Date of enactment:
2021 Senate Bill 591   Date of publication*:
* Section 991.11, Wisconsin Statutes: Effective date of acts. “Every act and every portion of an act enacted by the legislature over the governor's partial veto which does not expressly prescribe the time when it takes effect shall take effect on the day after its date of publication."
An Act to amend 69.186 (1) (hm) and 69.186 (2) (intro.) and (a); and to create 69.186 (1) (gg) and (gm), 69.186 (1) (m), 253.10 (3) (c) 1. hr. and 253.10 (3) (d) 2m. of the statutes; relating to: informed consent regarding a certain abortion-inducing drug regimen and reporting requirements for induced abortions.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do enact as follows:
SB591,1 Section 1. 69.186 (1) (gg) and (gm) of the statutes are created to read:
69.186 (1) (gg) The number of previous induced abortions, if any.
(gm) Whether the induced abortion was paid for by private health coverage, public assistance coverage, or self-pay.
SB591,2 Section 2. 69.186 (1) (hm) of the statutes is amended to read:
69.186 (1) (hm) Whether the abortion was a chemically induced abortion, and, if so, whether mifepristone, misoprostol, a combination of mifepristone and misoprostol, methotrexate, or another medication was used; a surgical abortion and, if so, whether dilation and curettage, dilation and evacuation, hysterectomy or hysterotomy, or another surgical method was used; or an intrauterine instillation and whether the abortion was a surgical abortion following a failed or incomplete chemical abortion.
SB591,3 Section 3. 69.186 (1) (m) of the statutes is created to read:
69.186 (1) (m) The reason for the induced abortion as selected from any of the following reasons:
1. The pregnancy was the result of rape.
2. The pregnancy was the result of incest.
3. Economic reasons.
4. The woman does not want children or another child at this time.
5. The woman's emotional health is at stake.
6. The woman's physical health is at stake.
7. The woman will suffer substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function if the pregnancy continues.
8. The pregnancy resulted in fetal anomalies.
9. The reason is unknown or the woman refused to provide a reason.
SB591,4 Section 4. 69.186 (2) (intro.) and (a) of the statutes are amended to read:
69.186 (2) (intro.) The department shall collect the information under sub. (1) in a manner which the department shall specify and which ensures the anonymity of a patient who receives an induced abortion, and a health care provider who provides an induced abortion and a hospital, clinic or other facility in which an induced abortion is performed. The department shall publish annual demographic summaries of the information obtained under this section including information summarized by hospital, clinic, or other facility in which an induced abortion is performed, except that the department may not disclose any information obtained under this section that reveals the identity of any patient, or health care provider or hospital, clinic or other facility and shall ensure anonymity in all of the following ways:
(a) The department may use information concerning the patient number under sub. (1) (b) or concerning the identity of a specific reporting hospital, clinic or other facility for purposes of information collection only and may not reproduce or extrapolate this information for any purpose.
SB591,5 Section 5. 253.10 (3) (c) 1. hr. of the statutes is created to read:
253.10 (3) (c) 1. hr. If the woman is considering or planning to have an abortion induced by an abortion-inducing drug regimen that includes mifepristone, that the ingestion of the first drug in the abortion-inducing drug regimen may not result in an immediate abortion and that, if the woman changes her mind after ingesting the first drug, the woman may be able to continue the pregnancy but time is of the essence and she should contact a physician to discuss options or consult the information provided in the materials under par. (d) to locate a health care professional that can assist in counteracting the effects of the drug.
SB591,6 Section 6. 253.10 (3) (d) 2m. of the statutes is created to read:
253.10 (3) (d) 2m. Materials that are designed to inform a woman about the possibilities of continuing a pregnancy after ingesting an abortion-inducing drug. The materials shall include contact information for resources and health care professionals that assist women in counteracting the effects of the drug and continuing their pregnancies.