ATCP 29.72(4)(c) (c) A complete description of the special local need justifying the registration.
ATCP 29.72(4)(d) (d) The name of the pesticide product.
ATCP 29.72(4)(e) (e) The registration number of the pesticide product or, if the product is not currently registered under the federal act, the complete product formula.
ATCP 29.72(4)(f) (f) A copy of the proposed pesticide product label.
ATCP 29.72(4)(g) (g) Valid scientific evidence demonstrating that the product is effective for the proposed use.
ATCP 29.72(4)(h) (h) Evidence showing that alternative pesticides and pest control methods are not adequate to meet the special local need.
ATCP 29.72(4)(i) (i) A description and analysis of the benefits to be derived from the proposed pesticide use.
ATCP 29.72(4)(j) (j) A description and analysis of potential adverse effects to persons, property, and the environment which may result from the proposed pesticide use.
ATCP 29.72(4)(k) (k) Evidence demonstrating that the pesticide product will not have unreasonable adverse effects on persons, property, or the environment when used according to label directions.
ATCP 29.72(4)(L) (L) An analysis demonstrating that the benefits to be derived from the proposed pesticide use exceed the potential adverse effects.
ATCP 29.72(4)(m) (m) Other relevant information required by the department.
ATCP 29.72(5) (5) ACTION ON APPLICATION. The department shall grant or deny an application under sub. (4) within 180 business days after the department receives a complete application.
ATCP 29.72(6) (6) REGISTRATION EXPIRES. A special local needs registration under sub. (1) expires on a date specified by the department in the registration. The expiration date shall be not more than 5 years after the date on which the department issues the registration.
ATCP 29.72(7) (7) REGISTRATION RENEWAL OR AMENDMENT. A registrant under sub. (1) may apply to have that registration renewed or amended. The application shall comply with sub. (4). The department shall act on the application as if it were an application for a new registration. If a registration is amended during a registration period, the amendment expires at the end of that registration period. A registration may be renewed for a period of up to 5 years.
ATCP 29.72(8) (8) Labeling. A pesticide product registered for one or more uses under sub. (1) shall be labeled in compliance with s. ATCP 29.06. The product label shall also include all of the following:
ATCP 29.72(8)(a) (a) A statement indicating that the registration under sub. (1) applies only in Wisconsin.
ATCP 29.72(8)(b) (b) The registration number assigned by the department.
ATCP 29.72(8)(c) (c) The expiration date of state registration.
ATCP 29.72(8)(d) (d) Other labeling required by the department.
ATCP 29.72(9) (9) REGISTRATION CONDITIONS. The department may restrict a registered use under sub. (1) to certified applicators, and may attach other conditions to the registration of a pesticide product or use under sub. (1). The department shall restrict a use to certified applicators if any of the following apply:
ATCP 29.72(9)(a) (a) The pesticide product is similar in composition to a federally registered product for which similar uses are restricted to certified applicators. Pesticide products are similar in composition if they have the same active ingredients and are in the same toxicity category. Pesticide uses are similar if they have substantially equivalent purposes and the same precautionary labeling.
ATCP 29.72(9)(b) (b) The use would be restricted to certified applicators under the federal act.
ATCP 29.72(9)(c) (c) The restriction is justified in order to prevent unreasonable hazards to persons, property, or the environment.
ATCP 29.72(10) (10) SUSPENSION OR REVOCATION. The department may summarily suspend or revoke a registration under sub. (1) if the department finds any of the following:
ATCP 29.72(10)(a) (a) Information contained in the registration application is false or misleading.
ATCP 29.72(10)(b) (b) Registration conditions have been violated.
ATCP 29.72(10)(c) (c) A registered use poses an unreasonable risk to persons, property, or the environment.
ATCP 29.72(10)(d) (d) The special local need no longer exists.
ATCP 29.72(10)(e) (e) The registration is suspended or disapproved by the federal environmental protection agency.
ATCP 29.72 History History: Cr. Register, May, 1998, No. 509, eff. 6-1-98; CR 12-003: am. (4) (intro) Register May 2013 No. 689, eff. 6-1-13.
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