2012 Special Committee on Supervised Release and Discharge of Sexually Violent Persons

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  • The Special Committee is directed to review the current process for granting supervised release and discharging persons who have been committed as sexually violent persons under ch. 980, Stats. The committee shall: determine what level of judicial input regarding the determination whether to grant a sexually violent person supervised release or discharge from a civil commitment under ch. 980 is appropriate; review the criteria for determining whether a person is fit for supervised release and determine whether this criteria should be modified; and review the criteria for determining whether a person should be discharged from his or her civil commitment to determine whether the criteria are appropriate.

August 8, 2012 Meeting [ Agenda | Minutes ]

September 19, 2012 Meeting [ Agenda | Minutes ]

October 4, 2012 Meeting [ Minutes | Agenda ]

November 14, 2012 Meeting [ Agenda | Minutes ]

December 12, 2012 Mail Ballot

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