An order affecting s. ETF 41.02, relating to long-term care insurance.
Effective 08-01-98.
Financial Institutions (CR 98-4):
An order affecting ss. S-L 13.03 and DFI-SL 13.03 (3) (d) 6., relating to creating an exception for savings and loan associations to the 10% down payment requirement for mortgage loan made to meet the objectives of the federal Community Reinvestment Act.
Effective 08-01-98.
Health & Family Services (CR 97-98):
An order repealing and recreating ch. HFS 139, relating to qualifications of public health professionals employed by local health departments.
Effective 08-01-98.
Health & Family Services (CR 97-132):
An order creating ch. HFS 140, relating to required services of local health departments.
Effective 08-01-98.
Health & Family Services (CR 97-135):
An order creating ch. HFS 173, relating to regulation of tattooists and tattoo establishments and regulation of body piercers and body-piercing establishments.
Effective 08-01-98.
Health & Family Services (CR 98-46):
An order amending ss. HFS 149.02 (6) and 149.03 (7) (a), relating to vendor authorization expiration and reauthorization dates under the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC).
Effective 08-01-98.
Hearing & Speech Examining Board (CR 98-12):
An order affecting chs. HAS 1 to 7, relating to hearing instrument specialists.
Effective 08-01-98.
Natural Resources (CR 97-140):
An order affecting ss. NR 10.001 and 10.102, relating to bear hunting.
Effective 08-01-98.
Natural Resources (CR 97-151):
An order affecting ss. NR 10.01, 10.104, 10.27 and 10.28, relating to deer hunting and bonus antlerless deer permits.
Effective 08-01-98.
Natural Resources (CR 98-25):
An order creating ch. NR 166, relating to the safe drinking water loan program.
Effective 08-01-98.
Public Instruction (CR 98-10):
An order creating ch. PI 36, relating to full-time and part-time open enrollment.
Effective 08-01-98.
Public Instruction (CR 98-11):
An order affecting ch. PI 40, relating to the youth options program.
Effective 08-01-98.
Regulation & Licensing (CR 98-8):
An order affecting chs. RL 11 to 13, 16 to 18 and 22 to 26, relating to real estate brokers and real estate salespeople.
Effective 08-01-98.
Transportation (CR 98-40):
An order amending s. Trans 276.07 (31), relating to allowing the operation of “double bottoms” (and certain other vehicles) on certain specified highways.
Effective 08-01-98.
Veterans Affairs (CR 98-37):
An order affecting chs. VA 1 to 4, 11 and 13, relating to the health care aid grant, retraining grant, primary mortgage loan, economic assistance loan, consumer loan and veterans assistance programs.
Effective 08-01-98.
Sections Affected by Rule Revisions and Corrections
The following administrative rule revisions and corrections have taken place in July, 1998, and will be effective August 1, 1998. For additional information, contact the Revisor of Statutes Bureau at (608) 266-7275.
Financial Resources for Businesses & Communities, Chs. Comm 105-128
Ch. Comm 110 (entire chapter)
Employe Trust Funds:
Ch. ETF 41
S. ETF 41.02 (4) and (5)
Financial Institutions
Savings Institutions (Savings and Loan)
Ch. DFI-SL 13
S. DFI-SL 13.03 (3) (d)
Health & Family Services:
Health, Chs. HFS/HSS 110--
Ch. HFS 139 (entire chapter)
Ch. HFS 140 (entire chapter)
Ch. HFS 149
S. HFS 149.02 (6)
S. HFS 149.03 (7) (a)
Ch. HFS 173 (entire chapter)
Hearing and Speech Examining Board
Ch. HAS 1
S. HAS 1.005 (entire section)
S. HAS 1.01 (1), (2a) (a) and (b), (2m), (2n),
(3), (4), (5m), (5n) and (7)
Ch. HAS 2
S. HAS 2.01 (3) and (4)
S. HAS 2.02 (entire section)
Ch. HAS 3 (entire chapter)
Ch. HAS 4
S. HAS 4.02 (1) and (5)
S. HAS 4.03 (1)
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