Register January 2016 No. 721
Chapter PI 11
Regression Formula for Calculating Significant Discrepancy Scores
Information needed for Calculation:
IQ/Ability Score   =       SD of IQ/Cognitive Test =     (SDi)
Achievement Score   =       SD of Achievement Test =     (SDa)
            Correlation between tests =   0.   (r)*
- See PDF for diagram PDFExpected Achievement = (SDa/SDi)r(IQ-100)+100 = ______
Discrepancy = Expected Achievement - Obtained Achievement Score       =
- See PDF for diagram PDF - See PDF for diagram PDFSD Discrepancy = SDa 1-r2                 =
- See PDF for diagram PDFCut-off:
Discrepancy / SD Discrepancy =
If number is greater than 1.75, there is a significant discrepancy between achievement and ability scores
* If correlation between tests is unknown, use .62
When the test publisher provides tables for significant differences between ability and achievement scores (such as with the Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children- 3 and the Weschler Individual Achievement Test), these tables may be used in lieu of this formula. Cut-offs should be derived using a 1.75 Standard Error of Estimate (SEe) criterion so that the difference between expected and obtained scores in the bottom 4% of the distribution meet the standard for a significant discrepancy (i.e. 1.75 SEe units below the expected score).
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