Hearing & Speech Examining Board (CR 98-12):
Chs. HAS 1 to 7 - Relating to hearing instrument specialists.
Natural Resources (CR 98-25):
Ch. NR 166 - Relating to the safe drinking water loan program.
Regulation & Licensing (CR 98-8):
Chs. RL 11 to 13, 16 to 18 and 22 to 26 - Relating to real estate brokers and real estate salespeople.
Administrative Rules Filed With The
Revisor Of Statutes Bureau
The following administrative rules have been filed with the Revisor of Statutes Bureau and are in the process of being published. The date assigned to each rule is the projected effective date. It is possible that the publication of these rules could be delayed. Contact the Revisor of Statutes Bureau at (608) 266-7275 for updated information on the effective dates for the listed rules.
Corrections (CR 97-30):
An order repealing and recreating ch. DOC 311, relating to the placement of inmates in observation status for mental or medical health reasons.
Effective 06-01-98.
Natural Resources (CR 96-113):
An order affecting ss. NR 103.02, 103.06, 103.07, 103.08, 299.05 and 504.04, relating to water quality standards for wetlands, water quality certification and landfill location, performance, design and construction criteria.
Effective 06-01-98.
Natural Resources (CR 97-57):
An order affecting ss. NR 182.07, 182.075, 182.08 and 182.14, relating to regulation of groundwater quality at metallic mining sites.
Effective 06-01-98.
Natural Resources (CR 97-123):
An order amending s. NR 20.13 (2) (a) and (c), relating to ice fishing shelters.
Effective 07-01-98.
Natural Resources (CR 97-153):
An order creating ch. NR 47, subch. VIII, relating to the forest fire protection grant program.
Effective 06-01-98.
Regulation & Licensing (CR 97-118):
An order affecting chs. RL 70 to 73, relating to the certification and regulation of acupuncturists.
Effective 06-01-98.
Tourism (CR 97-155):
An order affecting ss. Tour 1.02, 1.03 and 1.05, relating to the joint effort marketing program.
Effective 07-01-98.
rules_published Rules Published In This Wis. Adm. Register
The following administrative rule orders have been adopted and published in the April 30, 1998 Wisconsin Administrative Register. Copies of these rules are sent to subscribers of the complete Wisconsin Administrative Code, and also to the subscribers of the specific affected Code.
For subscription information, contact Document Sales at (608) 266-3358.
Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection (CR 97-113):
An order affecting ch. ATCP 30 Appendix A and s. ATCP 30.31, relating to atrazine use restrictions.
Effective 05-01-98.
Commerce (CR 97-93):
An order affecting chs. Comm 18 and ILHR 51 and ss. Comm 82.33 and 82.36 and ILHR 50.12 and 55.20, relating to the design and construction of elevators and other mechanical lifting devices.
Effective 05-01-98.
Commerce (CR 97-156):
An order amending s. Comm 108.21 (1) (f), relating to emergency grant funding under the community development block grant program.
Effective 05-01-98.
Corrections (CR 97-106):
An order affecting ch. DOC 310, relating to the inmate complaint review system.
Effective 05-01-98.
Elections Board (CR 96-106):
An order creating s. ElBd 1.855, relating to contributions from conduit accounts.
Effective 05-01-98.
Elections Board (CR 96-107):
An order creating s. ElBd 1.30 (3), relating to political parties' maintenance of exempt status in campaign finance report filing, notwithstanding receipt of party dues in excess of $100.
Effective 05-01-98.
Elections Board (CR 96-108):
An order creating s. ElBd 1.655 (1) (bm) and (5), relating to identification of the source of communications in polls and surveys conducted for political purposes.
Effective 05-01-98.
Elections Board (CR 96-109):
An order amending s. ElBd 1.85 (1) and (4), relating to conduit registration and reporting requirements.
Effective 05-01-98.
Financial Institutions--Securities (CR 97-148):
An order repealing ss. DFI-Sec 7.01 (6), 27.01 (5) and 35.01 (4), relating to Division photocopying fee charges.
Effective 05-01-98.
Natural Resources (CR 96-169):
An order creating s. NR 27.07, relating to notice of receipt of an application to incidentally take an endangered or threatened species.
Effective 05-01-98.
Transportation (CR 97-107):
An order repealing and recreating s. Trans 201.15, relating to erecting outdoor advertising signs where messages may be changed by electronic process.
Effective 05-01-98.
Transportation (CR 97-116):
An order creating s. Trans 261.155, relating to multiple trip mobile home permits.
Effective 05-01-98.
Transportation (CR 97-144):
An order affecting ch. Trans 302, relating to vehicle marking.
Effective 05-01-98.
Veterans Affairs (CR 97-147):
An order repealing and recreating ch. VA 12, relating to the personal loan program.
Effective 05-01-98.
Sections Affected by Rule Revisions and Corrections
The following administrative rule revisions and corrections have taken place in April, 1998, and will be effective May 1, 1998. For additional information, contact the Revisor of Statutes Bureau at (608) 266-7275.
Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection:
Links to Admin. Code and Statutes in this Register are to current versions, which may not be the version that was referred to in the original published document.