register_tocWisconsin Administrative Register No. 642
Table of Contents
Children and Families:
Licenses, Certifications and Registrations, Ch. Comm 5
Revises s. Comm 5.30, relating to building contractor registration. EmR0904
Financial Institutions — Banking:
Government Accountability Board:
Pharmacy Examining Board:
Regulation and Licensing:
Wisconsin Technical College System Board:
Employee Trust Funds:
Revises s. ETF 11.15 (4), relating to the agent for service of process upon the boards that are attached to the department.
Health Services:
Medical Assistance, Chs. DHS 101—
Revises Chs. DHS 105 and 106, relating to certification of personal care agencies under the Wisconsin Medical Assistance program.
Health, Chs. DHS 110—
Revises Ch. DHS 163, relating to certification for identification, removal and reduction of lead-based paint hazards.
Revises s. Ins 3.60, relating to disclosures for health care claim settlements and affecting small business.
Natural Resources:
Fish, Game, etc., Chs. NR 1—
Revises Chs. NR 21 and 22, relating to commercial fishing on the Wisconsin-Iowa and Wisconsin-Minnesota boundary waters.
Revises Chs. RR 1, 2, and 4 to update and clarify procedures and policies currently practiced by the Office of the Commissioner of Railroads but not codified.
Children and Families:
Family and Economic Security, Chs. DCF 101—
Early Care and Education, Chs. DCF 201—
Revises Chs. DCF 101 and 201, relating to Wisconsin Works and Wisconsin Shares disregard of temporary census income. CR 09-043
Natural Resources:
Children and Families:
Natural Resources:
Labor and Industry Review Commission:
Natural Resources:
University of Wisconsin System:
Health Services:
State of Wisconsin Medicaid Nursing Facility Payment Plan: FY 09-10
(Medical Assistance Reimbursement of Nursing Homes)
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