Submittal of proposed rules to the legislature
Please check the Bulletin of Proceedings - Administrative Rules for further information on a particular rule.
Accounting Examining Board
(CR 02-149)
Ch. Accy 3, relating to a new computer-based examination.
(CR 03-002)
Ch. Adm 19, relating to small cities community development block grants for housing.
Health and Family Services
(CR 03-001)
Ch. HFS 78, relating to the telecommunications assistance program for the deaf, deafblind and severely hard of hearing.
Health and Family Services
(CR 03-019)
Ch. HFS 163, relating to the abatement of lead-contaminated soil and the standards defining lead-based paint hazards.
Higher Educational Aids Board
(CR 02-148)
Ch. HEA 5, relating to the Talent Incentive Program Grant.
Natural Resources
(CR 02-097)
Chs. NR 406 and 445, relating to control of hazardous air contaminants.
Natural Resources
(CR 02-144)
Ch. NR 25, relating to smelt trawling in Green Bay.
Natural Resources
(CR 03-016)
Chs. NR 10, 12 and 45, relating to control and management of chronic wasting disease.
Natural Resources
(CR 03-017)
Chs. NR 10 and 19, relating to the regulation of baiting and feeding to control and manage chronic wasting disease.
Regulation and Licensing
(CR 02-125)
Chs. RL 140 to 142, relating to changes made as a result of 2001 Wisconsin Act 80, specifically music, art and dance therapists who practice psychotherapy.
Veterans Affairs
(CR 03-024)
Ch. VA 2, relating to the expenditure limitation for dentures under the health care aid grant program.
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