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Register July 2018 No. 751
Chapter NR 19
Subchapter I — Miscellaneous
NR 19.001   Definitions.
NR 19.01   Approval deadlines.
NR 19.02   Handling fees for certain approvals.
NR 19.025   Waivers for an educational recreational activity.
NR 19.03   Control of muskrats on cranberry marshes.
NR 19.05   Release, importation and transportation of fish.
NR 19.055   Drainage of water from boats and equipment required.
NR 19.057   Bait dealer's wild harvest permit required; criteria; records required.
NR 19.058   Sport trolling.
NR 19.06   Fish nets and traps.
NR 19.09   Wild rice conservation.
NR 19.11   Scientific collectors permits and scientific research licenses.
NR 19.115   Fish, fur, game seals.
NR 19.12   Tagging the carcasses of wild animals, birds and fish taken on Indian reservations.
NR 19.13   Animals killed by motor vehicles.
NR 19.25   Wild animal protection.
NR 19.26   Season and restrictions for taking frogs.
NR 19.27   Seasons, limits, restrictions on taking crayfish.
NR 19.275   Turtles.
NR 19.28   Taxidermy.
NR 19.30   Criminal history checks; volunteer instructors.
NR 19.40   Department authority to void local hunting, fishing and trapping ordinances.
NR 19.50   All-terrain vehicle and bowhunter, snowmobile and hunter education program fee.
NR 19.51   Wisconsin cooperative trapper education program fee.
NR 19.60   Feeding of wild animals.
Subchapter II — Wildlife Rehabilitation
NR 19.70   Purpose.
NR 19.71   Definitions.
NR 19.72   General wildlife rehabilitation provisions.
NR 19.73   Licenses.
NR 19.74   Application.
NR 19.75   Examination.
NR 19.76   Facility inspection.
NR 19.77   Facility standards.
NR 19.78   Care and treatment of wildlife.
NR 19.79   Infectious disease reporting and response.
NR 19.80   Record keeping and reporting.
NR 19.81   Qualifications of sponsors.
NR 19.82   Wildlife rehabilitation advisory council.
NR 19.83   Additional conditions.
NR 19.84   Modifications.
NR 19.85   Disclaimer.
Subchapter III — Permitting the Use of Natural Bodies of Water as Fish Farms
NR 19.90   Purpose and applicability.
NR 19.91   Definitions.
NR 19.92   Natural body of water permit application fees.
NR 19.93   Applicant permit procedures for use of natural bodies of water for fish farms.
NR 19.94   Department determinations.
NR 19.95   Enforcement.
Ch. NR 19 Note Note: Corrections made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, January, 1999, No. 517; CR 03-029: renum. NR 19.75 through 19.84 to be NR 12.30 through 12.41 Register December 2003 No. 576, eff. 1-1-04.
subch. I of ch. NR 19 Subchapter I — Miscellaneous
NR 19.001 NR 19.001Definitions.
NR 19.001(1)(1)“Active service", for purposes of s. 29.194, Stats., means full time employment as a member of the armed services and does not include annual summer training by members of the national guard or reserves.
NR 19.001(1m) (1m)“Animal part or animal byproduct" has the meaning given in s. NR 10.001 (1r).
NR 19.001(2) (2)“Application" means a written request for any approval of a regulatory agency required as a condition of operating a business in this state completed in the form required by and acceptable to the department and accompanied by additional plans, information and the appropriate fee.
NR 19.001(3) (3)“Approval" means a license, permit or other form of approval required from the department to conduct business activities in Wisconsin.
NR 19.001(3m) (3m)“Asian carp" means bighead carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis), black carp (Mylopharyngodon piceus ), grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella), silver carp ( Hypophthalmichthys molitrix), and all other non-native carp species except common carp (Cyprinus carpio), goldfish (Carassius auratus), and koi carp (Cyprinus carpio).
NR 19.001(4) (4)“Bird feeding devices and structures" means any device or structure that has the primary purpose of attracting or feeding birds or small mammals.
NR 19.001(4m) (4m)“Business" means a building used primarily to carry out commercial activities at which regular scheduled business hours are maintained for employees and the public such as restaurants and retail stores, but does not include associated lands, warehouses, outbuildings or other buildings that are not normally open to the public.
NR 19.001(5) (5)“Carcass" means the dead body of any animal including the head, hair, skin, plumage, skeleton, eggs, or any other part thereof.
NR 19.001 Note Note: Milk is not considered to be a part of an animal carcass or an animal byproduct for the purposes of this chapter.
NR 19.001(5m) (5m)“Daily bag limit" as used in s. NR 19.275, means the maximum number of a turtle species or group of turtle species which may be taken by a person each day.
NR 19.001(6) (6)“Environmental consulting organization" means an individual or consortium of individuals funded to provide consulting services including status assessment of wild animals and their habitats.
NR 19.001(6d) (6d)“Feed" has the meaning given in s. NR 10.001 (10).
NR 19.001(6h) (6h)“Feeding site" has the meaning given in s. NR 10.001 (10c).
NR 19.001(6m) (6m)“Fish, fur, game seal" or “seal" means a numbered, non-reusable, locking device bearing the embossed inscription Fish, Fur, Game F-(number) which is issued by the department.
NR 19.001(7) (7)“File" or “filed" means receipt by the department of a written notice, verified claim or other document.
NR 19.001(7m) (7m)“Hooking", as used in s. NR 19.275, means any activity which utilizes a dull-pointed, metal, barbless hook attached to a staff to remove a turtle from a body of water.
NR 19.001(8) (8)“In the process of being mounted" means, for the purposes of the sale of part or all of a private collection, as authorized by s. 29.354, Stats., a physical process which includes taxidermy work accomplished on the carcass, including at least removal of the skin.
NR 19.001(8g) (8g)“Live fish" means, for purposes of this chapter, any fish possessed by a person that is handled or treated in a manner that will keep it alive, such as keeping it in water, or that is revived by placement back into water. “Live fish" includes any minnow that is possessed by a person for use as bait and that dies while the person who possesses it is on the water, bank or shore for the purpose of fishing, but only until the minnow is transported away from water, bank or shore where it died.
NR 19.001(8r) (8r)“Live fish eggs" means, for purposes of this chapter, fertilized or unfertilized fish eggs that are handled or treated in a manner likely to keep them alive or viable for the purpose of propagation.
NR 19.001(9) (9)“Maintain records" means, for the purpose of s. 29.503 (5), Stats., to legibly prepare triplicate records and retain at least one copy of each record at the place of business for inspection purposes.
NR 19.001(10) (10)“Mount", “mounted", or “mounting" means, for the purposes of ss. 29.354 (3) and 29.506 (1), Stats., and this section, to prepare and preserve the head, skin or carcass in a lifelike manner.
NR 19.001(11) (11)“Natural resources", for purposes of s. 23.095, Stats., includes wild rice growing in navigable lakes.
NR 19.001(12) (12)“Navigable lake", for the purpose of interpreting s. 29.607, Stats., means a natural navigable lake or a flowage or pond, or portion of a flowage or pond, where the bed is in town, county, city, village, state or federal ownership.
NR 19.001(12e) (12e)“Owner-occupied residence" for the purpose of this section means a dwelling or building devoted to human occupancy when used while feeding deer as a residence by the owner, members of the owner's immediate family, or when used as a residence by individuals as a rental property while feeding deer.
NR 19.001(12m) (12m)“Possession limit" as used in s. NR 19.275, means the maximum number of a turtle species or group of turtle species which may be possessed by a person at any time.
NR 19.001(13) (13)“Private collection" means, for the purposes of s. 29.354, Stats.:
NR 19.001(13)(a) (a) A privately owned collection mounted for the purpose of display, exhibition or personal use and does not include wild animals mounted for the purpose of sale. In determining whether a wild animal was mounted for the purpose of sale, at a minimum, factors to be considered are the intent of the owner at the time of mounting, the length of time from mounting to sale, display or use of the mounted wild animal prior to sale, frequency of such sales by the owner and the reasons provided by the owner for the sale. This does not preclude the ultimate sale of a mount from a private collection.
NR 19.001(13)(b) (b) A mounted collection sold upon the death of the owner.
NR 19.001(13m) (13m)“Preserve" means, for the purposes of s. 29.506 (1), Stats., and this chapter, to treat or process the carcass of a wild animal to prevent the carcass from decaying or spoiling for the purpose of mounting the carcass or parts of the carcass in a lifelike manner.
NR 19.001(14) (14)“Protected wild animals" means those animals for which a closed season, bag limit, size limit or possession limit has been provided by statute or administrative rule, and includes:
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