Steve Creek dam: grant for repairs [Sec. 76] [partial veto] - Act 19
Stewardship Program activities or projects: certain local governments required to adopt resolution in support before DNR can submit to JCF for passive review - Act 12
Urban storm water, flood control, and riparian restoration appropriation [Sec. 82] - Act 19
Water resource account lapse [Sec. 9232 (5)] - Act 19
Well compensation grant program appropriation [Sec. 81] - Act 19
Wetlands benefitting from the in lieu fee subprogram: public access requirement eliminated - SB255
Wildlife control in urban communities program: grant eligibility expanded - Act 50
Wolf population: statewide goal part of the wolf management plan - SB139
natural resources department of _ hunting and fishingNatural Resources, Department of — Hunting and fishing
Dogs used in hunting wild animals: certain administrative rules repealed [Admin.Code NR 10.07, 13.30, 17.001, 17.04, 17.08] - AB512
Fish taken by hook and line: revision to transportation of; photograph provision - SB411
Free fishing weekend in January: designation modified - SB34
Hunting wild animals with an airgun during firearm hunting season permitted; prohibition on discharging from a vehicle provision - SB586
Les Voigt State Fish Hatchery and Brule State Fish Hatchery [Sec. 194] [partial veto] - Act 19
Muzzle-loading firearm defined for hunting purposes; administrative rules revised [Admin.Code NR 10.001, 10.09] - SB587
Nonresident archer hunting license and nonresident crossbow hunting license fees increased - SB780
Nuisance wildlife management at airports by designated personnel: exceptions to shining animals, possessing firearms or bow or crossbow, and discharging firearms prohibitions; administrative rule created [Admin.Code NR 12.10] - Act 51
natural resources department of _ recreation and boatingNatural Resources, Department of — Recreation and boating
ATV and UTV law enforcement positions; DNR report required [Sec. 9132 (1)] [partial veto] - Act 19
ATV trails used by UTVs: funding for improvements [Sec. 195] - Act 19
Camping fee for nonresidents [Sec. 214] - Act 19
Lapham Peak Lodge: grant for construction of to Friends of Lapham Peak Unit -- Kettle Moraine State Forest, Inc. [Sec. 9132 (5)] - Act 19
Nonprofit organizations promoting the operation of ATVs and UTVs: changes to DNR appropriation for communication equipment and producing maps and digital information - Act 67
Online transaction fee for online sale of vehicle admission to state parks, forests, and recreation areas and state trail passes [Sec. 70, 212, 213] - Act 19
Pattison and Amnicon Falls state parks: funding for certain projects [Sec. 9132 (3)] [vetoed] - Act 19
Snowmobile trails: signs advertising certain businesses erected by snowmobile clubs allowed - Act 63
State park campsites: electric receptacles provision [Sec. 215] - Act 19
Supplemental aid for snowmobile trail maintenance: DNR may modify administrative rule [Admin.Code NR 50.09] - SB136
Vehicle admission receipt to state parks: valid for 1 year from date issued instead of calendar year - SB415
Noise barriers along I 894 in Milwaukee County: state highway rehabilitation funding [Sec. 97, 9144 (8)] - Act 19
nominationNomination, see Elections
nonpoint source pollutionNonpoint source pollution, see Water — Pollution
nonresidentNonresident, see specific subject
notary publicNotary public
Notarial acts performed for remotely located individuals: limited financial power of attorney for a real estate transaction allowed - SB626
Notarization and witnessing of wills, estate planning, declaration to health care professionals, authorization for final disposition, and certain power of attorney documents: electronic and remote provisions created and other changes - SB898
Nuisance wildlife management at airports by designated personnel: exceptions to shining animals, possessing firearms or bow or crossbow, and discharging firearms prohibitions; administrative rule created [Admin.Code NR 12.10] - Act 51
Advanced practice RN licensure system created; nurse-midwife license and practice requirements repealed; prescription authority and medical malpractice insurance provisions - SB145
"Allied health professional" does not include RNs re education and training grants [Sec. 416] - Act 19
Gender transition medical intervention for individuals under age 18: health care providers prohibited from engaging in, causing the engagement in, or making referrals for; exceptions and examining and credentialing boards provisions [vetoed] - AB465
Nurse aide students: qualification for employment; DHS to request federal approval - SB671
Pupils who have asthma: schools required to adopt a management plan which includes standing orders for short-acting bronchodilators; advanced practice nurse prescriber, physician assistant, and physician provisions and civil liability immunity - AB914
Statutes and rules examinations for certain health care professions prohibited [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Undesignated glucagon: prescriptions and standing orders to public, private, charter, and tribal schools from specified medical personnel; administration by school personnel; civil liability immunity - SB447
nursing homes and adult careNursing homes and adult care
Bureau of Assisted Living: DHS to submit fee increase plan to JCF re covering staffing costs [Sec. 9119 (2)] - Act 19
Care management organization facility placements: county of residence responsible for paying - Act 68
Long-term care: DHS and managed care organizations reporting requirements [Sec. 244] [vetoed] - Act 19
Nurse aide students: qualification for employment; DHS to request federal approval - SB671
Nursing home payment rates under MA to exclude provider incentives [Sec. 9119 (4)] - Act 19
Nursing home personal needs allowance increased [Sec. 305] - Act 19
Nursing home support services: priced rate provisions [Sec. 9119 (3)] - Act 19
Personal care voting assistants at residential care facilities and retirement homes during public health emergencies; election fraud committed by election officials; absentee ballots and certificates; prohibiting appointment of certain employees as poll workers; recess of municipal board of canvassers; penalty provisions - AB570
Special voting deputies dispatched to residential care facilities and qualified retirement homes re voting by absentee ballot and circuit court determination of ineligibility to vote due to incompetency revisions - AB572
Ventilator-dependent nursing home residents: MA reimbursement rate [Sec. 9119 (5)] - Act 19
Possession of virtual child pornography: penalties for visual representations appearing to depict a child engaged in sexually explicit conduct - SB314
occupational therapyOccupational therapy
Statutes and rules examinations for certain health care professions prohibited [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Executive director of the Office of Long-Term Care Ombudsman: employed within the classified service [Sec. 21, 22] - Act 19
open meeting governmentalOpen meeting (Governmental)
Ethics Commission recommendations regarding campaign finance, lobbying, open records, and closed sessions - SB741
opioidOpioid, see Drugs
Impoundment of vehicles by law enforcement for certain reckless driving offenses: municipalities may enact ordinance authorizing - Act 1
Judicial review of local governmental decisions re certain land development, local approval of residential housing development, and zoning ordinance amendments - Act 16
Nonmetallic quarries: local regulations limited; conditional use permits and zoning ordinance provisions - Act 12
Refrigerants acceptable to the EPA as alternatives to ozone-depleting substances: DSPS cannot promulgate a rule and local governments cannot enact or enforce an ordinance prohibiting or limiting use of - Act 76
Town withdrawal from coverage of county zoning ordinance: procedure established and effect of a jurisdiction change on zoning provisions - SB826
orfordville village ofOrfordville, Village of, see Rock County
organ donationOrgan donation, see Transplant
organization miscellaneousOrganization, Miscellaneous, see also Youth
Alternative teacher certification program: nonstock, nonprofit organization requirement removed - SB742
Anatomical gifts may be received by search and rescue organizations and recovery teams that use human remains detection canines - SB318
Community reentry centers appropriation created [Sec. 100] [partial veto] - Act 19
Crisis urgent care and observation facilities: DHS to establish certification process and grants program; MA waiver provision; report required; crisis hostels provision - SB462
Experience Greater Green Bay Corporation (a.k.a. Discover Green Bay): Tour.Dept grant [Sec. 9143 (2)] - Act 19
Federal refugee resettlement and assistance program: local governments required to designate individual for consultation; county refugee placement committee provisions - SB916
Greater Milwaukee Convention and Visitors Bureau (a.k.a. Visit Milwaukee): Tour.Dept grant [Sec. 9143 (3)] [partial veto] - Act 19