Submittal of Proposed Rules to the Legislature
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Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
A rule-making order revising chs. ATCP 10 and 12, relating to animal health fees.
Employee Trust Funds
A rule-making order that repeals ss. ETF 11.16 (2) (c), 20.14, 20.15, 20.16 and 20.18, amends ss. ETF 10.01 (7), 20.19 (2), 20.35 (3) (d) 2. and 50.50 (2) (b), repeals and recreates s. ETF 29.19 (2) (c) and creates s. ETF 20.17, relating to the purchase of credit for service.
Health and Family Services
Mgmt. & Technology & Strategic Finance, Chs. HFS 1
Community Services, Chs. HFS 30
A rule-making order revising chs. HFS 1 and 65, relating to parental payment limits for children's long term support services and family support services.
Health and Family Services
Health, Chs. HFS 110
A rule-making order revising ch. HFS 115, relating to newborn screening for congenital and metabolic disorders.
A rule-making order revising ss. Ins 17.01 and 17.28, relating to fiscal year 2009 fund fees and mediation panel fees.
A rule-making order revising ch. Trans 101, relating to the demerit point system.
A rule-making order revising ch. Trans 178, relating to the unified carrier registration system.
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