Department of Transportation
Division of State Patrol, Room 551
P. O. Box 7912
Madison, WI 53707-7912
Analysis Prepared by the Wis. Dept. of Transportation
Statutory authority: ss. 85.51 and 348.25 (3)
Statutes interpreted: ss. 85.51 and 348.26 (2)
General Summary of Proposed Rule. 1997 Wis. Act 27 created s. 85.51, Stats., which permits the Division of State Patrol to charge a fee for security and traffic enforcement services provided at any public event for which an admission fee is charged for spectators if the event is organized by a private organization. Act 27 also created ss. 25.40 (1) (a) 14 and 20.395 (5) (dg), Stats., which mandate that the fees for the events and for escort services be deposited in the general fund and credited to the appropriation account, and establishes that appropriation account in s. 20.395 (5) (dg), Stats.
This proposed rule-making creates ch. Trans 320, which establishes a uniform method for calculating fees charged to event organizers and motor carrier companies for traffic enforcement and escort services provided by the State Patrol beyond the normal traffic enforcement and safety tasks performed by State Patrol Troopers and Inspectors.
Fiscal Estimate
The rule will increase revenues for providing special event security and traffic enforcement services by about $35,000 per year. The Department already collects about $75,000 per year for providing escort services for oversize and overweight loads. Since the rule incorporates the Department's existing formula for calculating escort fees, escort fee revenues should remain the same.
Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis
This proposed rule will have no adverse impact on small businesses.
Copies of Proposed Rule
Copies of the proposed rule may be obtained upon request, without cost, by writing to Loralee Brumund, Department of Transportation, Division of State Patrol, Room 551, P. O. Box 7912, Madison, WI 53707-7912, or by calling (608) 267-3622. Alternate formats of the proposed rule will be provided to individuals at their request.
Notice of Submission of Proposed Rules to the Presiding Officer of each House of the Legislature, Under S. 227.19, Stats.
Please check the Bulletin of Proceedings for further information on a particular rule.
Chiropractic Examining Board (CR 98-190):
SS. Chir 4.03 and 6.03 - Relating to the duty to evaluate and inform patients of their presenting conditions.
Health and Family Services (CR 99-113):
SS. HFS 119.07 and 119.15 - Relating to operation of the Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan (HIRSP).
Medical Examining Board (CR 99-128):
SS. Med 1.06, 1.08, 2.02 and 2.04 - Relating to computer-based examinations.
Public Service Commission (CR 98-172):
Ch. PSC 117 - Relating to establishing rules for the assignment of costs and revenues, from sales of electric capacity or electric capacity and energy by public utilities to out-of-state customers that the public utility does not have a duty to serve (opportunity sales), in setting rates for retail electric service.
Administrative Rules Filed With The
Revisor Of Statutes Bureau
The following administrative rules have been filed with the Revisor of Statutes Bureau and are in the process of being published. The date assigned to each rule is the projected effective date. It is possible that the publication of these rules could be delayed. Contact the Revisor of Statutes Bureau at (608) 266-7275 for updated information on the effective dates for the listed rules.
Employment Relations, Dept. of (CR 99-110):
An order affecting ch. ER 18 and ss. ER 1.02, 29.03 and 29.04, relating to reinstatement eligibility and restoration of sick leave for state employes, other related time periods for state personnel transactions, and minor and technical rule changes.
Effective 01-01-00.
Employment Relations--Merit Recruitment and Selection (CR 99-111):
An order affecting ss. ER-MRS 1.02, 11.03, 16.025, 16.035, 16.04, 22.11 and 34.08, relating to reinstatement eligibility and employment register expiration for state employment and minor and technical rule changes.
Effective 01-01-00.
Professional Geologists, Hydrologists and Soil Scientists Examining Board (CR 99-88):
An order creating chs. GHSS 1 to 5, relating to the licensure and regulation of professional geologists, hydrologists and soil scientists.
Effective 01-01-00.
Medical Examining Board (CR 99-1):
An order affecting ch. Med 8, relating to licensure and regulation of physician assistants.
Effective 01-01-00.
Medical Examining Board (CR 99-98):
An order affecting chs. Med 6, 13 and 21 and ss. Med 10.02 and 17.02, relating to the repeal of rules relating to the practice of podiatry.
Effective 01-01-00.
Natural Resources (CR 99-23):
An order affecting ch. NR 20 and ss. NR 21.04, 23.05, 26.26, relating to fishing regulations for inland, outlying and boundary waters and fish refuges.
Part effective 01-01-00.
Part effective 04-01-00.
Natural Resources (CR 99-47):
An order affecting chs. NR 6, 8, 50 and 64 and s. NR 60.09, relating to snowmobiles.
Effective 01-01-00.
Natural Resources (CR 99-82):
An order affecting s. NR 45.10, relating to camping and reservations on state parks, forests and other public lands and waters under the Department's jurisdiction.
Effective 01-01-00.
Natural Resources (CR 99-97):
An order affecting ss. NR 10.01, 10.06, 10.12 and 10.31, relating to the 1999 migratory game bird season.
Effective 01-01-00.
Public Notice
Public Notice
Dept. of Workforce Development
(Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)
The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD), through the Division of Economic Support, administers the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant program. As part of the TANF program, Congress created a caseload reduction credit. The credit was created to give States credit for families that have become self-sufficient and left the welfare rolls; it reduces the required work participation rate that a State must meet for a fiscal year. It reflects the reduction in the State's caseload in the prior year compared to its caseload under the Aid to Families with Dependent Children Program State Plan in effect in federal fiscal year 1995 (10/1/94-9/30/95), excluding reductions due to Federal law or to State changes in eligibility criteria.
To receive the caseload reduction credit, Wisconsin must submit data to the Administration for Children and Families, federal Department of Health and Human Services, by December 31, 1999. Under the federal regulations implementing the TANF program, 45 CFR 261.41 (a) (8), Wisconsin must certify that it has provided the public an appropriate opportunity to comment on the estimates and methodology used to determine the caseload reduction credit, that it considered the public comments it received on the methodology, and incorporated all net reductions resulting from Federal and State eligibility changes. In addition, it must include a summary of all public comments.
Opportunity for Public Comment
Through this notice the Department is announcing that the caseload reduction credit methodology is available for public comment on the Department's Website, Copies of the methodology may also be obtained by contacting Sheryl Otto, by phone at 608/261-8087 or e-mail, Comments on the methodology may be sent to Sheryl Otto, Bureau of Division-wide Services, 212 E. Washington Avenue, P.O. Box 7935, Madison, WI 53707-7935, fax 608/266-9693 or e-mail, Comments must be received by Friday, December 3, 1999.
Contact Information
For more information about the TANF caseload reduction credit methodology, write or e-mail:
Philip E. Klein
Bureau of Division-wide Services
Division of Economic Support
Department of Workforce Development
P.O. Box 7935
Madison, WI 53707-7935
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