2100Johnson, Sen. LaTonya (6th Sen.Dist.; D)
Abortion prohibition with criminal penalties eliminated - SB75
Black History Month proclaimed February 2021; contributions to the state recognized - AJR10
Good faith actions re child abuse and neglect reporting law: immunity from liability extended - SB162
Natural hair braiding: obtaining a barbering or cosmetology license to perform not required, definition provision - AB121
Qualified residential treatment program for children: certification allowed and procedures established - SB161
Racism and racial inequity constitutes a health crisis acknowledged and efforts to confront and dismantle supported - AJR8
Women’s History Month: March 2021 designated as - AJR11
Other proposals authored or co-authored by Johnson, Sen. LaTonya (6th Sen.Dist.; D)
Assembly Bills:AB7, AB17, AB31, AB55, AB58, AB69, AB72, AB87, AB88, AB100, AB106, AB113
Assembly Joint Resolutions:AJR6
Senate Joint Resolutions:SJR5, SJR9
Senate Resolutions:SR2, SR3