30.01   Definitions.
30.025   Permit procedure for utility facilities.
30.027   Lower Wisconsin State Riverway.
30.03   Enforcement of forfeitures; abatement of nuisances; infringement of public rights.
30.05   Applicability of chapter to municipally-owned submerged shorelands.
30.053   Applicability of chapter to artificial water bodies and certain impoundments.
30.056   Exemption from certain permit requirements.
30.06   Waiver of certain provisions of this chapter.
30.07   Transportation of aquatic plants and animals; placement of objects in navigable waters.
30.10   Declarations of navigability.
30.102   Website information.
30.103   Identification of ordinary high-water mark by town sanitary district.
30.105   Determining footage of shoreline.
30.11   Establishment of bulkhead lines.
30.12   Structures and deposits in navigable waters.
30.121   Regulation of boathouses and houseboats.
30.122   Unauthorized structures.
30.123   Bridges and culverts.
30.124   Waterfowl habitat management.
30.125   Shoreline maintenance in outlying waters.
30.1255   Report on control of aquatic nuisance species.
30.126   Regulation of fishing rafts.
30.13   Regulation of wharves, piers and swimming rafts; establishment of pierhead lines.
30.131   Wharves and piers placed and maintained by persons other than riparian owners.
30.132   Riparian rights.
30.133   Prohibition against conveyance of riparian rights.
30.1335   Marina condominiums.
30.134   Use of exposed shore areas along streams.
30.135   Regulation of water ski platforms and jumps.
30.14   Reports of and hearings on violations.
30.15   Penalty for unlawful obstruction of navigable waters.
30.16   Removal of obstructions to navigation.
30.18   Withdrawal of water from lakes and streams.
30.19   Enlargement and protection of waterways.
30.195   Changing of stream courses.
30.196   Enclosure of navigable waters; issuance of permits to municipalities.
30.20   Removal of material from beds of navigable waters.
30.201   Financial assurance for nonmetallic mining.
30.202   Dredge disposal in and near the Mississippi, St. Croix and Black rivers by the U.S. corps of engineers.
30.2022   Activities of department of transportation.
30.2023   Seawalls; Wolf River and Fox River basins.
30.2025   Lake Koshkonong comprehensive project.
30.2026   Lake Belle View and Sugar River project.
30.203   Lake Winnebago comprehensive project.
30.2035   Shoreline protection study.
30.2037   Big Silver Lake high-water mark.
30.2038   Milwaukee shoreline established.
30.204   Lake acidification experiment.
30.205   Water resources development projects.
30.206   General permits.
30.2065   General permit for certain wetland restoration activities.
30.207   General permit pilot program.
30.208   Applications for individual permits and contracts; department determinations.
2021-22 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2023 Wis. Act 39 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on November 29, 2023. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after November 29, 2023, are designated by NOTES. (Published 11-29-23)