VA 2.02 (2) (title) Reimbursement application Application.
section 28.
VA 2.02 (2) is renumbered VA 2.02 (2) (a) and amended to read:
  VA 2.02 (2) (a) An application shall be submitted electronically through an online portal or manually on a form approved by the department.
  (b) It The application may be submitted through a county veterans service officer, through any other agent authorized by the department, or directly to the department, either manually or electronically.
  (c) Applications shall be received by the department or an authorized agent no later than 60 days after the starting date of the course, term, or semester for which reimbursement is requested.
  (d) Applications are considered received if all student information is completed and a physical or electronic date stamp is affixed to the application.
  (e) The school veterans coordinator shall list the completion date of the semester, the cost of tuition, other assistance received or applied for by the applicant, the number of credits enrolled in during the semester, and the semester grade point average.
  (f) Applications are considered complete when all required information has been provided and the completed application is submitted to the department manually or electronically.
  (g) Completed applications submitted more than 60 days following after the last day of the course, term, or semester for which reimbursement is requested shall be denied unless good cause can be shown for the delay in submission.
section 29.
VA 2.02 (2) (a) (Note) is created to read:
  VA 2.02 (2) (a) (Note) Note: The Veterans Education Grant Application (form WDVA 2200) may be obtained at or by request: 1-800-WIS-VETS or 2135 Rimrock Road, PO Box 7843, Madison, WI 53707-7843.
section 30.
VA 2.02 (2) (Note) is repealed.
section 31.
VA 2.02 (3) (a) is amended to read:
  VA 2.02 (3) (a) Undergraduate enrollment. Reimbursement may be made only if a representative of the educational institution, center, or school certifies that the veteran was enrolled as an undergraduate during the semester for which reimbursement is sought and that the veteran does not have an undergraduate degree.
section 32.
VA 2.02 (3) (a) (Note) is repealed.
section 33.
VA 2.02 (3) (c) is renumbered VA 2.02 (c) 1. and amended to read:
  VA 2.02 (3) (c) Veterans benefits Eligibility. 1. A veteran may not receive reimbursement for any semester or course for which he or she the veteran is eligible for or received a grant under s. 321.40, Stats., or 10 USC 2007.
  2. A veteran who fails to comply with the procedural requirements or maintain the requisite grade point average applicable to the grant or who takes any action which might that may disqualify him or her the veteran from receiving the applicable grant, is considered to still be eligible for the applicable grant for the purpose of determining whether he or she the veteran is entitled to reimbursement under this section for a subsequent semester.
section 34.
VA 2.03 (1) (intro.), (d), and (g) are amended to read:
  VA 2.03 (1) Definitions. (intro.) In this section the following terms shall have the designated meanings:
  (d) “FAO" means a school’s financial aids aid officer.
  (g) “Unearned income means the estimated amount the veteran and spouse will receive during the academic year from VA USDVA educational assistance allowance (G.I. Bill) benefits, scholarships, fellowships, grants, tuition and fee waivers, all other definite awards other than loans, including amounts paid to the veteran or to the school on behalf of the veteran for vocational rehabilitation by the VA USDVA or any other agency, income from trusts or inheritances, unemployment compensation insurance benefits, worker’s compensation, social security payments, net rentals from real estate, interest or dividend income, or other unearned income, but does not include disability compensation paid to the veteran by the VA USDVA for service-connected disabilities, armed forces disability retirement pay, or parental contributions.
section 35.
VA 2.03 (2) (b) is renumbered VA 2.03 (2) (b) 1. and amended to read:
  VA 2.03 (2) (b) Amount of grant. 1. Applicants who qualify for a retraining grant under the provisions of this section and s. 45.21, Stats., are entitled to a grant equal to their need during the grant period or the statutory maximum grant, whichever is less.
  2. Except as provided in par. (h), need shall be determined by deducting 75 percent of earned income and all unearned income to be received by the applicant during the grant period, available liquid assets in excess of $2,400 plus 6 months’ living expenses computed as set forth in s. VA 2.04 held by the applicant at the time of application and all other financial aid which that will be received by the applicant during the grant period from the amount needed during the grant period.
  3. The amount needed will be the sum of the amount shown on the standard student budget described in s. VA 2.04 for the appropriate time period and for the appropriate number of family members plus any unusual expenses reported by the applicant.
section 36.
VA 2.03 (2) (e) is amended to read:
  VA 2.03 (2) (e) Number of retraining grants. A veteran may receive only one grant in a 12-month period. A check for an additional grant may not be mailed until a year has passed since the date the check for the previous grant was mailed. No more than 2 grants may be given awarded to a veteran.
section 37.
VA 2.03 (2) (g) is renumbered VA 2.03 (2) (g) 1. and amended to read:
  VA 2.03 (2) (g) Grant payments. 1. The department may make partial grant payments to assure that the veteran continues to pursue an approved course of instruction or engage in an approved structured on –the-job on-the-job training program during the grant period.
  2. The department may require written verification from the school or the employer that the veteran is making satisfactory progress towards completion of the course of instruction or the structured on-the-job training program.
  3. If the veteran is unable to verify satisfactory progress towards completion or discontinues pursuit of the course of education or engagement in the structured on-the-job-training program, the department may cancel any unpaid portion of the grant.
section 38.
VA 2.03 (2) (k) is amended to read:
  VA 2.03 (2) (k) Other available financial assistance. The department may not provide a grant payment under this section if other financial assistance is available to meet the veteran’s needs.
section 39.
VA 2.03 (3) (a) is renumbered VA 2.03 (3) (a) (intro.) and amended to read:
  VA 2.03 (3) (a) Required information. (intro.) A grant application, including required for retraining funds shall include all of the following exhibits and supplements, shall contain information that is necessary to satisfy the department that the applicant has a qualifying need for the grant:
Documentation verifying the applicant has a period of qualifying prior employment, is enrolled in a qualifying course of instruction or is engaged in a structured on-the-job training program which that meets the requirements of s. VA 2.03 sub. (5) which will lead to gainful employment and.
Documentation verifying the applicant has become unemployed, underemployed, or received a notice of termination of employment within the year prior to the date the application is received by the department or has received a retraining grant within 13 months prior to the date the department receives an application for a second grant.
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