pipelinePipeline, see Fuel
pleasant prairie village ofPleasant Prairie, Village of, see Kenosha County
plymouth city ofPlymouth, City of, see Sheboygan County
Beat patrol officers grant program repealed [Sec. 123, 423] [vetoed] - Act 19
Community-oriented policing-house grant program sunsetted [Sec. 117, 118, 424, 9427 (1)] - Act 19
Critical incident mapping data: DOJ grants to school board or governing body of private school modified [Sec. 9127 (1)] - Act 19
Impoundment of vehicles by law enforcement for certain reckless driving offenses: municipalities may enact ordinance authorizing - Act 1
Law enforcement and fire and emergency medical services: political subdivisions required to certify to DOR maintenance of effort for - Act 12
Law enforcement investigative services: DOC to reimburse any county, city, village, or town providing assistance [Sec. 36, 99, 101, 314, 316-318] - Act 19
Newborn infant safety devices: installation in safe haven law locations authorized - Act 79
Public safety employees may bargain with municipal employer over who is covered by a health care coverage plan - Act 34
Driver education grant program: DOT to establish; income eligibility provision - Act 86
State aid for high-poverty school districts repealed [Sec. 67, 394-396, 400, 401g, 9334 (1)] [vetoed] - Act 19
prescriptionPrescription, see Drugs
presidential electorsPresidential electors
Absentee ballot for the presidential primary: timeline for municipal clerks to send or transmit to certain electors modified - Act 54
price countyPrice County
Electronic waste cleanup in certain counties [Sec. 72, 452] - Act 19
Alternatives to prosecution and incarceration grant program appropriation changes [Sec. 119, 124, 125, 422, 9227 (1)] - Act 19
Community reentry centers appropriation created [Sec. 100] [partial veto] - Act 19
Opening Avenues to Reentry Success (OARS) program funding [Sec. 9108 (2)] [vetoed] - Act 19
Emergency contact information maintained by DOT re application for operator’s license - Act 57
property taxProperty tax
Advisory referendum: counties and municipalities prohibited from holding except for capital expenditures funded by property tax levy - Act 12
Levy limit for adjustments for transferred services revised; TID provisions - Act 12
Nontaxable tribal land: shared revenue payments to counties to compensate for lost property taxes; sunset provision [Sec. 151, 152, 163, 164, 9451 (1)] [152, 154, 9451 (1) -- vetoed] - Act 19
Personal property tax eliminated; state payments to taxing jurisdictions and technical changes; railroad company license fee personal property tax exemption - Act 12
Property tax levy rate limitation for the Town of Sanborn [Sec. 315, 320, 9144 (12)] [vetoed] - Act 19
School levy tax credit funding increased [Sec. 361-367] - Act 19
TIDs in the Village of Pleasant Prairie: eliminating certain exemptions - Act 8
property tax _ exemptionProperty tax — Exemption
Wisconsin Cranberry Research and Education Foundation in Jackson County: property tax exemption [Sec. 321, 9337 (1)] - Act 19
public assistancePublic assistance
Support of children of SSI recipients: payments increased [Sec. 312] - Act 19
TANF funding allocation changes; skills enhancement program grants [Sec. 288-301] - Act 19
public debtPublic debt, see Debt, Public
public defenderPublic defender
Pay progression caps for deputy and assistant DAs, and assistant SPDs [Sec. 9101 (1)] - Act 19
Private attorney rate increased for cases assigned by SPD [Sec. 471, 472] - Act 19
Representation of parents in CHIPS proceedings: SPD pilot program extended [Sec. 246-248, 9433 (1s)] - Act 19
County jailers classified as protective occupation participant status for WRS purposes, MERA provision - Act 4
Length of service awards for DOC and DHS employees who are protective occupation participants [Sec. 9101 (3)] - Act 19
Office of Outdoor Recreation project positions: sunset changed [Sec. 9143 (1)] - Act 19
Position authority for the Mississippi River Parkway Commission increased by one FTE; DOT authority [Sec. 9144 (11)] [vetoed] - Act 19
UI law changes re identity spoofing, education and information materials provided by DWD, assistance call center, and database comparisons; DOA Secretary authorized to temporarily transfer employees to DWD to assist with UI appeals; report required [vetoed] - AB152
public employee _ group insurancePublic employee — Group insurance
Public safety employees may bargain with municipal employer over who is covered by a health care coverage plan - Act 34
public employee _ labor unionPublic employee — Labor union
Building trades crafts bargaining unit: 2022-2023 contract ratification between UW Board of Regents and the Wisconsin State Building Trades Negotiating Committee - Act 24
Building trades crafts bargaining unit: 2022-2023 contract ratification between UW-Madison and the Wisconsin State Building Trades Negotiating Committee - Act 23
Building trades crafts bargaining unit: 2022-2023 contract ratification - Act 25
Building trades crafts bargaining unit: 2023-2024 contract ratification - Act 39
Professional legal bargaining unit: 2022-2023 contract ratification - Act 22
Public safety collective bargaining unit: 2021-2023 contract ratification - Act 21
Public safety collective bargaining unit: 2023-2025 contract ratification - Act 38
public employee _ salaryPublic employee — Salary
Additional biweekly payroll appropriations include permanent UW System employees [Sec. 174-178] - Act 19
public employee trust fundPublic employee trust fund, see Retirement — Public
public healthPublic health
Local health officer mandate to close a business to control an outbreak or communicable disease epidemic limited - Act 12
public inland lake managementPublic inland lake management, see Lakes
public instruction department ofPublic Instruction, Department of
Early literacy instruction and reading readiness assessments and interventions: Office of Literacy and Council on Early Literacy Curricula created in DPI, teacher licensing and professional development training, model policy for promoting third graders to fourth grade, school district and school report cards, parent notification requirements, complaint by parent or guardian to DPI; reports and sunset provisions - Act 20
High schools required to collect statistics on certain crimes and violations of municipal disorderly conduct occurring on school property or school transportation; DPI duties - Act 12
Lakeland STAR Academy: DPI grant; sunset provision [Sec. 65, 66, 9134 (1), 9434 (1)] [vetoed] - Act 19
Recollection Wisconsin funding [Sec. 69, 388] - Act 19
Recovery high school grants created; report required; JCF supplemental appropriation - Act 72
Recovery high schools: DPI grants [Sec. 68] - Act 19
Robotics league participation grants: maximum amount increased [Sec. 393] - Act 19
School-based mental health services grants revised [Sec. 389-392] - Act 19
public lands board of commissioners ofPublic Lands, Board of Commissioners of
Forest land and timber management added to BCPL [Sec. 153] - Act 19
public officers _ salaryPublic officers — Salary
Pay progression caps for deputy and assistant DAs, and assistant SPDs [Sec. 9101 (1)] - Act 19
public safetyPublic safety
Public safety interoperable communication system upgrades grant program [Sec. 129] - Act 19
Statewide public safety interoperable communication system: funding to develop and operate [Sec. 128] - Act 19