444.09 444.09 Conduct of boxing contests regulated.
444.09(1)(1)No professional boxing contest shall be for more than 12 rounds, and no round shall last more than 3 minutes.
444.09(2) (2)There shall be one minute intermission between rounds of professional boxing contests.
444.09(3) (3)Gloves weighing not less than 8 ounces shall be worn by contestants who are in professional boxing contests and who weigh under 140 pounds, and not less than 10 ounces by other contestants in boxing contests.
444.09(4) (4)No person under the age of 18 years shall participate in any professional boxing contest.
444.09(5) (5)No betting at any professional boxing contest shall be permitted before, after, or during any such contest, in the building where the contest is held.
444.09(6) (6)Contestants in professional boxing contests shall break clean, and must not hold and hit. Butting with head or shoulders, wrestling, or illegal use of elbows shall not be allowed by contestants in professional boxing contests. There shall be no unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of the contestants. This includes the use of abusive or insulting language.
444.09(7) (7)The department may allow or provide for decisions upon professional boxing contests held under this chapter to be made by the referee or by the referee and 2 judges appointed by the department under regulations prescribed by the department.
444.09(9) (9)Except as otherwise specified in this chapter, boxing contests shall be conducted under the Association of Boxing Commissions' uniform boxing rules.
444.095 444.095 Conduct of unarmed combat sports contests regulated.
444.095(1)(1)No individual may be a contestant in an amateur unarmed combat sports contest unless the individual can provide evidence that he or she is covered by adequate health insurance.
444.095(2) (2)No promoter or club may conduct an unarmed combat sports contest unless all of the following apply:
444.095(2)(a) (a) There is present at least one referee who is licensed by the department and at least 3 judges who are licensed by the department.
444.095(2)(b) (b) A physician examines each contestant immediately before and after each match in which the contestant participates.
444.095(2)(c) (c) At least one physician, or more at the discretion of the department, is present during each match to provide emergency care in the event of an injury.
444.095(2)(d) (d) An ambulance and emergency medical services personnel with oxygen are present on the premises and equipped to transport an injured contestant.
444.095(3) (3)The department shall promulgate rules that establish all of the following with respect to unarmed combat sports contests:
444.095(3)(a) (a) Qualifications and fees for licensure of referees and judges for unarmed combat sports contests.
444.095(3)(b) (b) Requirements for regular health examinations of unarmed combat sports contestants, including all of the following:
444.095(3)(b)1. 1. Annual physical examinations by physicians and annual eye examinations by physicians who are board-certified ophthalmologists.
444.095(3)(b)2. 2. Annual screening for HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.
444.095(3)(b)3. 3. For female contestants, pregnancy tests before contests.
444.095(3)(c) (c) Policies prohibiting contestants from using drugs, including anabolic steroids, and mandating drug testing of contestants.
444.095(4) (4)Except as otherwise specified in this chapter, mixed martial arts fighting contests shall be conducted under the Association of Boxing Commissions' uniform rules of mixed martial arts.
444.095 History History: 2009 a. 111; 2015 a. 277.
444.095 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ch. SPS 192, Wis. adm. code.
444.10 444.10 Physician to examine professional boxing contestants. Prior to entering the ring, each contestant in a professional boxing contest must be examined by a physician who has been licensed to practice in Wisconsin not less than 5 years and who is appointed by the department and certifies in writing, over his or her signature, as to the contestant's physical and mental fitness to engage in such contest.
444.11 444.11 Licenses to matchmakers, referees, contestants, etc. The department may grant licenses upon application and the payment of the prescribed fees to matchmakers, managers, referees, boxers, unarmed combat sports contestants, seconds, and timekeepers in professional contests and amateur unarmed combat sports contests. The fees to be paid per year shall be: Matchmakers and managers, $10; referees and judges, $15; examining physicians, $10; boxers and unarmed combat sports contestants, $40; seconds, $40; and timekeepers, $10. The department may limit, suspend, or revoke any license granted under this section or reprimand the licensee upon such cause as it deems sufficient.
444.11 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ch. SPS 192, Wis. adm. code.
444.12 444.12 Referee to stop contest. The referee shall stop a professional contest or amateur unarmed combat sports contest when either of the contestants shows a marked superiority or is apparently outclassed. The referee shall be the sole arbiter of the contest and may consult a physician identified in s. 444.095 (2) (c) during the contest.
444.12 History History: 2003 a. 285; 2009 a. 111; 2015 a. 277.
444.12 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ch. SPS 192 Wis. adm. code.
444.13 444.13 Sham contests, license revoked. Any promoter or club that conducts, holds, gives, or participates in any sham or fake professional contest or amateur unarmed combat sports contest shall forfeit its license. That license shall be revoked by the department, and the promoter or club shall not be entitled to another license.
444.14 444.14 Sham contests; contestants penalized; forfeitures; hearing. The department shall ban a contestant who participates in any sham or fake professional contest or amateur unarmed combat sports contest or violates any rule promulgated by the department, and may require the contestant, the contestant's manager, or the promoter of the contest to forfeit an amount determined by the department, but not more than $500. Fifty percent of all forfeitures collected under this section shall be deposited in the appropriation account under s. 20.165 (1) (im).
444.15 444.15 Reports; examination of books and officers. Whenever any promoter or club fails to make a report of any professional contest or amateur unarmed combat sports contest at the time prescribed or whenever a report is unsatisfactory to the department, the secretary may examine the books and records of the promoter or club, may subpoena and examine, under oath, the promoter or the club's officers and other witnesses to determine the total amount of its gross receipts for any contest, and may hire an independent auditor to assist in making the determination. The secretary may require the promoter or club to pay the expenses of conducting the examination or the independent auditor's fee. If a promoter or club fails to pay the amount of expenses determined by the secretary to be due within 20 days after receiving notice of the amount, the promoter or club shall forfeit its license, be disqualified from receiving any license under this chapter, and forfeit to the state the sum of $1,000, which may be recovered by the department of justice in the name of the state.
444.16 444.16 Violation, when a misdemeanor.
444.16(1)(1)A violation of any provision of this chapter, for which a penalty is not herein expressly prescribed, is a misdemeanor.
444.16(2) (2)In addition to any other remedies, the several district attorneys or the attorney general are authorized to bring action in the name of the state to enjoin violations of this chapter or the rules of the department.
444.16 History History: 1973 c. 28; 1979 c. 221 s. 2200 (45).
444.18 444.18 Insurance on certain contestants. Any licensee authorized to conduct professional contests or amateur unarmed combat sports contests shall insure each contestant participating for hospital, nursing, and medication expenses and physician's and surgeon's services according to an equitable fee schedule, not to exceed in the aggregate $25,000, to be paid to, or for the use of, any contestant to compensate for injuries sustained in any such contest; and shall insure each contestant for not less than $25,000 to be paid to the contestant's estate in the event of the contestant's death as the result of participation in such professional contest or amateur unarmed combat sports contest.
444.18 History History: 1991 a. 316; 2003 a. 285; 2009 a. 111; 2015 a. 277.
444.19 444.19 Fee adjustments by rule. Notwithstanding ss. 444.02 (3), 444.03, 444.06, and 444.11, the department may by rule adjust the fees under this chapter to account for changes in the department's costs in administering and enforcing this chapter.
444.19 History History: 2009 a. 111.
444.22 444.22 Rules. The department may promulgate any rules necessary to implement and enforce this chapter.
444.22 History History: 2015 a. 277.
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