Chapter DHS 133
Clearinghouse Rule Number CR 16-077
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Department of Health Services will hold a public hearing to consider amendments to ch. DHS 133, relating to Home Health Agencies.
Hearing Information
Date and Time:
Thursday, January 5, 2017
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Conference Room 450 C
1 W. Wilson Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703-3445
The Department of Health Services is an equal opportunity employer and service provider. If you need accommodations because of a disability or need an interpreter or translator, or if you need this material in another language or in an alternate format, you may request assistance to participate by contacting Patricia Benesh at (608) 264-9896. You must make your request at least 7 days before the activity.
The Department of Health Services es una agencia que ofrece igualdad en las oportunidades de empleo y servicios. Si necesita algún tipo de acomodaciones debido a incapacidad o si necesita un interprete, traductor o esta información en su propio idioma o en un formato alterno, usted puede pedir asistencia para participar en los programas comunicándose con Patricia Benesh al número (608) 264-9896. Debe someter su petición por lo menos 7 días de antes de la actividad.
The Department of Health Services yog ib tus tswv hauj lwm thiab yog ib qhov chaw pab cuam uas muab vaj huam sib luag rau sawv daws. Yog koj xav tau kev pab vim muaj mob xiam oob qhab los yog xav tau ib tus neeg pab txhais lus los yog txhais ntaub ntawv, los yog koj xav tau cov ntaub ntawv no ua lwm hom lus los yog lwm hom ntawv, koj yuav tau thov kev pab uas yog hu rau Patricia Benesh ntawm (608) 264-9896. Koj yuav tsum thov qhov kev pab yam tsawg kawg 7 hnub ua ntej qhov hauj lwm ntawd.
Analysis and Text of the Rule
Analysis of the rule and the proposed rule text may be accessed at:
Fiscal Estimate-Economic Impact Analysis
The fiscal estimate and economic impact analysis for the rule may be accessed at:
Public Comments and Deadline for Submission
Comments may be submitted to the Department until January 13, 2017 by:
1. Completing and submitting a Public Comment Form to the Department Contact indicated for this rule at:
2. Submitting a comment through the Wisconsin State Legislature’s website:
3. Mailing written comments to:
Patricia Benesh
Division of Quality Assurance
P.O. Box 2969
Madison, WI 53701-2969
Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis
The proposed rule will not have an effect on small business.
Small Business Regulatory Review Coordinator
Davis Ciotola
(608) 266-1279
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