4. If you are not insured under an insurance policy held by .... (name of rental agent), it is recommended that you obtain insurance for liability and damage to the hull of the aircraft which may arise from your use of the aircraft.
....(Signature of rental agent
or representative of
rental agent)
The undersigned acknowledges receipt of an exact copy of this notice on .... (date).
.... (Signature)
114.40(2m) (2m) Effective period of notice. If a rental agent delivers a notice under sub. (2), the rental agent is not required to deliver another notice to the person who received the notice for 12 months after the date of the notice if the notice states the period of its effectiveness.
114.40(3) (3) Inspection of certificate. If an insurance policy held by a rental agent provides insurance coverage for a person who rents or leases an aircraft from the rental agent, the rental agent shall, upon request by a person who receives the notice under sub. (2), deliver to that person a copy of the certificate of coverage which was issued to the rental agent.
114.40(4) (4) Retention and materiality of notice.
114.40(4)(a) (a) The rental agent shall maintain a copy of the notice delivered under sub. (2) for at least 3 years from the date of the notice.
114.40(4)(b) (b) The notice required under sub. (2) is a material part of an agreement between a rental agent and another person for the rental or lease of an aircraft.
114.40(5) (5) Civil penalty. Notwithstanding s. 114.27, whoever violates sub. (2) may be required to forfeit not more than $1,000.
114.40 History History: 1987 a. 225.
subch. II of ch. 114 SUBCHAPTER II
114.60 114.60 Definitions. In this subchapter:
114.60(1) (1)“Aerospace facilities" means facilities and infrastructure in this state used primarily to provide aerospace services, including: laboratories and research facilities; office, storage, and manufacturing facilities; instructional and other educational facilities; space museums; and other buildings, equipment, and instruments related to the operations of the aerospace industry or to providing aerospace services.
114.60(2) (2)“Aerospace services" means services that promote, advance, and facilitate space exploration and space-related commercial, technological, and educational development in this state, including: space-related research, experimentation, and development of technology and other intellectual property; space-related business incubator services or services for start-up aerospace companies; programs, projects, operations, and activities to develop, enhance, or provide commercial and noncommercial space-related opportunities for business, industry, education, and government; services or activities that promote the commercialization of the space and aerospace industry and space-related economic growth; services or activities that promote and facilitate space-related educational opportunities and tourism, including educational initiatives and operation or sponsorship of space museums and tourist attractions; consulting services; and administrative services.
114.60(3) (3)“Authority" means the Wisconsin Aerospace Authority.
114.60(4) (4)“Board" means the board of directors of the authority.
114.60(5) (5)“Bond" means a bond, note, or other obligation of the authority issued under this chapter, including a refunding bond.
114.60(6) (6)“Bond resolution" means a resolution of the board authorizing the issuance of, or providing terms and conditions related to, bonds and includes, when appropriate, any trust agreement, trust indenture, indenture of mortgage, or deed of trust providing terms and conditions for the bonds.
114.60(7) (7)“Payload" means any property, cargo, or persons transported by spacecraft.
114.60(8) (8)“Recovery" means the recovery of any spacecraft or payload, or any part of any spacecraft or payload, including any appurtenance, instrument, or equipment, that has detached from a spacecraft in flight or upon launch or landing.
114.60(9) (9)“Spaceport facilities" means facilities and infrastructure that are located within a spaceport and related to the operation or purpose of the spaceport, including: spaceport launch or landing areas; launch or landing control centers or other facilities; structures, mechanisms, or devices for communicating with or navigating or tracking spacecraft; buildings, structures, equipment, or other facilities associated with spacecraft construction, development, assembly, processing, testing, or evaluation; buildings, structures, equipment, or other facilities associated with payload loading, assembly, processing, testing, or evaluation; space flight hardware, software, or instrumentation; facilities appropriate to meet the transportation, electric, gas, water and sewer, flood control, waste disposal, and other infrastructure needs within the spaceport; facilities to meet public safety needs within the spaceport, including any facility related to spaceport security and emergency services such as fire and ambulance; administrative facilities; and other buildings, equipment, and instruments related to spaceport operations or the providing of spaceport services.
114.60(10) (10)“Spaceport services" means any services provided in connection with the operation, management, or control of a spaceport or spaceport facilities, including: the launching or landing of spacecraft; communicating with or navigating or tracking spacecraft; construction, development, assembly, processing, testing, or evaluation of spacecraft or payload; loading spacecraft payload; spaceport security and emergency services; and administrative services.
114.60(11) (11)“Spaceport territory" means a spaceport of the authority in this state and any additional aerospace facilities associated with the spaceport that are in the immediate vicinity of the spaceport.
114.60(12) (12)“Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium" means the statewide regional consortium designated as such by the federal administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under 42 USC 2486f (a) (1) (B).
114.60 History History: 2005 a. 335.
114.61 114.61 Creation and organization.
114.61(1)(1)There is created a public body corporate and politic to be known as the “Wisconsin Aerospace Authority." The board of the authority shall consist of the following members:
114.61(1)(a) (a) Six members nominated by the governor, and with the advice and consent of the senate appointed, for 3-year terms.
114.61(1)(b) (b) One member of the senate, appointed by the president of the senate, and one member of the assembly, appointed by the speaker of the assembly, each for a 3-year term.
114.61(1)(c) (c) The director of the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium or the director's designee. If the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium ceases to exist or does not appoint a director, an additional member of the board shall be appointed under par. (a) in lieu of the member under this paragraph.
114.61(2) (2)Except for the member specified under sub. (1) (c), each member of the board shall be a resident of the state and shall have experience in the aerospace or commercial space industry, in education, or in finance or shall have other significant experience related to the functions of the authority as specified in this subchapter.
114.61(3) (3)
114.61(3)(a)(a) The terms of the members appointed under sub. (1) (a) and (b) expire on June 30. Each member's appointment remains in effect until a successor is appointed unless the member vacates or is removed from his or her office. A member who serves as a result of holding another office or position vacates his or her office as a member when he or she vacates the other office or position. A member who ceases to qualify for office vacates his or her office.
114.61(3)(b) (b) A vacancy on the board shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment to the board for the remainder of the unexpired term, if any.
114.61(3)(c) (c) A member appointed under sub. (1) (a) may be removed by the governor for cause. A member appointed under sub. (1) (b) shall be removed, as applicable, by the president of the senate or the speaker of the assembly if the member is absent at 2 consecutive board meetings without the prior written approval of the chairperson of the board. A vacancy on the board created by removal under this paragraph is subject to par. (b).
114.61(3)(d) (d) A member of the board appointed under sub. (1) (a) or (b) may not serve more than 3 consecutive 3-year terms, but may be reappointed to additional terms after a one-year absence from the board.
114.61(3)(e) (e) A member of the board may hold public office or otherwise be publicly or privately employed.
114.61(4) (4)
114.61(4)(a)(a) A member of the board may not be compensated for his or her services but shall be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses, including travel expenses, incurred in the performance of his or her duties.
114.61(4)(b) (b) The amount of reimbursement under par. (a) shall be limited to the uniform travel schedule amounts approved under s. 20.916 (8).
114.61(5) (5)No cause of action of any nature may arise against and no civil liability may be imposed upon a member of the board for any act or omission in the performance of his or her powers and duties under this subchapter, unless the person asserting liability proves that the act or omission constitutes willful misconduct.
114.61(6) (6)The members of the board shall annually elect a chairperson and may elect other officers as they consider appropriate. Five members of the board constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting the business and exercising the powers of the authority, notwithstanding the existence of any vacancy. The board may take action upon a vote of a majority of the members present, unless the bylaws of the authority require a larger number. The board shall meet at least once every 6 months, but may meet more frequently. Except as provided in s. 114.65 (4), meetings of the board are subject to the open meetings requirements specified in subch. V of ch. 19.
114.61(7) (7)The board shall appoint an executive director who may not be a member of the board and who shall serve at the pleasure of the board. The authority may delegate by resolution to one or more of its members or its executive director any powers and duties that it considers proper. The board shall determine the compensation of the executive director. The executive director or another person designated by resolution of the board shall keep a record of the proceedings of the authority and shall be custodian of all books, documents, and papers filed with the authority, the minute book or journal of the authority, and its official seal. The executive director or other person may cause copies to be made of all minutes and other records and documents of the authority and may give certificates under the official seal of the authority to the effect that the copies are true copies, and all persons dealing with the authority may rely upon the certificates. The executive director may call meetings of the board more frequently than the meetings required under sub. (6).
114.61 History History: 2005 a. 335; 2009 a. 124.
114.62 114.62 Powers of authority. The authority has all of the powers necessary or convenient to carry out the purposes and provisions of this chapter. In addition to all other powers granted by this chapter, the authority may do any of the following:
114.62(1) (1)Adopt bylaws and policies and procedures for the regulation of its affairs and the conduct of its business.
114.62(2) (2)Sue and be sued. The authority has a direct right of action against any 3rd party to enforce any provision of this subchapter or to carry out any power provided to it under this subchapter or to protect its interests as authorized under this subchapter.
114.62(3) (3)Have a seal and alter the seal at pleasure; have perpetual existence; and maintain an office.
114.62(4) (4)Hire employees, define their duties, and fix their rate of compensation and benefits. The authority may also employ any agent or special advisor that the authority finds necessary and fix his or her compensation. The amount of reimbursement to any employee, agent, or special advisor shall be limited to the uniform travel schedule amounts approved under s. 20.916 (8).
114.62(5) (5)Appoint any technical or professional advisory committee that the authority finds necessary to assist the authority in exercising its duties and powers; define the duties of any committee; and provide reimbursement for the expenses of any committee. The amount of reimbursement under this subsection shall be limited to the uniform travel schedule amounts approved under s. 20.916 (8).
114.62(6) (6)Buy, sell, lease as lessor or lessee, or otherwise acquire any interest in or dispose of any interest in property, including real property, personal property, and intangible property rights.
114.62(7) (7)Make and execute contracts and other legal instruments necessary or convenient for the conduct of its business or to the exercise of its powers, including: procurement contracts; lease or rental agreements; lease-purchase, purchase and sale, and option to purchase agreements; consulting agreements; loan agreements; financing agreements; security agreements; contractual services agreements; affiliation agreements; and cooperative agreements with any governmental unit or other person, including agreements for any jointly provided service or jointly developed or operated facility.
114.62(8) (8)Accept gifts, bequests, contributions, and other financial assistance, in the form of money, property, or services, from any person, for the conduct of its business or for any other authorized purpose.
114.62(9) (9)Apply for and accept loans, grants, advances, aid, and other forms of financial assistance or funding, in the form of money, property, or services, from any person, including federal aid, for the conduct of its business or for any other authorized purpose.
114.62(10) (10)Acquire, own, lease, construct, develop, plan, design, establish, create, improve, enlarge, reconstruct, equip, finance, operate, manage, and maintain:
114.62(10)(a) (a) Any spaceport, spaceport territory, spaceport facility, aerospace facility, or other facility or site within this state related to conducting the business or exercising the powers of the authority, including establishing a spaceport in the city of Sheboygan in Sheboygan County.
114.62(10)(b) (b) Any spacecraft or other vehicle or aircraft related to conducting the business or exercising the powers of the authority.
114.62(10)(c) (c) Any program or project related to conducting the business or exercising the powers of the authority.
114.62(10)(d) (d) Any intangible property right, including any patent, trademark, service mark, copyright, trade secret, certification mark, or other right acquired under federal or state law, common law, or the law of any foreign country. The authority may utilize such rights for any permissible purpose under law, including licensing such rights in exchange for payment of royalties.
114.62(11) (11)Offer, provide, furnish, or manage, and enter into contracts related to, any service or facility of the authority.
114.62(12) (12)Establish and collect fees, rents, rates, tolls, and other charges and revenues in connection with any service provided by the authority or the use of any facility of the authority.
114.62(13) (13)Issue bonds in accordance with ss. 114.70 to 114.76 and fund any spaceport, facility, or service of the authority with bond proceeds.
114.62(14) (14)Borrow money or incur debt other than through bond issuance, and pledge property or revenues or provide other security for such debt.
114.62(15) (15)Invest funds held by the authority, including investments under s. 25.50.
114.62(16) (16)Procure liability insurance covering its officers, employees and agents, insurance against any loss in connection with its operations, property, and assets, and insurance on its debt obligations.
114.62(17) (17)Exercise the right of eminent domain in the manner provided by ch. 32.
114.62(18) (18)Provide for and maintain wildlife conservation areas, and prohibit or control the pollution of air and water, in any spaceport or spaceport territory, beyond what is required under state or federal law.
114.62(19) (19)Specify the location of any utility facilities in any spaceport or spaceport territory.
114.62(20) (20)Divide any spaceport or spaceport territory into zones or districts of any number or shape.
114.62(21) (21)Prohibit any person from using the words “WISCONSIN SPACEPORT" or “SPACEPORT WISCONSIN" in any corporate or business-related name without prior written approval of the authority.
114.62(22) (22)Subject to any requirement of federal law and to any duty of the department specified under this chapter, maintain exclusive jurisdiction over spaceports of the authority.
114.62 History History: 2005 a. 335.
114.63 114.63 Duties of authority. The authority shall do all of the following:
114.63(2) (2)Promote this state's aerospace industry; analyze trends in the aerospace industry and recommend actions to be taken by this state to compete in the global aerospace industry; and coordinate access to commercial, technical, and general aerospace information and services.
114.63(3) (3)Advertise and promote to the public the development and utilization of spaceport facilities, spaceport services, aerospace facilities, and aerospace services of the authority.
114.63(4) (4)Develop, promote, attract, and maintain space-related businesses in this state, which may include expenditures for travel, entertainment, and hospitality for business clients or guests or other authorized persons, but such expenditures shall be limited to the uniform travel schedule amounts approved under s. 20.916 (8).
114.63(5) (5)Provide aerospace services to the aerospace industry and general public of this state, provide commercial and noncommercial aerospace business opportunities for industry, education, and government, and develop projects within this state to foster and improve aerospace economic growth.
114.63(6) (6)Advise, cooperate, and coordinate with federal, state, and local governmental units, the aerospace industry, educational organizations, businesses, and the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium, and any other person interested in the promotion of space-related industry.
114.63(7) (7)Furnish leadership in securing adequate funding for spaceports, spaceport facilities, spaceport services, aerospace facilities, and aerospace services in this state.
114.63(8) (8)Act as a central clearinghouse and source of information in this state for spaceports, spaceport facilities, spaceport services, aerospace facilities, and aerospace services, including furnishing such information to legislators, offices of government, educational institutions, and the general public.
114.63(9) (9)Develop a business plan to promote and facilitate spaceport-related educational and commercial development in this state, and to stimulate and improve aerospace science, design, technology, and research in this state, which plan shall include information about the authority and information and analysis about space-related industry, technology, design, manufacturing, marketing, and management. The business plan shall also include proposed funding sources for capital expenditures by the authority, based upon of a feasibility study of potential funding sources conducted by the authority. The business plan shall be developed in cooperation with the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium.
114.63(10) (10)Assist any state agency, municipality, or other governmental unit, upon its request, in the development of any spaceport or spaceport facility.
114.63(11) (11)Use the building commission as a financial consultant to assist and coordinate the issuance of bonds under this subchapter.
114.63(12) (12)Comply with all applicable state and federal laws, including all environmental and aeronautics laws, in the exercise of the powers specified under this subchapter.
114.63(13) (13)Comply with all requirements under federal law related to the use or expenditure of federal aid, and comply with all lawful restrictions or conditions imposed by state law or by the terms of any gift, bequest, grant, loan, aid, contribution, or financial assistance relating to the use or expenditure of such funds.
2021-22 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2023 Wis. Act 10 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on May 19, 2023. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after May 19, 2023, are designated by NOTES. (Published 5-19-23)