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NR 19.001(6h) (6h)“Feeding site" has the meaning given in s. NR 10.001 (10c).
NR 19.001(6m) (6m)“Fish, fur, game seal" or “seal" means a numbered, non-reusable, locking device bearing the embossed inscription Fish, Fur, Game F-(number) which is issued by the department.
NR 19.001(7) (7)“File" or “filed" means receipt by the department of a written notice, verified claim or other document.
NR 19.001(7m) (7m)“Hooking", as used in s. NR 19.275, means any activity which utilizes a dull-pointed, metal, barbless hook attached to a staff to remove a turtle from a body of water.
NR 19.001(8) (8)“In the process of being mounted" means, for the purposes of the sale of part or all of a private collection, as authorized by s. 29.354, Stats., a physical process which includes taxidermy work accomplished on the carcass, including at least removal of the skin.
NR 19.001(8g) (8g)“Live fish" means, for purposes of this chapter, any fish possessed by a person that is handled or treated in a manner that will keep it alive, such as keeping it in water, or that is revived by placement back into water. “Live fish" includes any minnow that is possessed by a person for use as bait and that dies while the person who possesses it is on the water, bank or shore for the purpose of fishing, but only until the minnow is transported away from water, bank or shore where it died.
NR 19.001(8r) (8r)“Live fish eggs" means, for purposes of this chapter, fertilized or unfertilized fish eggs that are handled or treated in a manner likely to keep them alive or viable for the purpose of propagation.
NR 19.001(9) (9)“Maintain records" means, for the purpose of s. 29.503 (5), Stats., to legibly prepare triplicate records and retain at least one copy of each record at the place of business for inspection purposes.
NR 19.001(10) (10)“Mount", “mounted", or “mounting" means, for the purposes of ss. 29.354 (3) and 29.506 (1), Stats., and this section, to prepare and preserve the head, skin or carcass in a lifelike manner.
NR 19.001(11) (11)“Natural resources", for purposes of s. 23.095, Stats., includes wild rice growing in navigable lakes.
NR 19.001(12) (12)“Navigable lake", for the purpose of interpreting s. 29.607, Stats., means a natural navigable lake or a flowage or pond, or portion of a flowage or pond, where the bed is in town, county, city, village, state or federal ownership.
NR 19.001(12e) (12e)“Owner-occupied residence" for the purpose of this section means a dwelling or building devoted to human occupancy when used while feeding deer as a residence by the owner, members of the owner's immediate family, or when used as a residence by individuals as a rental property while feeding deer.
NR 19.001(12m) (12m)“Possession limit" as used in s. NR 19.275, means the maximum number of a turtle species or group of turtle species which may be possessed by a person at any time.
NR 19.001(13) (13)“Private collection" means, for the purposes of s. 29.354, Stats.:
NR 19.001(13)(a) (a) A privately owned collection mounted for the purpose of display, exhibition or personal use and does not include wild animals mounted for the purpose of sale. In determining whether a wild animal was mounted for the purpose of sale, at a minimum, factors to be considered are the intent of the owner at the time of mounting, the length of time from mounting to sale, display or use of the mounted wild animal prior to sale, frequency of such sales by the owner and the reasons provided by the owner for the sale. This does not preclude the ultimate sale of a mount from a private collection.
NR 19.001(13)(b) (b) A mounted collection sold upon the death of the owner.
NR 19.001(13m) (13m)“Preserve" means, for the purposes of s. 29.506 (1), Stats., and this chapter, to treat or process the carcass of a wild animal to prevent the carcass from decaying or spoiling for the purpose of mounting the carcass or parts of the carcass in a lifelike manner.
NR 19.001(14) (14)“Protected wild animals" means those animals for which a closed season, bag limit, size limit or possession limit has been provided by statute or administrative rule, and includes:
NR 19.001(14)(a) (a) Nongame species unless specifically designated as unprotected by the department;
NR 19.001(14)(b) (b) Game fish, game animals, game birds and fur bearing animals during closed seasons;
NR 19.001(14)(c) (c) Endangered and threatened species listed in ch. NR 27.
NR 19.001(15) (15)“Records" means, for the purpose of s. 29.506 (7) (b), Stats., the taxidermist permit, sales forms, information records, records of deliveries and shipments, and the identification tag as described in s. 29.506 (5) (b), Stats.
NR 19.001(15m) (15m)“Small mammals" mean all mammals other than bear, deer and elk.
NR 19.001(16) (16)“Stationed", for purposes of s. 29.194, Stats., means residing in Wisconsin in compliance with military orders.
NR 19.001(16m) (16m)“Turtle", as used in this chapter, means a reptile having horny, toothless jaws and a body enclosed in a bony or leathery shell into which the head, limbs and tail may be partially or fully withdrawn, and includes parts of turtles and turtle eggs.
NR 19.001(17) (17)“Unprotected wild animals" means those animals for which no closed season, bag limit, size limit or possession limit has been provided by statute or administrative rule.
NR 19.001(18) (18)“Verified" means to confirm or establish by oath, normally in the form of a notarized statement.
NR 19.001(19) (19)“Wild animal" means any mammal, bird, fish, or other creature of a wild nature endowed with sensation and the power of voluntary motion.
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NR 19.01 NR 19.01 Approval deadlines.
NR 19.01(1)(1)General. Upon receipt of an application for an approval required to conduct business activities under ch. 29, Stats., ss. 30.50 to 30.54, 350.12 and 350.125, Stats., the department shall review and issue a decision on the application within 10 business days unless a different period is otherwise provided in subs. (2) to (6) or other statutes or rules.
NR 19.01(2) (2)Specific approval deadlines. The following approvals will be acted on as follows: - See PDF for table PDF
NR 19.01(2m) (2m)Approval to remove wild animals causing damage. Permits to remove wild animals causing damage shall be issued within 48 hours of receipt of a written complaint. Permits may be granted orally, but shall be confirmed in writing by the department.
NR 19.01(3) (3)Standards and conditions. If the department requires standards or conditions to be met or complied with prior to issuance of an approval, the time periods for issuing an approval do not begin to run until the applicant has met such standards or conditions as determined by the department.
NR 19.01 Note Example: An applicant for a wildlife exhibit, game, bird and animal farm, or deer farm license is required to meet pen specifications or fencing requirements before the time system for issuance of approvals begins to apply.
NR 19.01(4) (4)Wildlife surveys. If a survey of wildlife on the property is required, the time periods for issuing an approval do not apply until completion of that survey. The survey shall be completed within 30 business days from the time of year that, in the opinion of a professional department wildlife manager, is optimum for determining accurate wildlife populations. At the time the application is received, the department shall inform the applicant of the date by which the survey will be completed.
NR 19.01(5) (5)Environmental impact. If an environmental analysis, environmental impact report or environmental impact statement is required under ss. 1.11 and 23.11 (5), Stats., and ch. NR 150, the time periods for issuing an approval do not apply until ss. 1.11 and 23.11 (5), Stats., and ch. NR 150 have been complied with.
NR 19.01(6) (6)Other approvals. The time for an approval for an activity under sub. (1) will not begin to run until other approvals for that activity are obtained.
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NR 19.02 NR 19.02 Handling fees for certain approvals.
NR 19.02(1)(1)Purpose. This section establishes and describes handling fees which may be charged for processing requests for approvals ordered by mail, telephone or electronic means.
NR 19.02(2) (2)Applicability. The provisions of this section apply to licenses, permits, stamps and other approvals issued under the authority of ch. 29, Stats., and offered by the department under extended issuance options and ordered by mail, telephone, or electronic means.
NR 19.02(3) (3)Definitions. As used in this section:
NR 19.02(3)(a) (a) “Approval" has the meaning in s. 29.001 (12), Stats.
NR 19.02(3)(b) (b) “Department" means the department of natural resources.
NR 19.02(3)(c) (c) “Extended issuance options" means the ability to obtain an approval in person and by mail, telephone or electronic means.
NR 19.02(3)(d) (d) “Order" means a single request from a person for an approval or approvals.
NR 19.02(4) (4)Fee for handling applications for certain approvals.
NR 19.02(4)(a)(a) In addition to the obligation to pay all fees imposed under s. 29.563, Stats., a person who orders an approval by mail, telephone or electronic means is required to pay a handling fee established in accordance with this section for each order.
NR 19.02(4)(b) (b) The handling fee for each order shall be established by the department based upon projected mailing costs, credit transaction fees, credit verification fees, personnel costs, telecommunications costs and lock box charges associated with processing the order and may not exceed $5.00 per order.
NR 19.02(4)(c) (c) The handling fee under this section shall be established consistent with par. (b) annually prior to April 1 by the secretary of the department.
NR 19.02(4)(d) (d) An order submitted by mail, telephone, or electronic means without payment of all associated fees required under s. 29.563, Stats., and the handling fee in a manner acceptable by the department is not a complete application for the approval and the order will be returned.
NR 19.02(4)(e) (e) If an application for an approval is denied, the handling fee is not refundable.
NR 19.02 History History: Cr. Register, July, 1996, No. 487, eff. 8-1-96; CR 04-020: am (2) and (3) (c) Register August 2004 No. 584, eff. 9-1-04; CR 05-086: am. (4) (b) Register June 2006 No. 606, eff. 7-1-06.
NR 19.025 NR 19.025Waivers for an educational outdoor skills activity.
NR 19.025(1)(1)Purpose. This section contains rules for the procedures required to apply to the department for a waiver of approvals, applicable fees and other requirements pursuant to s. 29.197 (2) and (5), Stats., for an educational outdoor skills activity that is sponsored or approved by the department. It further explains the reasonable conditions, limitations and restrictions that will be necessary to allow for approval of the waiver.
NR 19.025(2) (2)Definitions. As used in this section:
NR 19.025(2)(a) (a) “Accompany" means be in immediate presence of the novice participant.
NR 19.025(2)(b) (b) “Educational outdoor skills activity" means a course to teach novice participants how to hunt, trap or fish.
NR 19.025(2)(c) (c) “Mentor" means a person who is instructing or assisting with teaching of the educational outdoor skills activity.
NR 19.025(2)(d) (d) “Novice participant" for fishing means any person who is 5 years of age or older who has less than 2 years of fishing experience.
NR 19.025(2)(e) (e) “Substantial loss of revenue" means a loss of fishing, trapping and hunting license fees from persons who are not novice participants.
NR 19.025(3) (3)General; conditions, limitations and restrictions.
NR 19.025(3)(a)(a) An applicant shall submit a request for a waiver at least 30 days prior to a hunting or trapping educational outdoor skills activity and 15 days before a fishing educational outdoor skills activity. The department may waive the 15 day period for fishing educational outdoor skills activities when the department determines it is not required to conduct criminal history, character or background checks. All applications shall be submitted on forms provided by the department.
NR 19.025(3)(b) (b) A written course outline shall be submitted along with the request for waiver for approval by the department.
NR 19.025(3)(c) (c) There shall be a minimum of 4 hours of classroom and field instruction prior to the hunting or fishing educational outdoor skills activity.
NR 19.025(3)(dm) (dm) If there are more novice participant applicants for a specific educational outdoor skills activity event or location than the department or applicant sponsoring the educational outdoor skills activity is able to accommodate, the department may select which of the novice participant applicants will be allowed to participate. When making this selection, the department shall give preference to those novice participant applicants who have had the least previous exposure, as determined by the department, to that recreational activity or the least opportunity to accompany others and learn about that recreational activity.
NR 19.025(3)(e) (e) Where applicable, written authorization from the host landowner shall be obtained and submitted with the application. It shall include the legal description of the lands on which the educational outdoor skills activity will be conducted. If department lands are to be used, the written approval of the property manager shall be obtained.
NR 19.025(3)(f) (f) Unless otherwise approved, the novice participants and mentors participating in the educational outdoor skills activity shall comply with all natural resource rules and regulations.
NR 19.025(3)(g) (g) Waivers may not be issued that allow for the shooting of wild animals or the catching of fish by a mentor or instructor.
NR 19.025(3)(h) (h) Novice participants may not be charged a fee which exceeds the costs of materials used in the course, equipment rental, meals and overnight accommodations.
NR 19.025(3)(i) (i) Upon receipt of information indicating prior illegal activity relevant to a mentor's ability to properly assist or instruct novice participants, the department may make appropriate inquiry into criminal history, character and background of mentoring applicants and determine their suitability for the proposed educational outdoor skills activity.
NR 19.025(3)(j) (j) One of the mentors shall carry the department approved waiver with list of participants during the educational recreational activity.
NR 19.025(3)(k) (k) Waivers under this section shall only apply to novice participants.
NR 19.025(3)(L) (L) The waiver of the approval and applicable fees will not result in a substantial loss of revenue to the department.
NR 19.025 Note Note: Applications may be obtained from any department office.
NR 19.025(4) (4)Special hunting conditions, limitations and restrictions.
NR 19.025(4)(a)(a) During the field portion of the hunting activity a mentor shall accompany a novice participant.
NR 19.025(4)(b) (b) During hunting skills field activities the area shall be posted with a sign advising of the activity.
NR 19.025(4)(c) (c) At least one mentor shall be a certified hunter education instructor.
NR 19.025(4)(d) (d) Mentors shall have at least 5 years of hunting experience.
NR 19.025(5) (5)Special fishing conditions, limitations and restrictions.
NR 19.025(5)(a)(a) Except as provided in par. (b) or if exempt from the requirement to possess a fishing approval under s. 29.197 (3) or 29.219 (1), Stats., the applicant, instructors and mentors shall possess a valid fishing approval.
NR 19.025(5)(b) (b) Non-licensed mentors may be involved with assisting but will need approvals if they take part in the actual fishing activity unless they are enrolled as a novice participant.
NR 19.025(6) (6)State parks. Waivers may be issued that allow the following activities in state parks:
NR 19.025(6)(a) (a) Possession of loaded and uncased firearms.
NR 19.025(6)(b) (b) Possession of strung and uncased bows.
NR 19.025(6)(c) (c) Hunting or trapping on properties opened for the hunting of these species under s. 29.089 (1m), Stats.
NR 19.025(6)(d) (d) Use of unleashed dogs.
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