2006 Special Committee on Placement of Sex Offenders

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  • The special committee is directed to study current policies and practices of the Department of Corrections relating to placement of persons who have been convicted of a sex offense in the community. The special committee shall also review current statutes relating to placement of sex offenders and determine whether additional statutory requirements on where such offenders may be placed would enhance public safety. The special committee shall also study the effect of placing additional statutory requirements on the ability to place offenders and the impact of additional requirements on urban and rural areas of Wisconsin.

September 14, 2006 Meeting [ Agenda | Minutes ]

November 30, 2006 Meeting [ Agenda | Minutes ]

January 4, 2007 Meeting [ Agenda | Minutes ]

February 15, 2007 Meeting [ Agenda | Minutes ]

February 23, 2007 Mail Ballot

Recommendation to the Joint Legislative Council (May 10, 2007)

Report to the Legislature