2021-2022 Wisconsin Legislature

Senate Resolution 11

Relating to: castigating the Wisconsin Elections Commission for ignoring statutory requirements, for sidestepping the administrative rulemaking process, and for not following both the letter and intent of state statute.

Status: S - Adopted

Important Actions (newest first)

Date / House Action Journal
11/8/2021 Sen.Adopted, Ayes 21, Noes 12604


Date / House Action Journal
11/5/2021 Sen.Introduced by Senators Roth, LeMahieu, Wanggaard, Bradley, Darling, Felzkowski, Feyen, Jacque, Jagler, Kapenga, Nass, Petrowski, Stafsholt, Stroebel and Testin598
11/5/2021 Sen.Read and referred to Committee on Senate Organization598
11/5/2021 Sen.Available for scheduling 
11/5/2021 Sen.Placed on calendar 11-8-2021 pursuant to Senate Rule 18(1)598
11/8/2021 Sen.Senate Substitute Amendment 1 offered by Senators Larson, Carpenter, Smith, Ringhand, Erpenbach, Wirch, Roys, L. Taylor and Johnson600
11/8/2021 Sen.Point of order that Senate Substitute Amendment 1 was not germane well taken, Ayes 21, Noes 12604
11/8/2021 Sen.Adopted, Ayes 21, Noes 12604
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