DOC 373.24   Group resistance.
DOC 373.25   Disguising identity.
DOC 373.26   Escape.
Subchapter IV — Conduct Rules Relating to Order
DOC 373.27   Inappropriate sexual conduct.
DOC 373.28   Obstruction.
DOC 373.29   Disobeying orders.
DOC 373.30   Disrespect.
DOC 373.31   Soliciting staff.
DOC 373.32   Lying.
DOC 373.33   Disruptive conduct.
DOC 373.34   Talking when prohibited.
DOC 373.35   Unauthorized forms of communication.
DOC 373.36   Enterprise and fraud.
Subchapter V — Conduct Rules Relating to Property
DOC 373.37   Counterfeiting and forgery.
DOC 373.38   Unauthorized use of or access to records.
DOC 373.39   Theft.
DOC 373.40   Property damage or alteration.
DOC 373.41   Arson.
DOC 373.42   Causing an explosion.
DOC 373.43   Creating a safety hazard.
DOC 373.44   Transfer of property or services.
Subchapter VI — Conduct Rules Relating to Contraband
DOC 373.45   Unauthorized possession of money.
DOC 373.46   Intoxicants and paraphernalia.
DOC 373.47   Weapons.
DOC 373.48   Unauthorized possession or use of tobacco or smoking materials.
DOC 373.49   Unauthorized property.
DOC 373.50   Unauthorized use of the mail.
Subchapter VII — Conduct Rules Relating to Movement
DOC 373.51   Leaving an assigned area.
DOC 373.52   Loitering.
DOC 373.53   Entry of an unauthorized room or area.
DOC 373.54   Tardiness and absence.
Subchapter VIII — Conduct Rules Relating to Safety and Health
DOC 373.55   Creating an unsanitary condition.
DOC 373.56   Misuse of medication.
DOC 373.57   Self-harm and disfigurement.
DOC 373.58   Room disorder.
DOC 373.59   Poor self-maintenance.
Subchapter IX — Miscellaneous Conduct Rules
DOC 373.60   Violation of clothing policy.
DOC 373.61   Gambling.
DOC 373.62   Violation of conditions of leave.
DOC 373.63   Failure to perform assignments.
DOC 373.64   Failure to cooperate with program.
DOC 373.65   Institution policies and procedures.
Subchapter X — Disposition of Conduct Rule Violations
DOC 373.66   Conduct rule violations: possible dispositions.
DOC 373.67   Conditions under which youth who violate conduct rules are not disciplined.
DOC 373.68   Summary disciplinary dispositions.
DOC 373.69   Conduct reports.
DOC 373.70   Review of conduct reports by the superintendent.
DOC 373.71   Notice of alleged major conduct rule violation.
DOC 373.72   Procedure when the right to a disciplinary hearing is waived.
DOC 373.73   Procedure for disciplinary hearings.
DOC 373.74   Disciplinary hearing: advocates.
DOC 373.75   Disciplinary hearing: location.
DOC 373.76   Disciplinary hearing: witnesses and notice.
DOC 373.77   Disciplinary hearing: hearing officers.
DOC 373.78   Disciplinary hearing: evidence.
DOC 373.79   Recordkeeping.
DOC 373.80   Dispositional alternatives for major conduct rule violations.
DOC 373.81   Discipline: review by superintendent.
DOC 373.82   Basic services and privileges for youth serving a major penalty.
DOC 373.83   Referral for prosecution.
DOC 373.84   Harmless error.
Ch. DOC 373 Note Note: Chapter HSS 333 as it existed on June 30, 2000 was repealed and a new Chapter DOC 373 was created, Register, June, 2000, No. 534, effective July 1, 2000.
subch. I of ch. DOC 373 Subchapter I — General Provisions
DOC 373.01 DOC 373.01 Authority and purpose. This chapter is promulgated under the authority of ss. 227.11 (2), 301.025 and 938.48 (16), Stats., and section 9126 (23) (e) of 1995 Act 27 to provide for rules governing the conduct of youth in type 1 secured correctional facilities operated by the department, and for the discipline of youth who violate those conduct rules. In this chapter, the department seeks to achieve all of the following:
DOC 373.01(1) (1)To provide for the degree of confinement and programming for each youth required for the protection of the public, staff and youth.
DOC 373.01(2) (2)To operate orderly institutions.
DOC 373.01(3) (3)To deter each youth from committing further delinquent acts.
DOC 373.01(4) (4)To provide a uniform disciplinary process for all institutions which enhances the constructive, individualized programming for youth by doing all of the following:
DOC 373.01(4)(a) (a) Giving each youth prior notice of all conduct rules that apply to the youth.
DOC 373.01(4)(b) (b) Describing all conduct rules in clear, unambiguous language.
DOC 373.01(4)(c) (c) Describing all forms of discipline allowable for violations of the conduct rules.
DOC 373.01(4)(d) (d) Structuring the exercise of discretion by staff in responding to youth misconduct while retaining flexibility in decision-making and preserving fairness.
DOC 373.01(4)(e) (e) Ensuring that each youth is in the appropriate setting necessary to achieve the objectives of ch. 938, Stats., and that discipline which imposes significant restriction on a youth's liberty be imposed only by staff designated by the superintendent to ensure fair, appropriate and consistent decision-making.
DOC 373.01(4)(f) (f) Provide for routine review of the restrictions placed on a youth to assure that the restrictions are appropriately based on the seriousness of violations by the youth; the youth's subsequent behavior; and the risk posed by the youth to self, others or institution security.
DOC 373.01 History History: Cr. Register, June, 2000, No. 534, eff. 7-1-00.
DOC 373.02 DOC 373.02 Applicability. This chapter applies to the department and all youth who are under its supervision in a type 1 secured correctional facility consistent with the requirements of law.
DOC 373.02 History History: Cr. Register, June, 2000, No. 534, eff. 7-1-00.
DOC 373.03 DOC 373.03 Definitions. In this chapter:
DOC 373.03(1) (1)“Administrator" means the administrator of the division or that person's designee.
DOC 373.03(2) (2)“Authorized" means any of the following:
DOC 373.03(2)(a) (a) Permitted under department rules.
Published under s. 35.93, Stats. Updated on the first day of each month. Entire code is always current. The Register date on each page is the date the chapter was last published.