Register May 2019 No. 761
Chapter PSC 113
Subchapter I — General
PSC 113.01   Application of rules.
PSC 113.012   Definitions.
Subchapter II — Miscellaneous Service Requirements
PSC 113.0201   General requirement.
PSC 113.0202   Relocation of poles.
PSC 113.0203   Protection of utility facilities.
PSC 113.0204   Interference with public service structures.
PSC 113.0205   Standard voltages and utilization equipment.
PSC 113.0209   Notice to communication firms.
PSC 113.0210   Whistleblower protection.
Subchapter III — Disconnection and Reconnection of Electric Service
PSC 113.0301   Disconnections, residential.
PSC 113.0302   Disconnections, commercial and farm accounts.
PSC 113.0303   Reconnection of service.
PSC 113.0304   Cold weather disconnections.
PSC 113.0305   Customer-requested termination of service.
Subchapter IV — Electric Billing and Payment Procedures
PSC 113.0401   Schedules to be filed with commission.
PSC 113.0402   Deposits residential.
PSC 113.0403   Deposits for commercial and farm service.
PSC 113.0404   Deferred payment agreement.
PSC 113.0405   Meter readings and billing periods.
PSC 113.0406   Billing.
PSC 113.0407   Dispute procedures.
PSC 113.0408   Application for residential service.
PSC 113.0409   Application for commercial and farm service.
PSC 113.0410   Billing statement inserts.
PSC 113.0412   Limiting connected load.
Subchapter V — Customer Service and Protection
PSC 113.0501   Information available to customers.
PSC 113.0502   Planned service interruptions.
PSC 113.0503   Telephone answering time.
PSC 113.0504   Change in type of service.
PSC 113.0505   Low-income service requirements.
PSC 113.0506   Stray voltage service fees.
PSC 113.0507   Unconscionability.
PSC 113.0508   Oppressive and deceptive practices prohibited.
PSC 113.0509   Landowner easements.
PSC 113.0510   Tree trimming contacts.
PSC 113.0511   Oak tree cutting and pruning.
PSC 113.0512   Identification of potential power line natural hazards.
PSC 113.0513   Wetlands work.
Subchapter VI — Safety and Service Standards
PSC 113.0601   Standards for electric service reliability.
PSC 113.0602   Definitions.
PSC 113.0603   Recording standards.
PSC 113.0604   Annual report.
PSC 113.0605   Initial historical reliability performance report.
PSC 113.0606   Interruptions of service.
PSC 113.0607   Appropriate inspection and maintenance: system reliability.
PSC 113.0608   Emergency response.
PSC 113.0609   Customer satisfaction surveys.
PSC 113.0610   Customers' complaints.
PSC 113.0611   Employees authorized to enter customers' premises.
PSC 113.0612   Employee safety.
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