ATCP 75.40(1)(1)   Removal. All trash and other food product waste material shall be removed from the vending machine location as frequently as may be necessary to prevent attracting vermin, or creating a nuisance and unsightliness, and shall be disposed of in a manner that will not attract insects or rodents.
ATCP 75.40(2) (2)   Containers. Self-closing, leak-proof and easily cleanable refuse containers shall be provided in the vicinity of each machine or machines to receive cartons, wrappers, and other items of refuse.
ATCP 75.40(3) (3)   Waste collection.
ATCP 75.40(3)(a)(a) Containers shall be provided within all machines dispensing liquid products in bulk for the collection of drip, spillage, overflow, and other internal wastes.
ATCP 75.40(3)(b) (b) An automatic shutoff device shall be provided, which will place the vending machine out of operation before a container overflows. The cutoff mechanism shall be set at a point to permit removal of the waste container from the machine without spillage.
ATCP 75.40(3)(c) (c) Containers and surfaces on which wastes may accumulate shall be readily removable for cleaning, easily cleanable, and corrosion resistant.
ATCP 75.40 History History: CR 17-074: cr. Register July 2020 No. 775, eff. 10-25-20.
ATCP 75.42 ATCP 75.42Delivery of foods. Foods, including beverages and ingredients, in transit to vending machine locations shall be protected from contamination with dirt, dust, insects, rodents, and other foreign material. Similar protection shall be provided for single-service containers, as defined in ch. ATCP 75 Appendix part 1-201.10, and for the product contact surfaces of equipment, containers, and devices in transit to machine locations.
ATCP 75.42 History History: CR 17-074: cr. Register July 2020 No. 775, eff. 10-25-20.
subch. VI of ch. ATCP 75 Subchapter VI - Micro Markets
ATCP 75.44 ATCP 75.44Applicability of rules. This chapter and chapters 1 to 7 in ch. ATCP 75 Appendix, except for Part 2-1, apply to a micro market, as defined in s. ATCP 75.04 (22).
ATCP 75.44 History History: CR 17-074: cr. Register July 2020 No. 775, eff. 10-25-20.
ATCP 75.46 ATCP 75.46Location. A micro market shall be located in the interior of a building that is not accessible to the general public. Access to the micro market shall be limited to a defined population of employees, guests, or occupants of the building where the establishment is located.
ATCP 75.46 History History: CR 17-074: cr. Register July 2020 No. 775, eff. 10-25-20.
ATCP 75.48 ATCP 75.48License holder responsibilities.
ATCP 75.48(1)(1)   Requirements. The license holder shall assure that all of the following conditions are met:
ATCP 75.48(1)(a) (a) Food is from sources that comply with law.
ATCP 75.48(1)(b) (b) Packaged food is provided in tamper-evident packaging.
ATCP 75.48(1)(c) (c) Food is protected from potential sources of cross contamination.
ATCP 75.48(1)(d) (d) Food is maintained at safe temperatures during storage, transport and display.
ATCP 75.48(2) (2)   Micro market oversight. Each micro market shall have a sign readily visible at the automated payment station stating all of the following:
ATCP 75.48(2)(a) (a) The name and mailing address of the license holder responsible for the establishment and to whom complaints and comments should be addressed.
ATCP 75.48(2)(b) (b) The telephone, email, or web information for the responsible license holder, when applicable.
ATCP 75.48 History History: CR 17-074: cr. Register July 2020 No. 775, eff. 10-25-20.
ATCP 75.50 ATCP 75.50Nature and source of food and beverages offered for sale. All of the following requirements apply to a micro market:
ATCP 75.50(1) (1)   A license holder shall offer only commercially packaged foods properly labeled for individual retail sale.
ATCP 75.50(2) (2)   Food preparation by consumers is limited to heating or reheating food in a microwave oven.
ATCP 75.50(3) (3)   Dispensing of bulk food is prohibited.
ATCP 75.50 History History: CR 17-074: cr. Register July 2020 No. 775, eff. 10-25-20.
ATCP 75.52 ATCP 75.52Equipment.
ATCP 75.52(1)(1)   Refrigerated display equipment features. A micro market offering refrigerated or frozen foods shall be equipped with refrigeration or freezer units that have all of the following features:
ATCP 75.52(1)(a) (a) Self-closing doors that allow food to be viewed without opening the door to the refrigerated cooler or freezer.
ATCP 75.52(1)(b) (b) An automatic self-locking mechanism that prevents the consumer from accessing the unit upon failure of the refrigeration unit to maintain the appropriate temperature.
ATCP 75.52(2) (2)   Refrigerated display equipment maintenance. Automatic self-locking mechanisms that have been activated shall require an onsite visit by the license holder or designee to evaluate and restore access to the refrigeration equipment.
ATCP 75.52(3) (3)  Food service equipment limitations. Beverages shall be dispensed in amounts intended for a single serving size. Beverage dispensers connected to the building water supply shall be equipped with backflow prevention.
ATCP 75.52 History History: CR 17-074: cr. Register July 2020 No. 775, eff. 10-25-20.
ATCP 75.54 ATCP 75.54Security. A micro market license holder shall provide and maintain continuous video surveillance of areas where consumers view, select, handle, and purchase products. The surveillance shall provide sufficient resolution to identify situations that may compromise food safety or result in food tampering. Video surveillance recordings shall meet all of the following requirements:
ATCP 75.54(1) (1)   The license holder shall retain video surveillance recordings for at least 14 days after the date of the surveillance.
ATCP 75.54(2) (2)   The license holder shall make retained video surveillance recordings available for inspection upon request by the department or its agent within 24 hours of a request.
ATCP 75.54 History History: CR 17-074: cr. Register July 2020 No. 775, eff. 10-25-20.
ATCP 75.56 ATCP 75.56Routine maintenance at a micro market. The license holder shall maintain the micro market, food, equipment and utensils in a clean, sanitary and unadulterated condition. This includes the following activities:
ATCP 75.56(1) (1)   Checking food supplies and equipment for signs of product damage or tampering, and discarding damaged or tampered-with food.
ATCP 75.56(2) (2)   Verifying refrigeration equipment is operating properly including any temperature display and self-locking mechanism.
ATCP 75.56(3) (3)   Cleaning food service dispensing and merchandising equipment and food display areas.
ATCP 75.56(4) (4)   Stocking food and disposable single-use and single-service supplies.
ATCP 75.56(5) (5)   Checking inventory for recalled foods.
ATCP 75.56(6) (6)   Performing any other reasonable actions to maintain a clean, sanitary and unadulterated condition in the micro market.
ATCP 75.56 History History: CR 17-074: cr. Register July 2020 No. 775, eff. 10-25-20.
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