PI 34.055 PI 34.055American Indian language license.
PI 34.055(1)(1)Authorization. A license issued under this section authorizes the license holder to teach one of the following languages in an American Indian language program:
PI 34.055(1)(a) (a) Ojibwe.
PI 34.055(1)(b) (b) Hocak.
PI 34.055(1)(c) (c) Menominee.
PI 34.055(1)(d) (d) Oneida.
PI 34.055(1)(e) (e) Potawatomi.
PI 34.055(1)(f) (f) Mohican.
PI 34.055(2) (2) Eligibility. The state superintendent may issue a license under this section to an applicant who meets all of the following requirements:
PI 34.055(2)(am) (am) The applicant holds or is eligible to hold a teaching license.
PI 34.055(2)(bm) (bm) The applicant is recommended for a license under this section by the employing school district administrator or the employing administrator of an alternative school.
PI 34.055(2)(cm) (cm) The applicant is certified to be competent in the associated American Indian language. The certification under this paragraph shall be made by one of the following entities, as determined by the associated tribal government:
PI 34.055(2)(cm)1. 1. The tribal council.
PI 34.055(2)(cm)2. 2. The tribal language division.
PI 34.055(2)(cm)3. 3. The local American Indian parent advisory committee.
PI 34.055 History History: CR 17-093: cr. Register July 2018 No. 751, eff. 8-1-18; CR 19-034: am. (2) (intro.), r. (2) (a) (intro.), renum. (2) (a) 1., 2., 3. to (2) (am), (bm), (cm), renum. (2) (b) to PI 34.0387 (2) Register February 2020 No. 770, eff. 3-1-20.
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