Submittal of proposed rules to the legislature
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(CR 00-140)
Ch. DOC 302 - Relating to classification, assessment and evaluation and program review.
Health and Family Services
(CR 99-071)
Ch. HFS 58 - Relating to the eligibility of nonparent relatives of children to receive kinship care benefits to help them provide care and maintenance for the children.
Health and Family Services
(CR 01-051)
Ch. HFS 120 - Relating to the collection, analysis and dissemination of health care information.
Health and Family Services
(CR 01-052)
Ch. HFS 110 - Relating to licensing of ambulance service providers and licensing of emergency medical technicians-basic and emergency medical technicians-basic IV.
Natural Resources
(CR 01-002)
Relating to control of particulate matter emissions.
Natural Resources
(CR 01-030)
Relating to cooperating forester program and private forestry priorities for assistance.
Natural Resources
(CR 01-036)
Relating to administration of the forest crop law and the managed forest law.
Public Service Commission
(CR 01-033)
Ch. PSC 185 - Relating to adding sewerage systems.
Workforce Development
(CR 01-039)
Ch. DWD 128 - Relating to unemployment insurance requirement of ability to work and availability for work.
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