Real estate trust accounts, interest, Ch. Adm 91
Transitional housing, Ch. Adm 87
Wis. local housing organization grant program, Ch. Adm 88
Land information program, Ch. Adm 47
Low income assistance, Ch. Adm 45
Fee, non-municipal electric utility, Ch. Adm 43
Minority business certification program, Ch. Adm 84
Motor vehicles, operation and parking on state property, Ch. Adm 1
Nuclear power plants, fee schedule, Ch. Adm 42
Payroll deductions, charitable purposes, Ch. Adm 30
Plat review fees, Ch. Adm 49
Population determination, Ch. Adm 3
Procurement requisitions, Ch. Adm 5
Public records, transfer to optical imaging, Ch. Adm 10
State buildings and facilities, Ch. Adm 2
State contracts:
Bidders list, registration fee and subscription service, Ch. Adm 9
Bidding process, Ch. Adm 8
Bids and proposals, solicitation, Ch. Adm 7
Definitions, Ch. Adm 6
Exceptions to process, Ch. Adm 8
Procurement, generally, Ch. Adm 10
Nondiscrimination, contractor compliance, Adm Ch. 50
Surplus state property, Ch. Adm 11
Veterans, disabled veteran-owned business certification program, Ch. Adm 82
Woman-owned business certification program, Ch. Adm 83
administrative procedure ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE
adoptions ADOPTIONS
Children with special needs:
State assistance, facilitation, Ch. DCF 50
Preadoption training, Ch. DCF 51
Information search and disclosure, Ch. DCF 53
State information center, Ch. DCF 49
adult and vocational education ADULT AND VOCATIONAL EDUCATION
Correspondence courses, for-profit schools, Safety and Professional Services Department — Educational Approval
advertising ADVERTISING
Auctions, Ch. SPS 123
Direct marketing, Ch. ATCP 127
Eggs, unfair practices, Ch. ATCP 88
Employment, deceptive offers, Ch. ATCP 116
Gasoline, Ch. ATCP 113
Home solicitation selling, Ch. ATCP 127
Insurance, accident and sickness, deceptive practices, Ins 3.27
Motor vehicle dealer's business sign, Trans 138.06
Outdoor, along federally funded highways, Ch. Trans 201
Price comparison advertising, Ch. ATCP 124
Real estate, Ch. ATCP 114
Universities and colleges, for-profit; unfair trade practices, Ch. SPS 405
agriculture, trade and consumer protection department _ generally AGRICULTURE, TRADE AND CONSUMER PROTECTION DEPARTMENT — GENERALLY
Administrative orders and contested cases, Ch. ATCP 1
Small business, rule enforcement discretion, ATCP 1.40 to 1.42
agriculture AGRICULTURE
Animal feed, commercial, Ch. ATCP 42
Agricultural development and promotion, Ch. ATCP 161
Animal feeding operations (CAFO), Ch. NR 243
Animal health:
Diseases and movement, Ch. ATCP 10
Dog sellers and facility operators, Ch. ATCP 16
Livestock branding, Ch. ATCP 14
Livestock markets, dealers and truckers, Ch. ATCP 12
Livestock premises registration, Ch. ATCP 17
Rabies control, local programs, Ch. ATCP 13
Wildlife disease management, NR 10.41
Buy local grant program, Ch. ATCP 161
Chemical and container collection (Clean Sweep)program, Ch. ATCP 34
Chemical cleanup program, Ch. ATCP 35
County and district fairs, Ch. ATCP 160
Dairy and dairy products:
Manufacturing facility investment credit, Ch. ATCP 163
Buttermaker's license, ATCP 69.01, 69.03
Grading and labeling, Ch. ATCP 85
Cheese, Ch. ATCP 81
Cheesemaker license, ATCP 69.02, ATCP 69.03
Advertising and labeling, Ch. ATCP 83
Milk marketing order, Ch. ATCP 144
Milk and milk products. Ch. ATCP 65
Collection, sampling, transport, Ch. ATCP 82
Contractors, Ch. ATCP 100
Distributors, Ch. ATCP 71
Laboratory certification, ATCP 77.20 to 77.24
Producers, dairy plant payments to, Ch. ATCP 100
Trade practices, Ch. ATCP 103
Drainage districts, Ch. ATCP 48
Employment, farming and agriculture: