Records required, 183.0405
Registered offices and agents, 183.0105
Securities law, applicability, 183.1303
Series of members, managers, or limited liability company interests, 183.0504
limited partnerships LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS
limited liability partnerships LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIPS
liquefied petroleum gas LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS
Regulation, 101.16
liquor LIQUOR
lis pendens LIS PENDENS
littering LITTERING
Brule river, 30.73 (3)
Citation procedure, 345.11 (1u)
Forfeiture actions, 345.20 (2) (g)
Prohibited, 287.81
livestock LIVESTOCK
living will LIVING WILL
Generally, 154.02 to 154.15
For detailed analysis, see Declarations to Physicians
loans LOANS
For other state loans and loan programs, refer to the heading for the specific agency
lobbying LOBBYING
Auditing, 13.74
Authorizations to represent principals, 13.65
Definitions, 13.62
Enforcement of law, 13.69
Exemptions from law, 13.621
Fees for licensing and filing, 13.75
Floor of chamber restricted, 13.71
Ethics commission duties, 13.685, 19.48
Identification of legislative proposals, rules and topics lobbying for, 13.67
Influencing legislation, 946.17
Insurers, 630.10
Fee, revocation, 13.63
Suspension for failure to file, 13.68 (6)
Penalties, 13.69
Principal's expense statement, 13.68
Prohibited practices, 13.625
Purpose of act, 13.61
Records retention, 13.68 (5)
Registration statements, 13.64
Reports by lobbyists, 13.68 (4)
Restrictions, 13.66
State agencies, legislative activities, 13.695
local cultural arts districts LOCAL CULTURAL ARTS DISTRICTS
local health officials LOCAL HEALTH OFFICIALS
Generally, Ch. 251
local option LOCAL OPTION
lodges LODGES
lodging houses LODGING HOUSES
logrolling LOGROLLING
Forbidden, penalty, 13.05, 13.06
logs and logging LOGS AND LOGGING
loitering LOITERING
Newspapers allowing minors to loiter around premises, 103.30
Prostitutes, effect, 947.02 (3)
Railroad property, loitering on, 192.32
Roadway, loitering on, 346.29 (2)
long_arm statute LONG-ARM STATUTE
Generally, 801.05
long_term care programs LONG-TERM CARE PROGRAMS
loss leaders LOSS LEADERS
Outlawed, 100.30
lottery LOTTERY
See Gaming
lower wisconsin state riverway LOWER WISCONSIN STATE RIVERWAY
lumber LUMBER
lyme disease LYME DISEASE
Humans, treatment, information and research, 254.52
machines MACHINES