Fuss, Grace (created nonprofit Fighting Cancer with Grace)

Gibilian, Antonio (Nathan Hale High School wrestling team)

Hall, Detective Danielle (Madison Police Department)

Hart, Jennifer (New Berlin school district)

Jensen, Kathleen (The Little Heart Project)

Johnson, Officer Aaron (Evansville Police Department)

Johnson, Officer Tre (Eau Claire Police Department)
A 73

Kaetterhenry, Officer Josiah (Wausau Police Department)
A 73

Kastenholz, Fire Chief David (Elm Grove Fire Department)

Kramp, Chloe (lemonade stand fundraiser)

Lottmann, Dr. Judy

Petitgoue, Jerry (coaching career as Cuba City High School boys’ basketball coach)

Philaja, Kim (lemonade stand fundraiser)

Ranck, Sandra (education of the opioid epidemic)

Reid, Andy (with Jamie Beauchamp Reid for A & J’s Halloween House)

Schneider, Detective Gary (Oak Creek)

Scotch, Mark and Lynn (“Organ Trail” leaders)

Shore, Patrick (saving lives during his UPS duties)

Sperry, Officer Sam (Eau Claire Police Department)
A 73

Stomberg, Steven (Shawano School District)

Ter Maat, Lloyd (“Trailer Ministry” work)

Thielke, Sergeant Michael (Sheboygan Police Department)
A 73

Tifft, Deputy Terry, Jr.

Trapani, Christiana Gorchynsky

Tutaj, Detective Jill (Middleton Police Department)

Wilkiewicz, Detective Andrew
A 73

Wolf, Martin (Memory Lane Farm)

Yang, Mee and Lee

Zarnke, Beth and Doug (Memory Lane Farm)

Zutter, Margaret (RSVP of Dane County)

Kapenga, Sen. Chris (remarks of the President)

LeMahieu, Sen. Devin (introduction of newly elected members)
S 2

LeMahieu, Sen. Devin (introduction of newly elected Sen. Knodl)

LeMahieu, Sen. Devin (remarks of the Majority Leader)
S 1, 7

Stanke, Grace (2023 Miss America)

Thompson, Gov. Tommy G.
A 5

VanZile, Robert, Jr. (2023 State of the Tribes Address)

Vos, Rep. Robin (remarks by the Speaker)
A 3

Adjournment of sessions

Final adjournment of September 2023 special session
A 474; S 629

Appointments, Advice and Consent of the Senate

Confirmation votes

Confirmation (continued)

Educational Appointments continued from the 2021-22 session

Executive Appointments continued from the 2021-2022 session


Nominations [continued]

Professional Standards Council for Teachers: list of individuals to remove from confirmation

Professional Standards Council for Teachers: list of nominees per s. 15.377 (8), Wis.Stats.

Rejected votes

Remove appointments from consideration

Remove appointments (cont’d)

Remove appointments (cont’d)

Certificates by the Legislature

Abraham, Ayla

Acord, Noah
S 690

Albaugh, Griffin
S 125

Allouez, Village of
S 217

Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporated
S 125

Angel Studios
S 394

Antczak, Kaylah
S 569

Associated Builders and Contractors

Badger Girls State

Bakken, Steven
S 218

Banda, Jory
S 218

Barkimer, Isabella
S 568

Bauer, Jason

Bears Grass Dairy
S 374

Beckert, Barbara
S 490, 568

Beeck, Katrina
S 125

Behling, Rebecca
S 218

Behlke, Madison
S 568

Bertrang, Allyn
S 394

Betley, Judge Robert
S 393

Biank, Abigail
S 887

Birenbaum, Dan
S 568, 690

Block, Roger
S 426

Blodgett, Bernard F.
S 374

Blum, Hannah
S 887

Bodway, Dylan Alexander

Boyd, Lisa
S 569

Brigham, Samuel
S 393

Brigham, Samuel Joseph
S 426

Brookside Baptist Church
S 490

Brown, Susan
S 218

Brown County Sheriff’s Department
S 394

Brzeczkowski, Tammy
S 568

Cascade, Village of
S 426

Caviezel, Jim
S 394