DOC 350.15(5) (5) Designation of staff who have the authority to make health care decisions, including emergency medical and dental care.
DOC 350.15(6) (6) Non-emergency health care, including use of an inmate's personal physician.
DOC 350.15(7) (7) Schedule of inmate access to routine medical care.
DOC 350.15(8) (8) Provision for inmates with chronic medical conditions.
DOC 350.15(9) (9) Procedure for processing inmate medical requests on a daily basis.
DOC 350.15(10) (10) Documentation in an inmate's confidential medical file of any referral and identification of the services provided, including emergency services.
DOC 350.15(11) (11) Provision of special diet if ordered by a qualified health care professional.
DOC 350.15(12) (12) Pregnancy management.
DOC 350.15(13) (13) Maintenance of agreements between the jail and providers of health care services.
DOC 350.15(14) (14) Use of health transfer summary form under s. 302.388 (2), Stats.
DOC 350.15(15) (15) Communicable disease and infection control. Policies and procedures relating to communicable disease and infection control shall contain all of the following components:
DOC 350.15(15)(a) (a) Provision of treatment and supervision of inmates during isolation or quarantine under s. 252.06 (6) (b), Stats.
DOC 350.15(15)(b) (b) Documentation of the need for isolation or quarantine under s. 252.06 (6) (b), Stats., in the inmate's confidential medical file.
DOC 350.15(15)(c) (c) Provision of laboratory screening for inmates who may have been exposed to a communicable disease if ordered by medical personnel.
DOC 350.15(15)(d) (d) Provision for handling bio-hazardous waste and decontaminating medical and dental equipment in accordance with regulations.
DOC 350.15(16) (16) Detoxification and management of intoxicated inmates.
DOC 350.15 History History: CR 13-038: cr. Register August 2014 No. 704, eff. 9-1-14.
DOC 350.16 DOC 350.16Control and administration of medications. The jail shall have policies and procedures relating to the control, delivery, and administration of prescription and nonprescription medications, including the following components:
DOC 350.16(1) (1) A qualified health care professional shall prescribe medications and order treatments.
DOC 350.16(2) (2) Designated trained staff may administer or deliver prescribed doses of medication at prescribed times. Annual documented training shall be provided to jail staff that deliver medications.
DOC 350.16(3) (3) Determination by appropriate personnel that all medications brought in by inmates or other persons for an inmate are necessary.
DOC 350.16(4) (4) All medications brought into the jail shall be inventoried and placed in secure storage.
DOC 350.16(5) (5) Any medications kept at the jail shall be stored in a locked drug cabinet that is not accessible to inmates.
DOC 350.16(6) (6) Administration or delivery of prescription and nonprescription medications to inmates.
DOC 350.16(7) (7) Medication administered or delivered to an inmate shall be documented, including who prescribed the medication, who administered or delivered the medication, and the date and time of administration or delivery.
DOC 350.16(8) (8) All refusals of recommended or prescribed medications by an inmate shall be documented. A health care professional shall monitor the inmate in accordance with requirements of s. 302.384, Stats.
DOC 350.16(9) (9) Return of an inmate's medications inventoried at admission.
DOC 350.16(10) (10) Inventory or disposal of unused medications upon the inmate's release or transfer.
DOC 350.16 History History: CR 13-038: cr. Register August 2014 No. 704, eff. 9-1-14.
DOC 350.17 DOC 350.17Suicide prevention. The jail shall have policies and procedures relating to the supervision and housing of inmates who may be at risk of seriously injuring themselves, including the following components:
DOC 350.17(1) (1) Obtaining documented information from the arresting or transporting agency to assess an inmate's potential for suicide or self-harm.
DOC 350.17(2) (2) Intake screening of inmates that includes interview items and staff observation related to potential suicide risk.
DOC 350.17(3) (3) Procedure for placement of an inmate on suicide watch. Policies and procedures relating to the procedure for placing an inmate on suicide watch shall include all of the following components:
DOC 350.17(3)(a) (a) Immediate notification to designated supervisory staff if an inmate is identified as a suicide risk.
DOC 350.17(3)(b) (b) Designation of housing areas and security precautions for inmates who are placed on suicide watch.
DOC 350.17(3)(c) (c) Description of monitoring procedures for inmates on suicide watch, including frequency and documentation of wellness checks.
DOC 350.17(4) (4) Identification of trained persons who may assess an inmate's level of suicide risk.
DOC 350.17(5) (5) Notification to qualified mental health professionals within 12 hours of placement of a potentially suicidal inmate on suicide watch. Assessment by a qualified mental health professional shall be completed as soon as practicable.
DOC 350.17(6) (6) Identification of qualified mental health professionals who are authorized to remove an inmate from a suicide watch status after an on-site face-to-face assessment.
DOC 350.17(7) (7) Frequency of communication between health care and jail personnel regarding the status of an inmate who is on suicide watch.
DOC 350.17(8) (8) Intervention protocol during an apparent suicide attempt, including life-sustaining measures.
DOC 350.17(9) (9) Identification of persons to be notified in case of attempted or completed suicides.
DOC 350.17(10) (10) Documentation of actions and decisions regarding inmates who are suicide risks, including all of the following:
DOC 350.17(10)(a) (a) Individual initiating the suicide watch.
DOC 350.17(10)(b) (b) Date and time watch was initiated.
DOC 350.17(10)(c) (c) Reason watch was initiated.
DOC 350.17(10)(d) (d) Name of supervisor contacted.
DOC 350.17(10)(e) (e) Date and time supervisor contacted.
DOC 350.17(10)(f) (f) Name, date, and time of referral to mental health professional.
DOC 350.17(10)(g) (g) Written documentation from the mental health professional removing an inmate from a suicide watch including name, date, and time.
DOC 350.17(11) (11) Implementation of 2 hours of annual documented staff training regarding suicide prevention and identification of risk factors.
DOC 350.17(12) (12) Access by staff to debriefing and support services.
DOC 350.17(13) (13) Implementation of an operational review following a suicide or significant suicide attempt.
DOC 350.17 History History: CR 13-038: cr. Register August 2014 No. 704, eff. 9-1-14.
DOC 350.18 DOC 350.18Security. The jail shall have policies and procedures relating to jail security, including all of the following components:
DOC 350.18(1) (1)Inmate supervision. The jail shall have a system providing for well-being checks of inmates. Policies and procedures shall provide that all inmates are personally observed by jail security staff at staggered intervals not to exceed the following:
DOC 350.18(1)(a) (a) 60 minutes.
DOC 350.18(1)(b) (b) 15 minutes for inmates housed on suicide watch.
DOC 350.18(2) (2)Supplemental observation. A video monitoring system may be used to supplement but not replace personal observations.
DOC 350.18(3) (3)Documentation. Each observation shall be documented.
DOC 350.18(4) (4)Inmate counts. Description of the system for physically counting inmates. Formal counts shall be completed and documented at least three times per day, with a minimum of one count per shift.
DOC 350.18(5) (5)Security inspections. Description of procedures for conducting and documenting facility and area searches.
DOC 350.18(6) (6)Inmate searches. Description of procedures for conducting and documenting inmate pat down, strip, and body cavity searches.
DOC 350.18(7) (7)Door and lock inspections. Monthly inspections shall be made to determine if all jail doors and locks within and to the secure perimeter of the facility are in good working order. Each inspection shall be documented.
DOC 350.18(8) (8)Key control. Control and use of jail keys, including all of the following:
DOC 350.18(8)(a) (a) All issued keys shall be inventoried and accounted for at shift change.
DOC 350.18(8)(b) (b) All keys shall be stored in a secure area and accessible in the event of an emergency.
DOC 350.18(8)(c) (c) Inmates are not permitted to handle or utilize jail keys.
DOC 350.18(9) (9)Weapons control. Introduction, availability, control, inventory, storage, and use of firearms, chemical agents, electronic control devices, or other related security devices and specification of the level of authority required for their access and use.
DOC 350.18(10) (10)Tool and sharps control. Introduction, availability, control, inventory, storage, and use of tools and sharps within the facility.
DOC 350.18 History History: CR 13-038: cr. Register August 2014 No. 704, eff. 9-1-14.
DOC 350.19 DOC 350.19Fire safety. The jail shall have policies and procedures relating to fire safety, including the following components:
DOC 350.19(1) (1) The facility conforms to applicable federal, state, and local fire safety codes.
DOC 350.19(2) (2) Each jail shall develop a fire safety policy in accordance with local fire department recommendations that addresses all of the following:
DOC 350.19(2)(a) (a) Local fire department inspection requirements under sub. (5).
DOC 350.19(2)(b) (b) Fire protection equipment location and maintenance. Each jail shall have and shall properly maintain fire alarms, smoke and thermal detectors, fire extinguishers, and self-contained breathing apparatuses which operate for at least 30 minutes.
DOC 350.19(2)(c) (c) Training of staff in equipment use and the evacuation of inmates.
DOC 350.19(2)(d) (d) A written evacuation plan.
DOC 350.19(3) (3) The evacuation route developed as part of the evacuation plan under sub. (2) (d) shall be posted in a conspicuous place for staff in the jail.
DOC 350.19(4) (4) Fire safety evacuation and other procedures shall be practiced or simulated by all jail staff at least once every 12 months. Each practice or simulation shall be documented.
DOC 350.19(5) (5) The facility shall be inspected by the local fire department at least once every 12 months and a record thereof shall be maintained.
DOC 350.19(6) (6) There shall be monthly inspections of the facility to ensure compliance with safety and fire prevention standards. Inspections shall be documented.
DOC 350.19(7) (7) After September 1, 2014, sprinkler heads accessible to inmates not under direct supervision must be tamper and suicide resistant.
DOC 350.19 History History: CR 13-038: cr. Register August 2014 No. 704, eff. 9-1-14.
DOC 350.20 DOC 350.20Double celling. If approved by the department, the jail shall have policies and procedures relating to double celling, including the following components:
DOC 350.20(1) (1) The county board and sheriff shall determine jointly the adequate staffing needs, including support staff and services that are required to ensure the health, safety, and security of the jail staff and inmates when using cells for double occupancy. The joint determinations shall be in writing and signed by the representatives of the county board and the sheriff and shall be filed with the department. The written joint determination shall remain in effect until rescinded or amended by mutual written agreement of the county board and sheriff. Unless there is adequate staff as agreed upon by the county board and sheriff, double celling may not occur.
DOC 350.20(2) (2) Inmates housed in the same cell shall have the same custody classification and be properly segregated as required under s. 302.36, Stats.
DOC 350.20(3) (3) For male and female housing areas, at least one cell or 15% of the jail's total number of cells, whichever is greater, shall be maintained for single occupancy.
DOC 350.20(4) (4) Receiving cells may not be used for double occupancy.
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