177.0605(5)(b) (b) The apparent owner has claimed the property from the holder.
177.0605(6) (6)The administrator may only grant and pay a holder's claim under sub. (5) if the property being claimed is in the administrator's possession.
177.0605(7) (7)A holder that files a claim under sub. (5) shall include with the claim evidence sufficient to establish that the apparent owner claimed the property from the holder or that the holder delivered the property to the administrator in error.
177.0605(8) (8)The administrator may determine that an affidavit submitted by a holder is evidence sufficient to establish that the holder is entitled to reimbursement or to recover property under this section.
177.0605(9) (9)A holder is not required to pay a fee or other charge for reimbursement or return of property under this section.
177.0605(10) (10)Not later than 120 days after a claim is filed under sub. (1) or (5), the administrator shall allow or deny the claim and give the claimant notice of the decision in a record. If the administrator does not take action on a claim during the 120-day period, the claim is deemed denied.
177.0605(11) (11)If a holder's claim is denied under this section, the holder may petition for judicial review of the claim under s. 227.52, notwithstanding s. 227.52 (1), except that petitions for review shall be served and filed no later than 90 days after the decision of the administrator or no later than 180 days after the filing of the claim if the administrator has failed to act on it. If the holder establishes the claim in an action against the administrator, the hearing examiner or court may award costs and reasonable attorney fees as permitted by s. 227.483, 227.485, or 814.245.
177.0605(12) (12)If a holder receives reimbursement under this section, or for any other reason under this chapter, and the holder is a debtor under s. 71.93 or 71.935, the administrator shall set off the reimbursement against the holder's debts under s. 71.93 or 71.935.
177.0605 History History: 2021 a. 87; 2021 a. 240 ss. 17, 30.
177.0606 177.0606 Property removed from safe deposit box. Property removed from a safe deposit box and delivered to the administrator is subject to the holder's right to reimbursement for the cost of opening the box and a lien or contract providing reimbursement to the holder for unpaid rent charges for the box. The administrator shall reimburse the holder from payment made by the apparent owner in the process of claiming the safe deposit box or the proceeds remaining after deducting the expense incurred by the administrator in selling the property.
177.0606 History History: 2021 a. 87.
177.0607 177.0607 Income, interest, or gain while in the administrator's custody.
177.0607(1)(1)If property other than money is delivered to the administrator, the owner is entitled to receive income or gain realized or accrued on the property on or before the date the property is sold.
177.0607(2) (2)Except as provided in subs. (3) and (4), when the administrator pays to a claimant property in the form of money, including property described in sub. (1) that is converted to money, the administrator shall pay simple interest on that money for the period that it was in the custody of the administrator or this state at an annual rate equal to the applicable annual federal long-term rate determined under section 1274 (d) of the Internal Revenue Code in effect on December 31 of the year prior to the year in which the claim is paid.
177.0607(3) (3)Interest shall not accrue:
177.0607(3)(a) (a) On property in the form of money that is less than $100.
177.0607(3)(b) (b) On property recovered by a holder under s. 177.0605.
177.0607(3)(c) (c) Before January 2, 2019, except as provided in sub. (4).
177.0607(4) (4)Property received by the administrator before January 2, 2019, that was interest-bearing to the holder at the time of receipt by the administrator or this state shall accrue interest while in possession of the administrator or this state at a rate of 6 percent per year or any lesser rate the property earned while in the possession of the holder. Interest begins to accrue when the property is delivered to the administrator and ceases on the earlier of the date on which payment is made to the owner or January 1, 2019. If the property is still in the possession of the administrator or this state on January 2, 2019, interest shall accrue as described in sub. (2). No interest on interest-bearing property is payable for any period before December 31, 1984.
177.0607 History History: 2021 a. 87; 2021 a. 240 s. 30.
177.0608 177.0608 Administrator's options as to custody. The administrator may decline to take custody of property reported under s. 177.0401 if the administrator determines that any of the following applies:
177.0608(1) (1)The property has a value less than the estimated expenses of notice and sale of the property.
177.0608(2) (2)Taking custody of the property would be unlawful.
177.0608(3) (3)The property is not subject to custody or escheatment under this chapter.
177.0608 History History: 2021 a. 87.
177.0609 177.0609 Disposition of property having no substantial value; immunity from liability.
177.0609(1)(1)If the administrator takes custody of property delivered under this chapter and later determines that the property has no substantial commercial value or that the cost of disposing of the property exceeds the value of the property, the administrator may return the property to the holder or destroy or otherwise dispose of the property.
177.0609(2) (2)An action or proceeding may not be commenced against the state, an agency of the state, the administrator, another officer, employee, or agent of the state, or a holder for or because of an act of the administrator under this section.
177.0609 History History: 2021 a. 87.
177.0610 177.0610 Periods of limitation and repose.
177.0610(1)(1)Expiration, before, on, or after November 7, 2021, of a period of limitation on an owner's right to receive or recover property, whether specified by contract or court order, and notwithstanding any law to the contrary, does not prevent the property from being presumed abandoned or affect the duty of a holder under this chapter to file a report or pay or deliver property to the administrator.
177.0610(2) (2)The administrator may not commence an action or proceeding to enforce this chapter with respect to the reporting, payment, or delivery of property reported to the administrator more than 5 years after the holder filed a nonfraudulent report and reported the property under s. 177.0401 to the administrator.
177.0610(3) (3)If a holder is required to file a report under s. 177.0401 and fails to do so, or if a holder files a report but does not report property required to be included with the report under s. 177.0401, the administrator may not commence an action, proceeding, or examination with respect to the reporting, payment, or delivery of the unreported property more than 7 years after the holder's duty to report arose.
177.0610(4) (4)Subsections (1) to (3) do not apply in the case of the filing of a fraudulent report or to any collection action or proceeding under s. 177.1201 or 177.1206.
177.0610(5) (5)For purposes of this section, the administrator and holder may extend any period of limitation by written agreement.
177.0610 History History: 2021 a. 87.
subch. VII of ch. 177 SUBCHAPTER VII
Sale of property by administrator
177.0701 177.0701 Public sale of property.
177.0701(1)(1)Except as provided in ss. 177.0702 and 177.1504, the administrator shall sell abandoned property within 3 years after receiving the property.
177.0701(2) (2)Before selling property under sub. (1), the administrator shall give notice to the public of the date of the sale and include with the notice a reasonable description of the property.
177.0701(3) (3)Except as provided under sub. (4), a sale under sub. (1) shall be to the highest bidder by any of the following means:
177.0701(3)(a) (a) At a public sale at a location in this state that the administrator determines to be the most favorable market for the property.
177.0701(3)(b) (b) On the Internet.
177.0701(3)(c) (c) On another forum that the administrator determines is likely to yield the highest net proceeds.
177.0701(4) (4)The administrator may decline the highest bid at a sale under this section and re-offer the property for sale if the administrator determines the highest bid is insufficient.
177.0701(5) (5)If a sale held under this section is to be conducted other than on the Internet, the administrator shall publish at least one notice of the sale, at least 3 weeks but not more than 5 weeks before the sale, in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the property is sold.
177.0701 History History: 2021 a. 87; 2021 a. 240 s. 30.
177.0702 177.0702 Disposal of securities.
177.0702(1)(1)Unless the administrator determines that it is in the best interest of this state to do otherwise, the administrator shall hold all securities for at least one year before selling them.
177.0702(2) (2)The administrator may not sell a security listed on an established stock exchange for less than the price prevailing on the exchange at the time of sale. The administrator may sell a security not listed on an established exchange by any commercially-reasonable method.
177.0702 History History: 2021 a. 87.
177.0703 177.0703 Purchaser owns property after sale. A purchaser of property at a sale conducted by the administrator under this chapter takes the property free of all claims of the owner, a previous holder, a creditor, or a person claiming an interest through the owner or holder. The administrator shall execute documents necessary to complete the transfer of ownership to the purchaser.
177.0703 History History: 2021 a. 87.
177.0704 177.0704 Military medal or decoration.
177.0704(1)(1)The administrator may not sell a medal or decoration awarded for service in the U.S. armed forces.
177.0704(2) (2)The administrator may deliver a medal or decoration as described under sub. (1) to any of the following entities, with the entity's consent, to hold in custody for the owner:
177.0704(2)(a) (a) An entity organized under section 501 (c) (19) of the Internal Revenue Code.
177.0704(2)(b) (b) The agency that awarded the medal or decoration.
177.0704(2)(c) (c) A governmental entity.
177.0704(3) (3)The administrator is not responsible for the safekeeping of a medal or decoration after it is delivered to an entity under sub. (2).
177.0704 History History: 2021 a. 87.
subch. VIII of ch. 177 SUBCHAPTER VIII
administration of property
177.0801 177.0801 Deposit of funds by administrator.
177.0801(1)(1)Except as provided in sub. (2), the administrator shall deposit in the common school fund all funds received under this chapter, including proceeds from the sale of property under subch. VII and amounts received from the redemption of U.S. savings bonds under s. 177.1504.
177.0801(2) (2)The administrator shall deposit in the general fund an amount that the administrator reasonably estimates is sufficient to pay claims allowed under this chapter and administrative expenses. For purposes of this subsection, “administrative expenses” means any of the following:
177.0801(2)(a) (a) Expenses for the disposition of property delivered to the administrator.
177.0801(2)(b) (b) Costs of mailing and publication in connection with property delivered to the administrator.
177.0801(2)(c) (c) Reasonable service charges.
177.0801(2)(d) (d) Expenses incurred in examining records of or collecting property from a putative holder or holder.
177.0801(2)(e) (e) Any costs in connection with the sale of abandoned property.
177.0801(2)(f) (f) Any costs in connection with the action under s. 177.1504 (1) and the redemption of a U.S. savings bond under s. 177.1504 (5).
177.0801(2)(g) (g) Salaries of the employees of the office of the state treasurer and the administrator that are attributable to the administration of this chapter.
177.0801(2)(h) (h) Any costs in connection with the payment of interest under s. 177.0607.
177.0801 History History: 2021 a. 87, 240.
177.0802 177.0802 Administrator to retain records of property. The administrator shall do all of the following:
177.0802(1) (1)Record the name, last-known address, social security number or taxpayer identification number, and date of birth of each person shown on a report filed under s. 177.0401 to be the apparent owner of property delivered to the administrator.
177.0802(2) (2)Record the name, last-known address, social security number or taxpayer identification number, and date of birth of each insured or annuitant and beneficiary shown on the report.
177.0802(3) (3)For each policy of insurance or annuity contract listed in the report of an insurance company, record the policy or account number, the name of the company, and the amount due or paid.
177.0802(4) (4)For each apparent owner listed in the report, record the name of the holder that filed the report and the amount due or paid.
177.0802(5) (5)For each U.S. savings bond, record the name and last-known address of each owner of the U.S. savings bond and the issue date, face amount, and serial number of the U.S. savings bond.
177.0802 History History: 2021 a. 87.
subch. IX of ch. 177 SUBCHAPTER IX
Claim to recover property
177.0901 177.0901 Claim of another state to recover property.
177.0901(1)(1)If the administrator knows that property held by the administrator under this chapter is subject to a superior claim of another state, the administrator shall report and pay or deliver the property to the other state or return the property to the holder so that the holder may pay or deliver the property to the other state.
177.0901(2) (2)The administrator may enter into an agreement to transfer property to the other state under sub. (1).
177.0901 History History: 2021 a. 87.
2021-22 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2023 Wis. Act 39 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on November 29, 2023. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after November 29, 2023, are designated by NOTES. (Published 11-29-23)