This is a Type II action under s. PSC 4.10(2), Wis. Adm. Code. An environmental assessment was prepared to determine if an environmental impact statement is necessary under s. 1.11, Stats. It has been determined that no significant environmental impacts are likely. Therefore, an environmental impact statement is not required. Persons wishing to comment on the environmental aspects of this case should send comments to Kathy Zuelsdorff, Electric Division, Public Service Commission, P.O. Box 7854, Madison, WI 53707-7854, or call 608-266-2730. In order to be considered in this analysis, comments must be received within 20 days of the date of this notice.
Legal or procedural questions may be directed to the Examining Division, at 608-266-1261.
Other questions regarding this matter may be directed to James D. Loock, Chief Engineer, at 608-266-3165 or Leon Swerin, Legal Counsel, at 608-267-3589 of the Public Service Commission.
Notice of Submission of Proposed Rules to the Presiding Officer of each House of the Legislature, Under S. 227.19, Stats.
Please check the Bulletin of Proceedings for further information on a particular rule.
Administration (CR 97-102):
Ch. Adm 2 - Relating to the use of state buildings and facilities.
Commerce (CR 97-93):
Chs. Comm 18 and 82 - Relating to elevators and mechanical lifting devices.
Corrections (CR 97-106):
Ch. DOC 310 - Relating to the inmate complaint review system.
Employment Relations (CR 97-142):
SS. ER 18.02, 18.03 and 18.15 - Relating to annual leave, sick leave credits, the adjustment of sick leave balances for state employes and catastophic leave.
Transportation (CR 97-107):
S. Trans 201.15 - Relating to erecting outdoor advertising signs where messages may be changed by electronic process.
Transportation (CR 97-139):
S. Trans 276.07 (15) and (31) - Relating to allowing the operation of “double bottoms” (and certain other vehicles) on certain specified highways.
Administrative Rules Filed With The
Revisor Of Statutes Bureau
The following administrative rules have been filed with the Revisor of Statutes Bureau and are in the process of being published. The date assigned to each rule is the projected effective date. It is possible that the publication of these rules could be delayed. Contact the Revisor of Statutes Bureau at (608) 266-7275 for updated information on the effective dates for the listed rules.
Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection (CR 97-43):
An order creating ss. ATCP 31.03 and 31.08, relating to standards for repealing site-specific prohibitions against the use of pesticides found in groundwater.
Effective 02-01-98.
Insurance, Commissioner of (CR 96-192):
An order creating s. Ins 2.80, relating to valuation of reserve liabilities for life insurance.
Effective 03-01-98.
Natural Resources (CR 97-78):
An order amending s. NR 101.13 (2), relating to the wastewater fee program.
Effective 02-01-98.
Natural Resources (CR 97-87):
An order affecting s. NR 182.04 and chs. NR 590 and 600 to 690, relating to hazardous waste management.
Effective 03-01-98.
Regulation & Licensing (CR 97-101):
An order affecting ss. RL 17.02, 17.03 and 17.12, relating to the employment of personal assistants by real estate salespeople and broker-employes.
Effective 02-01-98.
Regulation & Licensing (CR 97-110):
An order affecting chs. RL 80 to 87, relating to the regulation of certified and licensed appraisers.
Effective 02-01-98.
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