Register June 2020 No. 774
Chapter DOC 373
Subchapter I — General Provisions
DOC 373.01   Authority and purpose.
DOC 373.02   Applicability.
DOC 373.03   Definitions.
DOC 373.04   Responsibilities of youth.
DOC 373.05   Conduct rules.
DOC 373.06   Conduct rule violations.
DOC 373.07   Attempted violation of conduct rules.
DOC 373.08   Aiding, abetting or knowing of conduct rule violations.
DOC 373.09   Defenses.
DOC 373.10   Youth access to conduct rules.
DOC 373.11   Major and minor penalties and conduct rule violations.
DOC 373.12   Lesser-included conduct rule violations.
DOC 373.13   Prehearing security.
Subchapter IIConduct Rules Relating to Bodily Security
DOC 373.14   Causing the death of another.
DOC 373.15   Sexual intercourse.
DOC 373.16   Sexual contact.
DOC 373.17   Restraint of another.
DOC 373.18   Fighting.
DOC 373.19   Battery.
DOC 373.20   Threats.
Subchapter III Conduct Rules Relating to Institutional Security
DOC 373.21   Inciting a disturbance.
DOC 373.22   Participating in a disturbance.
DOC 373.23   Unauthorized group activity.
DOC 373.24   Group resistance.
DOC 373.25   Disguising identity.
DOC 373.26   Escape.
Subchapter IV — Conduct Rules Relating to Order
DOC 373.27   Inappropriate sexual conduct.
DOC 373.28   Obstruction.
DOC 373.29   Disobeying orders.
DOC 373.30   Disrespect.
DOC 373.31   Soliciting staff.
DOC 373.32   Lying.
DOC 373.33   Disruptive conduct.
DOC 373.34   Talking when prohibited.
DOC 373.35   Unauthorized forms of communication.
DOC 373.36   Enterprise and fraud.
Subchapter V — Conduct Rules Relating to Property
DOC 373.37   Counterfeiting and forgery.
DOC 373.38   Unauthorized use of or access to records.
DOC 373.39   Theft.
DOC 373.40   Property damage or alteration.
DOC 373.41   Arson.
DOC 373.42   Causing an explosion.
DOC 373.43   Creating a safety hazard.
DOC 373.44   Transfer of property or services.
Subchapter VI — Conduct Rules Relating to Contraband
DOC 373.45   Unauthorized possession of money.
DOC 373.46   Intoxicants and paraphernalia.
DOC 373.47   Weapons.
DOC 373.48   Unauthorized possession or use of tobacco or smoking materials.
DOC 373.49   Unauthorized property.
DOC 373.50   Unauthorized use of the mail.
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