2006 Special Committee on Applicability of Open Meetings Law to Quasi-Governmental Bodies

Membership List

001 Scope

  • The Special Committee is directed to: (a) review recent Attorney General opinions regarding the applicability of the Open Meetings Law to “quasi-governmental” bodies, such as economic development corporations, to determine whether the public policy set forth in those opinions is desirable; and (b) develop legislation to clarify the applicability of the Open Meetings Law to quasi-governmental bodies either by codifying those policies or by delineating the specific condition under which quasi-governmental bodies are subject to the Open Meetings Law.

October 18, 2006 Meeting [ Agenda | Minutes ]

December 13, 2006 Meeting

January 31, 2007 Meeting [ Agenda | Minutes ]

Proposed Report to the Joint Legislative Council (March 14, 2007)

Report to Legislature