of Committee Proceedings

Committee on Forestry, Parks and Outdoor Recreation

Clearinghouse Rule 19-094

Relating to processes for waterbody assessments and impaired waters listing, biological criteria for water quality standards, and biological confirmation of phosphorus impairments.

Submitted by Natural Resources

January 09, 2020         Referred to Committee on Forestry, Parks and Outdoor Recreation

February 04, 2020       Public Hearing Held

Present:       (11)      Representative Mursau; Representatives Krug, Pronschinske, Felzkowski, Swearingen, Edming, Wichgers, Milroy, Spreitzer, Sinicki and Vruwink.

Absent:       (0)        None.

Excused:     (1)        Representative Tusler.

Appearances For

·      None.

Appearances Against

·      Delanie Breuer - WI Paper Council

·      Scott Manley - WI Manufacturers and Commerce

Appearances for Information Only

·      Adrian Stocks - WI DNR

·      Kristi Minahan - WI DNR

Registrations For

·      Kristi Minahan

·      Michael   Engleson - Wisconsin Lakes

·      Amber Meyer Smith - Clean WI

·      Allison Werner - River Alliance of WI

Registrations Against

·      None.

Registrations for Information Only

·      Michael  Shupgt - WI DNR


Cory Bruce

Committee Clerk