Project and time-share property plot, 707.215
Projects, 707.20
Promotional material, labeling of, 707.54
Purchaser's right to cancel, 707.47
Remedies and penalties, 707.57
Resales of time shares, 707.48
Secured lenders:
Foreclosure of interests, 707.28
Rights generally, 707.26
Securities law, applicability, 707.11
Special developer rights, transfer of, 707.31
Statute of limitations, tolling, 893.137
Surplus funds, disposition of, 707.36
Termination of time shares, 707.24
Estates, status of, 707.03
Units not within state, 707.59
Tort and contract liability, 707.34
Unconscionable contract, 707.06
Upkeep of units, 707.33
Use for sales purposes, 707.25
Variation by agreement, 707.05
Warranties, 707.53
Zoning and other regulation, 707.10
tires TIRES
Dumps, abatement, 289.55
title to real estate TITLE TO REAL ESTATE
tobacco TOBACCO
Attorneys general settlement:
Claims barred, agreement affirmed, 995.11
Sale of proceeds, 16.519, 16.63
Cigar manufacture, 167.22
Fire safety standards for cigarettes, 167.35
Minors, investigations of sales to, 254.916
Product manufacturers agreement with state, 995.10
Certification under agreement, 995.12
Products retailer license, 134.65
Prohibition of use:
Children, 254.92
Schools, 120.12 (20)
Restrictions on sale or gift, 134.66
Sales, unfair sales act, 100.30
Causing fires in public lodging, penalty, 97.627
Negligent handling, 941.10
Regulation in employment and public places, 101.123
Cigarette tax, 139.30 to 139.45
Tobacco products tax, 139.75 to 139.86
Use control program, 255.15
Definitions, 254.911
Youth tobacco prevention and education program, 255.10
toilets TOILETS
toll bridges and roads TOLL BRIDGES AND ROADS
torts TORTS
Actions abolished, Ch. 768
Agreements to limit or eliminate liability void, 895.447
Assumption of risk:
Defense abrogated as to employees, 895.37
Recreational activity participants, 895.525
On school grounds or in school buildings, 895.523
Condominiums, actions against, 703.25
Actions by, 877.01
Claims against, 859.45
Governmental subdivisions, actions against, notice of claim, limitation of damages, 893.80
Imprisonment, discharge, 898.01
Libel and slander, see Libel and Slander
Marital property, obligation, satisfaction, 766.55 (2) (cm)
Personal representatives may sue for, 877.01
Privacy, invasion of, 995.50
Slander of title, generally, 706.13
Statute of limitations, 893.51 to 893.59
Contribution actions, 893.92
Trespass, see Trespass
Volunteer fire company, maximum recovery level for tort actions, 893.80 (3)
Wrongful death, see Wrongful Death
Wrongful taking of personal property, limitation, 893.51
tourism department TOURISM DEPARTMENT
Appropriation, 20.380
Arts board, see Art
Creation, 15.44
Definitions, 41.01