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NR 10.06(6)(a) (a) Allenton (Washington county)
NR 10.06(6)(b) (b) Brooklyn (Dane and Green counties)
NR 10.06(6)(c) (c) C.D. “Buzz" Besadny (Kewaunee county)
NR 10.06(6)(d) (d) Dunnville (Dunn county)
NR 10.06(6)(e) (e) Eldorado Marsh (Fond du Lac county)
NR 10.06(6)(f) (f) Goose Lake (Dane county)
NR 10.06(6)(g) (g) Grand River (Green Lake and Marquette counties)
NR 10.06(6)(h) (h) Holland (Brown county)
NR 10.06(6)(i) (i) Horicon (Dodge county)
NR 10.06(6)(j) (j) Jackson Marsh (Washington county)
NR 10.06(6)(k) (k) Killsnake (Calumet and Manitowoc counties)
NR 10.06(6)(L) (L) Mazomanie (Dane county)
NR 10.06(6)(m) (m) Mud Lake (Columbia county)
NR 10.06(6)(n) (n) Mud Lake (Dodge county)
NR 10.06(6)(o) (o) New Munster (Kenosha county)
NR 10.06(6)(p) (p) Nichols Creek (Sheboygan county)
NR 10.06(6)(q) (q) Pine Island (Columbia and Sauk counties)
NR 10.06(6)(s) (s) Theresa (Dodge and Washington counties)
NR 10.06(6)(t) (t) Tichigan (Racine county)
NR 10.06(6)(u) (u) Vernon (Waukesha county)
NR 10.06(6)(v) (v) White River (Green Lake and Marquette counties)
NR 10.06(7) (7) Wild turkey hunting. The shooting hours for pursuing wild turkeys shall be the same as the hours established in sub. (5) except that spring season shooting hours shall close at sunset daily.
NR 10.06(8) (8) Exceptions. There are no shooting hour restrictions for pursuing coyote, fox, raccoon and all wild animals for which no closed season is established except that shooting hours established in sub. (5) shall apply to archers and crossbow hunters pursuing any species during the black bear season established in s. NR 10.01 (3) (g), during the archery and crossbow deer seasons established in s. NR 10.01 (3) (em) and (ep), and during the elk season established in s. NR 10.01 (3) (i).
NR 10.06(9) (9) Daily migratory bird rest period.
NR 10.06(9)(a) (a) Shooting hours for certain species shall close at 1:00 p.m. daily within the posted boundaries of the following state wildlife areas on the following dates:
NR 10.06(9)(a)1. 1. George W. Mead Wildlife Area (Wood, Portage, and Marathon Counties) for waterfowl beginning on the third day of the duck hunting season in s. NR 10.01 and continuing for 16 days.
NR 10.06(9)(a)2. 2. Zeloski Unit of the Lake Mills Wildlife Area (Jefferson County) for migratory birds beginning on Sept 1 and continuing through the 16th day after the opening weekend of the duck season established in s. NR 10.01 except that normal statewide shooting hours apply on the opening weekend of the duck season.
NR 10.06(10) (10)Trapping exemption. The shooting hour restrictions established in this section do not apply to the dispatch of lawfully trapped animals.
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NR 10.07 NR 10.07 General hunting.
NR 10.07(1)(1)Prohibited methods. No person shall:
NR 10.07(1)(a) (a) Aircraft. Hunt with the aid of an aircraft, including the use of an aircraft to spot, rally or drive wild animals for hunters on the ground.
NR 10.07(1)(b) (b) Devices.
NR 10.07(1)(b)1.1. Place, operate or attend, spread, or set any net, pitfall, snare, spring gun, pivot gun, swivel gun, or other similar contrivance for the purpose of catching or which might catch, take or ensnare wild animals.
NR 10.07(1)(b)2. 2. Use or possess any snare, cable restraint, trap or device designed or used for the purpose of driving rabbits or hares out of their holes or dens and capturing them.
NR 10.07(1)(b)3. 3. While hunting with a firearm, bow, or crossbow, possess or accompany a person possessing any turkey decoy or device which may be used to call or attract wild turkeys during the spring hunting season for wild turkeys described in s. NR 10.01 (2) (f) unless that person possesses a valid turkey hunting license and valid, unused harvest authorization.
NR 10.07(1)(d) (d) Molesting. Molest the nest or den of any squirrel.
NR 10.07(1)(e) (e) Ferret. Use or possess any ferret while hunting.
NR 10.07(1)(f) (f) Retrieval. Fail to make every reasonable effort to retrieve all wild animals killed or crippled; and until such effort is made, such wild animals shall be included in the daily bag.
NR 10.07(1)(i) (i) Dog use. Hunt or pursue any free-roaming wild animal with the aid of dog or dogs May 1 to June 30 in that portion of the state north of the highways shown on the following map except for dog trials and training under permit as established by ch. NR 17: - See PDF for diagram PDF
NR 10.07(1)(k) (k) Marking. Capture and tag, collar or mark and release any game taken from the wild unless issued a permit by the department pursuant to s. NR 19.11, or as authorized under a federal migratory bird banding permit, or a license issued under s. 169.25, Stats. The normal uses of archery equipment for hunting such as lighted, reflective, or glowing nocks are not a violation of this paragraph.
NR 10.07(2) (2) General baiting regulations.
NR 10.07(2)(a) (a) General prohibition .
NR 10.07(2)(a)1.1. No person may place, use or hunt over bait or feed material for the purpose of hunting wild animals or training dogs, except as provided in par. (b) or sub. (2m), or as authorized by a permit or license issued under s. 29.614 (1) or 169.25 (1) (a), Stats., or s. NR 12.06 (11) or 12.10 (1).
NR 10.07 Note Note: Section 29.614, Stats., states: Scientific collector permit. (1) Application for a scientific collector permit shall be submitted to the department. The department may issue a scientific collector permit if the department determines that the applicant is a natural person and is engaged in a bona fide program leading to increased, useful scientific knowledge.
NR 10.07 Note Note: Section 169.25, Stats., states: Scientific research license. (1) Issuance. (a) The department shall issue a scientific research license to any person who is engaged in a study or in research that the department determines will lead to increased, useful scientific knowledge and who files a proper application and who pays the applicable fee.
NR 10.07(2)(a)2. 2. No person may hunt or train dogs over bait or a feeding site that is in violation of s. 29.336 (4), Stats., this section, or in violation of the feeding prohibitions of s. NR 19.60, unless the feeding site is completely free of bait or feed material for at least 10 consecutive days prior to hunting, pursuing animals or dog training.
NR 10.07 Note Note: Section 29.336 (4), Stats., states that a person may feed deer for hunting purposes in counties not included in the rules promulgated under sub. (2) during any season open for hunting deer if all of the following apply:
NR 10.07 Note (a) Not more than 2 gallons of material are at the feeding site.
NR 10.07 Note (b) No feeding site is closer than 100 yards of another feeding site.
NR 10.07 Note (c) The person does not place more than 2 gallons of material in any area comprising 40 acres or less.
NR 10.07 Note (d) The material used to feed deer does not contain any animal part or animal byproduct.
NR 10.07 Note Note: Removal of unlawfully placed bait or feed material does not preclude the issuance of a citation for the original placement of the unlawful baiting or feeding material.
NR 10.07(2)(b) (b) General exceptions. A person may place, use or hunt over bait or feed as follows:
NR 10.07(2)(b)1. 1. For the purpose of hunting bear and bear dog training in compliance with sub. (2m).
NR 10.07(2)(b)2. 2. For the purpose of hunting deer in compliance with sub. (2m).
NR 10.07(2)(b)3. 3. Scent may be used for hunting game and, except as allowed under subd. 4., the scent may not be placed or deposited in a manner in which it is accessible for consumption by deer or elk, and scents shall be removed daily at the end of shooting hours for deer established in s. NR 10.06 (5).
NR 10.07(2)(b)4. 4. Two ounces or less of scent may be placed, used or deposited in any manner for hunting game and does not need to be removed daily at the end of shooting hours.
NR 10.07(2)(b)5. 5. With the aid of material deposited by natural vegetation or material found solely as a result of normal agricultural or gardening practices.
NR 10.07(2)(b)6. 6. With the aid of crops planted and left standing as wildlife food plots.
NR 10.07(2)(b)7. 7. With the aid of feed material placed in a bird feeding structure or device if the hunting is authorized under s. 29.337, Stats.
NR 10.07(2)(b)8. 8. For the purpose of hunting coyote, fox, raccoon and unprotected species over bait or feed placed in compliance with this section or s. NR 19.60, if the hunting involves the release and use of trailing hounds.
NR 10.07(2)(b)9. 9. Bait placed for trapping as specified in s. NR 10.13.
NR 10.07(2)(b)10. 10. Feed or bait material placed or used for fish, reptiles, amphibians or arthropods, provided the material is not accessible to bear, deer or elk.
NR 10.07 Note Note: 29.337 Hunting and trapping by landowners and occupants. (1) The owner or occupant of any land, and any member of his or her family, may hunt or trap beaver, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, woodchucks, rabbits, and squirrels on the land without a license issued under this chapter or ch. 169 at any time, except as follows:
NR 10.07 Note (a) An owner or occupant may not hunt any of these wild animals during the period of 24 hours before the time for commencement of the deer hunting season in any area where an open season for hunting deer with firearms is established.
NR 10.07 Note (b) Such persons may not hunt coyotes during an open season for hunting deer with firearms in an area that is closed by the department by rule to coyote hunting.
NR 10.07 Note Note: Placing or using bait for purposes of trapping is regulated by ss. NR 10.13 (1) (b), 19.27, 19.275 and not this subsection. Baiting for migratory birds is regulated by s. NR 10.12 (1) (h) and not this subsection. This subsection does not prohibit hunting with the use of decoys except as already prohibited under ss. NR 10.12 (1) (f) and (g) and 10.25 (4) (d).
NR 10.07(2m) (2m) Bear and deer baiting regulations.
NR 10.07(2m)(a) (a) Affected area. This section applies to deer and bear hunting statewide, except for baiting deer in the areas described in par. (b) where baiting for deer is prohibited.
NR 10.07(2m)(b) (b) Excluded area. Deer baiting and feeding is prohibited in entire counties where any of the following criteria apply:
NR 10.07(2m)(b)1. 1. A CWD affected area has been established in the county or a portion of the county.
NR 10.07(2m)(b)2. 2. A CWD or bovine tuberculosis positive captive or free-roaming, domestic or wild animal has been confirmed after December 31, 1997 from the county.
NR 10.07(2m)(b)3. 3. The county or portion of the county is within a 10 mile radius of a captive or free-roaming, domestic or wild animal that has been tested and confirmed to be positive for CWD or bovine tuberculosis after December 31, 1997.
NR 10.07(2m)(c) (c) Inclusion of additional counties.
NR 10.07(2m)(c)1.1. The department may add additional counties under par. (b) if they meet the criteria established in par. (b) 1., 2. or 3.
NR 10.07(2m)(c)2. 2. The prohibitions and exemptions in this subsection shall become effective upon issuance of an order by the secretary of the department and publication in the official state newspaper. In addition, a notice of the order shall be provided to newspapers, legislators and hunting license outlets in the area affected.
NR 10.07(2m)(d) (d) Bear hunting and bear dog training. Bait or feed may be placed and used for the purpose of hunting bear or training bear dogs, except no person may place, use or hunt over bait or feed:
NR 10.07(2m)(d)1. 1. Beginning the day after the bear season closes and continuing through the following April 14.
NR 10.07(2m)(d)2. 2. In excess of 10 gallons of bait or feed at any feeding site.
NR 10.07(2m)(d)3. 3. That is not totally enclosed in a hollow log, a hole in the ground or stump which is capped with logs, rocks or other naturally occurring and unprocessed substances which prevents deer from accessing the material. Liquid scent used for hunting of bear or training bear dogs does not need to be enclosed.
NR 10.07(2m)(d)4. 4. Unless, when the bait or feeding site is checked or re-baited, all bait that has been uncovered is again enclosed and made inaccessible to deer in accordance with subd. 3.
NR 10.07(2m)(e) (e) Deer hunting. Bait or feed may be placed and used for hunting deer outside of the counties described in par. (b), except no person may place, use or hunt over bait or feed:
NR 10.07(2m)(e)1. 1. During the closed season for hunting deer. For the purpose of this paragraph, the open season for hunting of deer includes the 24-hour period prior to the deer seasons established in s. NR 10.01 (3).
NR 10.07 Note Note: The 24-hour period refers to the period from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm on the day immediately before the season.
NR 10.07(2m)(e)2. 2. In excess of 2 gallons of bait or feed at any feeding site.
NR 10.07(2m)(e)3. 3. In excess of 2 gallons of bait or feed on each contiguous area of land under the same ownership that is 40 acres or less, or for each full 40 acres that make up a contiguous area of land under the same ownership.
NR 10.07(2m)(e)4. 4. At any feeding site that is located within 100 yards of any other feeding site located on the same contiguous area of land under the same ownership.
NR 10.07 Note Note: A person may place bait or feed for another person and may hunt over another person's bait or feed site if the person placing the bait is in compliance with s. NR 10.07 (2) and (2m).
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