Personal care voting assistants at residential care facilities and retirement homes during public health emergencies; election fraud committed by election officials; absentee ballots and certificates; prohibiting appointment of certain employees as poll workers; recess of municipal board of canvassers; penalty provisions - AB570
UI benefit recipients: DWD to run comparison to certain state and national databases re fraud and erroneous payments [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act: 2014 modifications adopted and renamed the Uniform Voidable Transactions Law - SB450
freight transportationFreight transportation, see Railroad
fte _full_time equivalent position_FTE (Full-time equivalent position), see Public employee
Fuel pipeline extension from Mitchell International Airport to the Port of Milwaukee: harbor assistance grant [Sec. 92, 9144 (2)] - Act 19
Gas pipeline safety violations: maximum penalties increased - SB812
LPG and compressed natural gas used for vehicle fuel purposes: DSPS cannot promulgate rules requiring training to dispense or prohibiting self-service dispensing - SB768
funeral and funeral directorFuneral and funeral director
Cremation permit application form: DHS to design, issuance of permit provision - Act 84
gasGas, see Fuel
Restricting the use or sale of motor vehicles based on power source: state agencies and local governmental units may not impose [vetoed] - AB142
general fundGeneral fund, see Appropriation
golfGolf, see Recreation
Earl, Gov. Anthony S.: life and public service of the 41st Governor of Wisconsin honored [AJR28] - JR 4
governor _ appointmentsGovernor — Appointments
Local professional baseball park district: administration and governing body changes; lease and nonrelocation agreements; facilities improvement funding; ticket surcharge; Milwaukee County sales tax and pension obligation bonds; audit and redevelopment report required - Act 40
Vacancies in certain elective state offices: appointment by Governor replaced with special election; exception provided - AB476
governor _ legislation by request ofGovernor — Legislation by request of
Budget bill [partial veto] - Act 19
great lakesGreat Lakes, see Lakes
green bay city ofGreen Bay, City of
Experience Greater Green Bay Corporation (a.k.a. Discover Green Bay): Tour.Dept grant [Sec. 9143 (2)] - Act 19
green bay packersGreen Bay Packers
Local professional baseball park district and professional football stadium district: obsolete appropriations repealed [Sec. 154, 155, 169, 170, 351, 352, 9437 (1)] - Act 19
Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge funding [Sec. 94, 9144 (7)] - Act 19
guardian and wardGuardian and ward
Rights reserved to a parent or guardian of a child; civil cause of action provision - AB510
Tribal subsidized guardianships [Sec. 112, 114, 147, 249, 259-281] - Act 19
harassmentHarassment, see Sex crimes
Appleton International Airport improvements funding [Sec. 93, 9144 (3)] - Act 19
Fuel pipeline extension from Mitchell International Airport to the Port of Milwaukee: harbor assistance grant [Sec. 92, 9144 (2)] - Act 19
health care agentHealth care agent, see Power of attorney
health officerHealth officer, see Public health
health savings accountHealth savings account, see Insurance — Health
health services department of _ administrationHealth Services, Department of — Administration
Ambulance service provider trust fund appropriation created; administrative costs provision - Act 30
Ambulance staffing in nonemergent interfacility transport; rural ambulance service provider upgrade to highest level of license - Act 12
Best practices of coroners and medical examiners re completing medical certifications and investigations of reportable deaths: DHS to establish - SB176
Cremation permit application form: DHS to design, issuance of permit provision - Act 84
Crisis urgent care and observation facilities appropriation [Sec. 108] - Act 19
Emergency medical responder certification requirements; military service provision - Act 12
Hospital emergency department services DHS grants created; counties specified; report required [vetoed] - SB1014
Length of service awards for DOC and DHS employees who are protective occupation participants [Sec. 9101 (3)] - Act 19
Medical certifications of death: training for persons authorized to complete and sign - SB175
Nurse aide students: qualification for employment; DHS to request federal approval - SB671
Rural critical care access hospital supplemental MA payment [Sec. 303] - Act 19
State building trust fund transfer to the general fund; hospital emergency department services grants funding [partial veto] - Act 97
Surgical Collaborative of Wisconsin: DHS grants; sunset provision [Sec. 103, 104, 418, 419, 9419 (1)] - Act 19
health services department of _ correctionsHealth Services, Department of — Corrections
Wisconsin Resource Center security operations transferred from DOC to DHS [Sec. 105, 240, 241, 9108 (1)] - Act 19
health services department of _ healthHealth Services, Department of — Health
Behavioral health care coordination pilot projects and psychiatric consultation reimbursement pilot project repealed [Sec. 106, 306, 307] - Act 19
Complex patient pilot program [Sec. 109] - Act 19
Congenital disorder test fees [Sec. 438m] [partial veto] - Act 19
Dental services MA reimbursement rate increased: implementation deadline [Sec. 9119 (1)] - Act 19
Free and charitable clinics grants increased [Sec. 438] - Act 19
Graduate medical training grants: distribution, maximum, eligibility, and renewal revisions; new grant for a graduate medical training consortia created - SB643
Graduate medical training programs: term of grants to establish in rural hospitals extended [Sec. 417] - Act 19
Institutions for mental disease: DHS to cover costs for MA services provided to beneficiaries housed in; federal waiver provision - AB616
Law enforcement officer virtual behavioral health crisis care pilot program: DHS to establish; report required - AB573
MA health services provided via telehealth by out-of-state health provider: physical address in this state not required - SB476
SeniorCare participants allowed to purchase 100-day prescription drug supplies; administrative rule revision and DHS to apply for federal Medicaid waiver [Admin.Code DHS 109.31] - Act 71
Suicide prevention programming grants from DHS using federal funds - Act 85
Value-based purchasing arrangements under MA: DHS may enter into with a drug manufacturer - SB672
health services department of _ supportive living and treatmentHealth Services, Department of — Supportive living and treatment
Alzheimer's family and caregiver support program funding [Sec. 245] - Act 19
Bureau of Assisted Living: DHS to submit fee increase plan to JCF re covering staffing costs [Sec. 9119 (2)] - Act 19
Complex rehabilitation technology wheelchair repair and accessories: MA reimbursement rates; reports required - SB592
Crisis urgent care and observation facilities: DHS to establish certification process and grants program; MA waiver provision; report required; crisis hostels provision - SB462
Long-term care: DHS and managed care organizations reporting requirements [Sec. 244] [vetoed] - Act 19
Nursing home payment rates under MA to exclude provider incentives [Sec. 9119 (4)] - Act 19
Nursing home personal needs allowance increased [Sec. 305] - Act 19
Nursing home support services: priced rate provisions [Sec. 9119 (3)] - Act 19
Repair of complex rehabilitation technology prescribed and reimbursed under MA: DHS cannot require a prescription and prior authorization before reimbursing a provider - Act 83
Support of children of SSI recipients: payments increased [Sec. 312] - Act 19
Ventilator-dependent nursing home residents: MA reimbursement rate [Sec. 9119 (5)] - Act 19
hearing and speech examining boardHearing and Speech Examining Board