PSC 113.0409   Application for commercial and farm service.
PSC 113.0410   Billing statement inserts.
PSC 113.0412   Limiting connected load.
Subchapter V — Customer Service and Protection
PSC 113.0501   Information available to customers.
PSC 113.0502   Planned service interruptions.
PSC 113.0503   Telephone answering time.
PSC 113.0504   Change in type of service.
PSC 113.0505   Low-income service requirements.
PSC 113.0506   Stray voltage service fees.
PSC 113.0507   Unconscionability.
PSC 113.0508   Oppressive and deceptive practices prohibited.
PSC 113.0509   Landowner easements.
PSC 113.0510   Tree trimming contacts.
PSC 113.0511   Oak tree cutting and pruning.
PSC 113.0512   Identification of potential power line natural hazards.
PSC 113.0513   Wetlands work.
Subchapter VI — Safety and Service Standards
PSC 113.0601   Standards for electric service reliability.
PSC 113.0602   Definitions.
PSC 113.0603   Recording standards.
PSC 113.0604   Annual report.
PSC 113.0605   Initial historical reliability performance report.
PSC 113.0606   Interruptions of service.
PSC 113.0607   Appropriate inspection and maintenance: system reliability.
PSC 113.0608   Emergency response.
PSC 113.0609   Customer satisfaction surveys.
PSC 113.0610   Customers' complaints.
PSC 113.0611   Employees authorized to enter customers' premises.
PSC 113.0612   Employee safety.
PSC 113.0613   Maps and diagrams.
PSC 113.0614   Preservation of records.
PSC 113.0615   Inventory of conductors.
Subchapter VII — Voltage Bandwidth and Voltage Distortion Requirements
PSC 113.0701   Definitions.
PSC 113.0702   Standard and maintenance of a service voltage.
PSC 113.0703   Variations of voltage.
PSC 113.0704   Harmonics of 60 Hz voltage waves.
PSC 113.0705   Power quality diagnostic services.
PSC 113.0706   Check of standards by commission.
PSC 113.0707   Radio and television interference.
Subchapter VIII — General Customer Metering and Meter Accuracy
PSC 113.0801   Measuring energy on system.
PSC 113.0802   Measuring customer service.
PSC 113.0803   Individual electric meters required for non-transient multi-dwelling unit residential buildings, mobile home parks and for commercial establishments.
PSC 113.0804   One-point metering.
PSC 113.0805   Tamper-resistant equipment.
PSC 113.0806   Multipliers and test constants.
PSC 113.0807   Meter compensation.
PSC 113.0808   Sealing meters and service entrance equipment.
PSC 113.0809   Installation of metering equipment.
PSC 113.0810   Rental charge for metering equipment.
PSC 113.0811   Accuracy of watthour meters.
PSC 113.0812   Accuracy of demand meters.
PSC 113.0813   Requirements for instrument transformers.
PSC 113.0814   Portable indicating instruments.
PSC 113.0815   Type of instruments.
PSC 113.0816   Servicing utilization control equipment.
PSC 113.0817   Metering at point of interchange and for customers' operating generating equipment.
PSC 113.0818   Determination of average meter error.
Subchapter IX — Electric Meter Testing Programs and Record Requirements
PSC 113.0901   Testing of metering installations-general requirements.
PSC 113.0902   Testing equipment.
PSC 113.0903   Accuracy and calibration of test standards.
PSC 113.0904   Watthour calibration.
PSC 113.0905   Methods of testing watthour meters.
PSC 113.0906   Methods of testing block-interval demand registers.
PSC 113.0907   Methods of testing block-interval pulse-operated demand meters and pulse recorders.
PSC 113.0908   Methods of testing electronic (solid state) meters.
PSC 113.0909   Methods of testing electronic registers.
PSC 113.0910   Methods of testing electronic demand registers.
PSC 113.0911   Testing of self-contained single-phase meters and 3-wire network meters at fixed periodic intervals.
PSC 113.0912   Testing of self-contained polyphase meters.
PSC 113.0913   Testing of meters used with instrument transformers on single-phase service.
PSC 113.0914   Testing of polyphase electromechanical and completely solid state electronic meters used with instrument transformers at fixed periodic intervals.
PSC 113.0915   Testing of metering installations utilizing pulse devices.
PSC 113.0916   Testing of instrument transformers.
PSC 113.0917   Phase-shifting transformers and loss compensators.
PSC 113.0918   Adoption of standard by reference.
PSC 113.0919   Metering equipment records.
PSC 113.0920   Statistical sample testing plan for new self-contained single phase and 3-wire network meters.
PSC 113.0921   Statistical sample testing plan for in-service, electronic (solid state) meters and electromechanical, self-contained, single phase and 3-wire network meters.
PSC 113.0922   Customer request and commission referee tests.
PSC 113.0924   Adjustment of bills for metering inaccuracies.
PSC 113.0925   Billings for grounds.
PSC 113.0926   Metering with one meter for net energy billing.
Subchapter X — Electric Service Extension
PSC 113.1001   Purpose.
PSC 113.1002   Principles of facilities development.
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