101.73(7) (7)Issue or recognize an insignia of compliance for dwellings which conform to the modular home code.
101.73(8) (8)Biennially review the rules promulgated under this subchapter.
101.73(9) (9)Issue special orders which it deems necessary to secure compliance with this subchapter and enforce the same by all appropriate administrative and judicial proceedings.
101.73(10) (10)Prescribe and furnish to municipalities a standard building permit form for all new one- and 2-family dwellings.
101.73(11) (11)Hear petitions regarding the modular home code, rules and special orders in accordance with s. 101.02 (6) (e) to (i) and (8).
101.73(12) (12)Establish by rule a schedule of fees sufficient to defray the costs incurred under this subchapter.
101.73 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ch. SPS 316, Wis. adm. code.
101.74 101.74 Departmental powers. The department may:
101.74(1) (1)Hold hearings on any matter relating to this subchapter.
101.74(2) (2)At the request of the owner or renter enter, inspect and examine dwellings, dwelling units and premises necessary to ascertain compliance with the rules and special orders under this subchapter.
101.74(2m) (2m)Study the operation of the dwelling construction code and other laws related to the construction of dwelling units to determine their impact upon the cost of building construction and their effectiveness upon the health, safety and welfare of the occupants.
101.74(3) (3)Revise the rules under this subchapter after consultation with the uniform dwelling code council.
101.74(4) (4)Provide for or engage in the testing, approval and certification of materials, devices and methods for the manufacture or installation of modular homes.
101.74(5) (5)Collect and publish data secured from the examinations and inspections under s. 101.73 (2) and (3), and from building permits.
101.74(6) (6)Adopt rules prescribing procedures for approving new building materials, devices and methods for the manufacture or installation of modular homes for dwellings.
101.74(7) (7)Enter into reciprocal agreements with other states regarding the design, construction, inspection and labeling of modular homes where the laws or rules of other states meet the intent of the modular home code and the rules promulgated under this subchapter.
101.74 History History: 1975 c. 405; 2007 a. 11; 2015 a. 29.
101.743 101.743 Certain rules prohibited. The department may not promulgate or enforce a rule that requires any manufactured building that uses electricity for space heating to be superinsulated.
101.743 History History: 2007 a. 67.
101.745 101.745 Smoke detectors.
101.745(1)(1)Definition. The definition of smoke detector under s. 101.145 (1) (c) also applies to this section.
101.745(2) (2) Approval. A smoke detector required under this section shall bear an Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., listing mark or similar mark from an independent product safety certification organization.
101.745(3) (3) Installation. A smoke detector required under this section shall be installed according to the directions and specifications of the manufacturer.
101.745(4) (4) Requirement. The manufacturer of a modular home shall install a functional smoke detector on each floor level except the attic or storage area of each dwelling unit.
101.75 101.75 Inspections, insignia and alterations.
101.75(1)(1)Inspections and compliance. Manufacturers of modular homes shall contract with a certified independent inspection agency or the department to conduct in-plant inspections and certify compliance with this subchapter. Manufacturers shall reimburse the independent inspection agency in accordance with the terms of the contract or reimburse the department in accordance with fees established under s. 101.73 (12). All inspections shall be performed by persons certified by the department.
101.75(2) (2) Display of insignia required. All modular homes manufactured, sold for initial use or installed within this state shall display, in a manner determined by the department, the insignia issued or recognized under ss. 101.73 (7) and 101.74 (7). All modular homes bearing such insignia shall be deemed to comply with the requirements of all building ordinances and regulations of any local government except those related to zoning and siting requisites including but not limited to building setback, side and rear yard requirements and property line requirements.
101.75(3) (3) Department approval of alterations. No person shall alter an approved modular home in any way prior to or during installation without the approval of the department.
101.75(4) (4) Counterfeit insignia. No person may falsely or fraudulently make, forge, alter or counterfeit any insignia issued or recognized under ss. 101.73 (7) and 101.74 (7).
101.75 History History: 1975 c. 405; 2007 a. 11.
101.76 101.76 Municipal authority. Except as provided by s. 101.761, cities, villages, towns and counties:
101.76(1) (1)May:
101.76(1)(a) (a) With the approval of the department, exercise jurisdiction over the installation of modular homes for dwellings by passage of ordinances, provided such ordinances are in strict conformance with this subchapter and the on-site inspection is performed by persons certified by the department. Except as provided by s. 101.761, a county ordinance shall apply in any city, village or town which has not enacted such ordinance.
101.76(1)(b) (b) Under s. 66.0301, jointly exercise the jurisdiction granted under par. (a).
101.76(1)(c) (c) By ordinance establish and collect fees to defray the cost of jurisdiction exercised under par. (a) or (b).
101.76(1)(d) (d) By ordinance provide remedies and penalties for violation of the jurisdiction exercised under par. (a) or (b).
101.76(2) (2)Shall contract with the department for on-site installation inspection services which the municipality does not perform under sub. (1) (a) or (b) and reimburse the department for its reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of such services pursuant to s. 101.73 (12).
101.76(3) (3)Shall use the standard building permit form prescribed by the department and file a copy of each such permit issued with the department.
101.76 History History: 1975 c. 405; 1981 c. 20; 1999 a. 150 s. 672; 2007 a. 11.
101.76 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also s. SPS 320.06, Wis. adm. code.
101.761 101.761 Certain municipalities excepted.
101.761(1)(1)In this section, “municipality" means a city, village or town with a population of 2,500 or less.
101.761(2) (2)Except as provided under sub. (6), a municipality is exempt from:
101.761(2)(a) (a) The requirements under s. 101.76 (2).
101.761(2)(b) (b) Any rule adopted under s. 101.73 regarding suspension or revocation of standard building permits.
101.761(3) (3)The department or a county may not enforce this subchapter or an ordinance adopted under s. 101.76 (1) (a) or provide inspection services in a municipality unless requested to do so by a person with respect to a particular modular home or by the municipality. A request by a person or a municipality with respect to a particular modular home does not give the department or a county authority with respect to any other modular home. Costs shall be collected under s. 101.76 (1) (c) or ss. 101.73 (12) and 101.76 (2) from the person or municipality making the request.
101.761(4) (4)Municipalities shall furnish statistical data relating to housing starts to the department as requested by the department.
101.761(5) (5)This section does not affect the applicability of or ordinances adopted under this subchapter to manufacturers, builders and owners of modular homes located in a municipality.
101.761(6) (6)Any dwelling not inspected under s. 101.76 shall comply with the rules adopted under s. 101.73 (1) which take into account the conservation of energy in construction and maintenance of dwellings and the costs of specific code provisions to home buyers in relationship to the benefits derived from the provisions.
101.761 History History: 1981 c. 20, 314; 1989 a. 31; 1997 a. 35; 2007 a. 11.
101.77 101.77 Penalties. Whoever violates this subchapter shall forfeit to the state not less than $25 nor more than $500 for each violation and each day that such violation continues constitutes a separate offense.
101.77 History History: 1975 c. 405.
subch. IV of ch. 101 SUBCHAPTER IV
101.80 101.80 Definitions. In this subchapter:
101.80(1g) (1g)“Electric cooperative" means a cooperative association organized under ch. 185 for the purpose of generating, distributing, or furnishing electric energy at retail or wholesale to its members only.
101.80(1j) (1j)“Electricity provider" means a public utility, an electric cooperative, or a wholesale merchant plant operator.
101.80(1m) (1m)“Electrical wiring" means all equipment, wiring, material, fittings, devices, appliances, fixtures, and apparatus used for the production, modification, regulation, control, distribution, utilization, or safeguarding of electrical energy for mechanical, chemical, cosmetic, heating, lighting, or similar purposes, as specified under the state electrical wiring code. “Electrical wiring" does not include the equipment, wiring, material, fittings, devices, appliances, fixtures, and apparatus used by a public utility, an electric cooperative, or a wholesale merchant operator for the purpose of generating, transmitting, distributing, or controlling heat, light, power, or natural gas to its customers or members.
101.80(1p) (1p)“Manufacturing facility" means a facility assessed as manufacturing property under s. 70.995.
101.80(1r) (1r)“Municipality" means a city, town, village, or county.
101.80(3) (3)“Public utility" has the meaning given in s. 196.01 (5).
101.80(4) (4)“State electrical wiring code" means the rules promulgated under s. 101.82 (1) for electrical wiring.
101.80(5) (5)“Wholesale merchant plant operator" means the operator of a wholesale merchant plant, as defined in s. 196.491 (1) (w).
101.82 101.82 Departmental duties. The department shall:
101.82(1) (1)Promulgate by rule a state electrical wiring code that establishes standards for installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical wiring. The rules shall include separate standards, established in consultation with the uniform dwelling code council, that apply only to electrical wiring in camping units that are set in a fixed location in a campground for which a permit is issued under s. 97.67, that contain a sleeping place, and that are used for seasonal overnight camping. The rules do not apply to electrical wiring in primitive rural hunting cabins, as defined in s. 101.61 (3). The standards established in the rules shall also take into account the uses, including seasonal use, that are unique to recreational and educational camps, as defined in s. 101.053 (1). Where feasible, the rules shall reflect nationally recognized standards.
101.82(1g) (1g)Regulate all of the following types of electricians:
101.82(1g)(a) (a) Master electricians, including residential master electricians.
101.82(1g)(b) (b) Journeyman electricians, including residential journeyman electricians and industrial journeyman electricians.
101.82(1g)(c) (c) Electrical apprentices, including residential electrical apprentices and industrial electrical apprentices.
101.82(1g)(d) (d) Registered electricians.
101.82(1m) (1m)Promulgate rules that establish criteria for the enrollment of registered electricians and for the registration of electrical apprentices.
101.82(1n) (1n)Promulgate rules that establish procedures for the enrollment of registered electricians, the registration of electrical apprentices, and the licensing of journeyman electricians and master electricians.
101.82(1r) (1r)Promulgate rules that establish requirements for the supervision of registered electricians. Registered electricians must be supervised by licensed journeyman or master electricians.
101.82(1v) (1v)Promulgate rules that establish criteria and procedures for the licensing of electrical contractors.
101.82(2) (2)Promulgate rules that establish criteria and procedures for the certification of electrical inspectors for the purpose of inspecting electrical wiring.
101.82(2m) (2m)Promulgate rules that establish standards and a process for the inspection of electrical wiring, including the inspection of electrical wiring for which a municipality does not provide inspection under s. 101.86 (1).
101.82(3r) (3r)Promulgate rules that establish criteria and a process for the suspension or revocation of registrations issued to registered electricians, licenses issued to electricians and electrical contractors, and certifications issued to electrical inspectors.
101.82(4) (4)Establish by rule a schedule of fees sufficient to defray the costs incurred under this subchapter.
101.82 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also chs. SPS 316 and 327, Wis. adm. code.
101.84 101.84 Departmental powers. The department may:
101.84(1) (1)Hold hearings on any matter relating to this subchapter and issue subpoenas to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of evidence at the hearings, except that the department shall conduct hearings related to occupational licenses, as defined in s. 101.02 (1) (a) 2., as provided in s. 101.022.
101.84(3) (3)Promulgate rules to differentiate the scope of installation, repair, or maintenance of electrical wiring that may be performed by electrical contractors, registered electricians, journeyman electricians, master electricians, and any additional types of electricians recognized under sub. (5).
101.84(5) (5)The department may promulgate rules that recognize and regulate different types and subtypes of electricians that are in addition to those specified in s. 101.82 (1g) and that establish criteria and procedures for enrolling, registering, or licensing these electricians.
101.84 History History: 1979 c. 309; 2007 a. 63; 2013 a. 143; 2017 a. 331.
101.86 101.86 Municipal authority.
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