25.167(1m)(b) (b) Develop and implement operating procedures that are intended to ensure that the investment policies and guidelines of the board are followed.
25.167(1m)(c) (c) Ensure that investments are completely and accurately reported on all management and financial reports and that any information requested by the board is provided to the board on a timely basis.
25.167(2m) (2m)If the executive director and chief investment officer are the same person, the executive director shall designate another investment director to take the actions specified in sub. (1m).
25.167 History History: 1995 a. 274; 2021 a. 177.
25.17 25.17 Powers and duties of board. The “State of Wisconsin Investment Board" shall be a body corporate with power to sue and be sued in said name. The board shall have a seal with the words, “State of Wisconsin Investment Board". Subject to s. 25.183, the board shall:
25.17(1) (1)Have exclusive control of the investment and collection of the principal and interest of all moneys loaned or invested from any of the following funds:
25.17(1)(ad) (ad) Agrichemical management fund (s. 25.465);
25.17(1)(af) (af) Agricultural chemical cleanup fund (s. 25.468);
25.17(1)(afp) (afp) Agricultural college fund (s. 24.82), but subject to the terms of the contract under s. 24.61 (2) (c);
25.17(1)(ag) (ag) Agricultural producer security fund (s. 25.463);
25.17(1)(ai) (ai) Air quality improvement fund (s. 25.97);
25.17(1)(aj) (aj) Ambulance service provider trust fund (s. 25.776);
25.17(1)(ak) (ak) Artistic endowment fund (s. 25.78);
25.17(1)(am) (am) Benevolent fund (s. 25.31);
25.17(1)(an) (an) Bond security and redemption fund (s. 18.09);
25.17(1)(ap) (ap) Budget stabilization fund (s. 25.60);
25.17(1)(ar) (ar) Capital improvement fund (s. 18.08);
25.17(1)(av) (av) Children's trust fund (s. 25.67);
25.17(1)(ax) (ax) College savings program trust fund (s. 25.85), but subject to sub. (2) (f);
25.17(1)(axp) (axp) Common school fund (s. 24.76), but subject to the terms of the contract under s. 24.61 (2) (c);
25.17(1)(ay) (ay) College savings program bank deposit trust fund (s. 25.853), but subject to sub. (2) (f);
25.17(1)(az) (az) College savings program credit union deposit trust fund (s. 25.855), but subject to sub. (2) (f);
25.17(1)(b) (b) Conservation fund (s. 25.29);
25.17(1)(br) (br) Core retirement investment trust (s. 40.04 (3));
25.17(1)(c) (c) County mining investment fund (s. 25.65);
25.17(1)(cg) (cg) Critical access hospital assessment fund (s. 25.774);
25.17(1)(d) (d) Dry cleaner environmental response fund (s. 25.48);
25.17(1)(e) (e) Election administration fund (s. 25.425);
25.17(1)(en) (en) Environmental fund (s. 25.46);
25.17(1)(g) (g) General fund (s. 25.20);
25.17(1)(gi) (gi) Heritage state parks and forests trust fund (s. 25.295);
25.17(1)(gm) (gm) Historical legacy trust fund (s. 25.72);
25.17(1)(gn) (gn) Historical society endowment fund (s. 25.73);
25.17(1)(gp) (gp) Historical society trust fund (s. 25.70);
25.17(1)(gr) (gr) History preservation partnership trust fund (s. 25.74);
25.17(1)(gs) (gs) Hospital assessment fund (s. 25.772);
25.17(1)(hm) (hm) Industrial building construction loan fund (s. 560.10, 2005 stats.);
25.17(1)(i) (i) VendorNet fund (s. 25.61);
25.17(1)(j) (j) Insurance security fund (s. 646.21 (2));
25.17(1)(jc) (jc) Investment and local impact fund (s. 70.395 (2) (b));
25.17(1)(je) (je) Land information fund (s. 25.55);
25.17(1)(jf) (jf) Local government fund (s. 25.491);
Effective date note NOTE: Par. (jf) is created eff. 7-1-24 by 2023 Wis. Act 12.
25.17(1)(jg) (jg) Local government pooled-investment fund (s. 25.50);
25.17(1)(jm) (jm) Local government property insurance fund (ch. 605);
25.17(1)(jr) (jr) Lottery fund (s. 25.75);
25.17(1)(jv) (jv) Medical assistance trust fund (s. 25.77);
25.17(1)(jx) (jx) Military family relief fund (s. 25.38);
25.17(1)(k) (k) Nuclear waste escrow fund (s. 25.469);
25.17(1)(ka) (ka) Natural resources land endowment fund (s. 25.293);
25.17(1)(kd) (kd) Normal school fund (s. 24.80), but subject to the terms of the contract under s. 24.61 (2) (c);
25.17(1)(kp) (kp) Injured patients and families compensation fund (s. 655.27);
25.17(1)(kq) (kq) PFAS fund (s. 25.90);
25.17(1)(kr) (kr) Permanent endowment fund (s. 25.69);
25.17(1)(ks) (ks) Petroleum inspection fund (s. 25.47);
25.17(1)(ku) (ku) 911 fund (s. 25.99);
Effective date note NOTE: Par. (ku) is shown as amended eff. 7-1-24. Prior to 7-1-24 it reads:
Effective date text (ku) Police and fire protection 911 fund (s. 25.99);
25.17(1)(kw) (kw) Property tax relief fund (s. 25.62);
25.17(1)(L) (L) Public employee trust fund (s. 40.01);
25.17(1)(nm) (nm) Economic development fund (s. 25.49);
25.17(1)(o) (o) School fund income (s. 24.77);
25.17(1)(p) (p) Self-insured employers liability fund (s. 102.28 (8));
25.17(1)(pg) (pg) State building trust fund (s. 25.30), except for the purpose and extent of loans to the Wisconsin State Public Building Corporation, the Wisconsin University Building Corporation, and the Wisconsin State Colleges Building Corporation, which are subject to sub. (2) (b);
25.17(1)(q) (q) State capitol restoration fund (s. 25.35);
25.17(1)(r) (r) State housing authority reserve fund (s. 25.41);
25.17(1)(t) (t) State life insurance fund (ch. 607);
25.17(1)(tm) (tm) Support collections trust fund (s. 25.68);
25.17(1)(v) (v) Transportation fund (s. 25.40);
25.17(1)(vm) (vm) Tuition trust fund (s. 25.80);
25.17(1)(xe) (xe) Unemployment interest payment fund (s. 108.19 (1q));
25.17(1)(xf) (xf) Unemployment program integrity fund (s. 108.19 (1s));
25.17(1)(xg) (xg) Uninsured employers fund (s. 102.80);
25.17(1)(xL) (xL) Universal service fund (s. 25.95);
25.17(1)(xLc) (xLc) University fund (s. 24.81), but subject to the terms of the contract under s. 24.61 (2) (c);
25.17(1)(xm) (xm) Utility public benefits fund (s. 25.96);
25.17(1)(xn) (xn) Variable retirement investment trust (s. 40.04 (3));
25.17(1)(xs) (xs) Veterans trust fund (s. 25.36), except loans to veterans;
25.17(1)(ym) (ym) Waste management fund (s. 25.45);
25.17(1)(yn) (yn) Wholesale drug distributor bonding fund (s. 25.315);
25.17(1)(yt) (yt) Wisconsin outdoor wildlife heritage trust fund (s. 25.297).
25.17(1)(yv) (yv) Wisconsin veterans homes members fund (s. 25.37);
25.17(1)(yx) (yx) Working lands fund (s. 25.466);
25.17(1)(z) (z) Work injury supplemental benefit fund (s. 102.65);
25.17(1)(zd) (zd) Worker's compensation operations fund (s. 102.75);
25.17(1)(zm) (zm) All other funds of the state or of any state department or institution, except funds which are required by specific provision of law to be controlled and invested by any other authority, and moneys in the University of Wisconsin trust funds, and in the trust funds of the state universities.
25.17(2) (2)
25.17(2)(a)(a) Invest any of the funds specified in sub. (1), except operating funds, the capital improvement fund and the bond security and redemption fund, in loans to the Wisconsin University Building Corporation, the Wisconsin State Colleges Building Corporation or the Wisconsin State Public Building Corporation, but only if the loans are secured by mortgages upon property owned by the respective corporations producing sufficient income to retire the mortgage over the term of the loan or are secured by the pledge of rentals sufficient in amount to retire the indebtedness. The board shall make no loans to any building corporation described in this subsection except under the conditions prescribed in this paragraph, or except as otherwise provided in par. (b). These loans shall be made only when in the judgment of the board it is to the interest of the funds to do so, except that loans made under par. (b) shall be made at the direction of the building commission.
25.17(2)(b) (b) Invest the state building trust fund in loans to the Wisconsin State Public Building Corporation, to the Wisconsin University Building Corporation, and to the Wisconsin State Colleges Building Corporation. Except for interim loans for construction, or other temporary financing for the purchase of lands, planning, including both engineering and financing, and all other expenses incidental to any of the foregoing, loans under this paragraph shall be secured by a pledge and assignment of net revenues derived from the operation of buildings by the borrowing corporation on lands leased or conveyed to the corporation. Any loan under this paragraph shall be made upon the direction of the building commission.
2021-22 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2023 Wis. Act 39 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on November 29, 2023. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after November 29, 2023, are designated by NOTES. (Published 11-29-23)