Wisconsin Legislature

Scope Statement SS 114-18

Status: Active

Department of Natural Resources (NR)

Administrative Code Chapter Group Affected:

Chs. NR 700-799; Environmental Protection – Investigation and Remediation of Environmental Contamination

Administrative Code Chapters Affected:

Ch. NR 700 (Revised)

Ch. NR 702 (Revised)

Ch. NR 704 (Revised)

Ch. NR 706 (Revised)

Ch. NR 708 (Revised)

Ch. NR 712 (Revised)

Ch. NR 714 (Revised)

Ch. NR 718 (Revised)

Ch. NR 720 (Revised)

Ch. NR 722 (Revised)

Ch. NR 724 (Revised)

Ch. NR 725 (Revised)

Ch. NR 726 (Revised)

Ch. NR 727 (Revised)

Ch. NR 728 (Revised)

Ch. NR 730 (Revised)

Ch. NR 732 (Revised)

Ch. NR 734 (Revised)

Ch. NR 736 (Revised)

Ch. NR 738 (Revised)

Ch. NR 746 (Revised)

Ch. NR 747 (Revised)

Ch. NR 749 (Revised)

Ch. NR 750 (Revised)

Ch. NR 754 (Revised)

Related to: Implementation of 2015 Wisconsin Act 204 and 2017 Wisconsin Act 70, contaminated sediment usability, and other changes needed to update, clarify, and promote consistency within chs. NR 700 through NR 754, Wis. Adm. Code, including, but not limited to, application of the code to contaminated sediment sites

Text: Text of SS 114-18

Date Statement Approved by Governor: November 9, 2018

Date Statement Expires Under s. 227.135 (5), Stats.: May 19, 2021

Register Entries

Date Register File
11/19/2018755A3, Statements of ScopeSS 114-18